On-Demand Alcohol Delivery,

How Drizly Works: Business Model & Revenue Model

‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ Such is the case with the world’s leading alcohol marketplace, Drizly which carved a unique, step-by-step growth strategy for itself and eventually, succeeded in […]

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A comprehensive guide for “On-demand services apps”: Growth, Challenges, and Future

Introduction: From the last few years, the business world has seen a significant shift. First, internet companies and now on-demand services apps are taking the tech market by storm. On-demand […]

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Why and How are On-Demand service apps going to capture the future market?

Presently, masses engage doctors, nurses, beauticians, plumbers, etc. directly from their smartphones using On-Demand Services App. There is no second thought that these apps are an integral part of our […]

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How App development will boost your Laundry business?

The practical conveniences of mobile apps keep influencing new businesses to enter the world of smart mobility. On-demand Laundry service is also one of them. The on-demand laundry business is […]

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Reasons why the On Demand Home Services apps will increase in future

The digitization of technology made our lives smooth and hassle-free, thanks to the global internet transformation and mobile apps. Presently, mobile apps are ruling the business world in a way […]

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A doctor in white coat is using a health app

Why demand for health apps and medical apps are increasing substantially?

Are you looking for an easy way to communicate with patients? Is it becoming difficult for you to keep track and store patient information? If yes, Here’s something you need […]

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grocery app

How Grocery Delivery App can boost your Grocery Business…

Grocery Delivery App is an On-demand app which focuses on fast and easy solutions for grocery needs of the people. Best grocery delivery apps right now are- instacart, amazon fresh, peapod etc. I remember […]

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On Demand Home Services (1)

On Demand Home Services- Growth, Strategy, Opportunities and Challenges

With the growth and accessibility of the smartphone market, customers can acquire information and book services. That is why the on demand home services platform is hot-buzz nowadays for every entrepreneur. On-demand giants […]

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Emerging Trends in 2019 to watch out for Logistics Industry

The smartphones have been a mediator connecting consumers with their needs by providing services from local groceries, taxi, and logistics, etc through the apps. So, smartphones have brought demands of […]

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