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On-Demand Apps – Connecting Sellers and Buyers in Real Time

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A large number of e-commerce players have started began to communicate with their customers using chat support solutions like Clark, but we are also witnessing customers wanting to message their on-demand service providers on mobile devices. There are various transactions that are converted into real-time transactions that get fulfilled in a matter of minutes.

There are various companies who have given 100% on demand fulfillment time estimates, regardless of the industries, most of them target less than 30 minutes, only a few going up to hours at most.

Let’s look at some examples:

In transportation sector:

  • Luke – 10 minutes.
  • Uber – within minutes.

In dining sector:

  • Open table – instant booking.

In Entertainment Sector:

  • Door dash – within an hour

In Delivery sector:

  • Shyp – less than 20 minutes.

What has changed over the vast years is when people ordered something, they’d expect things to get delivered in days, if not in weeks. With Amazon Prime membership, they now promise to deliver products in an hour, customers expectations have gotten higher. They want their products to be shipped even before they actually buy them.

Further, if you want to contact your on-demand service provider, you would have to call them using your phone number or text them using the default messaging app that comes with your phone, exposing your phone number. As expected, this may have some privacy implications. Of course, the service providers are providing extra measures to reduce some privacy risks.

Many of the on-demand apps and marketplace have 1 on 1 relationship to get connected in an easy way and having in-app messaging which becomes quite useful as compared to the standard SMS messaging because you can send longer texts, rich media with other information such as location, photo in a simpler way.