Develop an App like Uber
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Develop an App like Uber

The demand for apps like the uber clone and uber app has grown extremely in the recent times. Entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to build an application like Uber for different platform. The first thing that comes to mind when you are going to develop an application like “Uber” is how much it going to cost or how it doing to work. What basic features should be there in your application? And the answer is “It Depends on several factors”. Let us discuss it below:

Cost of App Development:

More will be the feature more will be the cost. When you are going to develop an app like Uber that means you need to develop not just a single app but two separate applications with different functions and features. One is for the passenger, for those who book a taxi from their mobile and other is for the driver, for those who get orders and ride you to your destination. List of features is a huge factor to decide the cost of taxi app development. Some of the features for both passenger and driver interface will same, but each has its crucial features too which separate both from each other.

Components required to create those feature without going into detail are following:

1. Backend development

2. Web development

3. Native app development (Android/iOS)

4. Design

5. Management and quality assurance


Talking About Passenger App Features:

Register Account: Email or social media login option from where you can create your account and register that application.

Booking Interface: A screen to enter and to see the address to call the taxi, to select a cab type, set a location for pickup and also for drop location.

Tracking: To track driver’s location, so that you can make updates during or after a ride.

Price Calculator: To check the cost of a ride from one place to another with certain cab type even before ordering.

Payments: For cashless payment in-app, paid automatically via credit card or another source.

Push Notifications: To keep you up to date on your order status, time of taxi arrival, and other details.


Features of Driver App:

Profile & Status: You must have a profile with verified taxi number and acceptance by an administrator, plus online status and schedule.

Booking: Driver Application should have options to accept or deny the incoming order, info on customer location and destination of a ride.

Push notifications: Alarm or push notification for order alerts, taxi booking data (location, payment, route, etc.), so that you get up to date with your order.

Navigation: One of the important features is navigation. Google Maps or Google Places are used to get most favorable directions to a customer and to his destination.

Reports, Messaging & Support: Additionally, to manage all the process and drivers from a central point an admin panel is required. It is a web application that smooth interactions with customers manage ride routes, and manage payments and all other data.

Ultimately Rates to build an application like Uber vary from place to place greatly. For example, the rate for Asia is about $20-40, for Europe $40-80, $100-150 in UK/USA.