A1 Indian Groceries Case Study


About A1 Indian Groceries


Indian Groceries app is a one-stop online grocery store that provides all fresh produce, your favorite products in preferred brands, kitchen needs, essential home supplies and more. It is the largest online supermarket that deliver groceries fast and fresh on time. So, you can stop pulling lugging carts, waiting in long queues for billing and tiring commutes.

Key Features


Business Requirement


This application helps the users by saving their time of shopping online with one-stop store which provides all the products with a single click. This application will facilitate all basic requirement by providing vast choices and on-time delivery.



A1 Indian Groceries provide one click supermarket to the end user which facilitates their all necessary day-to-day needs under one roof. User can access this app anywhere which helps them to save time and energy by getting it done from A1 Indian Groceries team, which provide on-time delivery and all products fresh and fast in scheduled time.



Available for Android and iOS, the application is user friendly with easy access. A1 Indian Groceries is build with Auto-Layout feature which means user will get unwavering view in all Apple and Android devices. It incorporates an integrated payment system which helps the user take benefit of cash free system.