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High Boost In Video On Demand Apps

High Boost In Video On Demand Apps

According to the market analysis, It has been seen that consumer spending in the top 10 subscription video on demand apps grew 77 percent last year, to reach approximately $781 million across the App Store and Google Play store in US on Android and iOS devices.

The growth was noticed in the fourth quarter of 2017 when the top 10 subscription video apps grew around 88 percent year over year to reach roughly around $242 million. The top ten list which was led by Netflix; has world’s highest earnings, followed by youtube, Hulu, HBO Now, Starz,, Show Time, CBS, UFC etc. It has also been observed that all the video on demand apps grew their revenue by at least 10 percent year by year.

In the past, consumers would pay for cable TV perhaps subscribing onto some premium channels to have more to watch and more to listen and stay subscribed for a long period of time. In coming years it seems that consumers will sign up for a service to watch a favorite show, then when the show ends, they will uninstall the app after it’s used.

In comparison to the 77 percent growth of the top SVOD apps, the overall growth of consumer spending on the App store and Google play store for both Android and iOS devices has been increased about 30 percent last year, reaching approximately $14.4 billion.

With the increase in a subscription to video on demand apps, in coming future it is expected to rise at a higher scale, as demand for mobile devices is also increasing with newer technology in demand. That will give rise to not only video on demand services but several services that can easily be operated on mobile and tablets devices in coming future.