7 Simple tactics on hiring good .NET developers

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Do you know how to hire ASP.NET Developers for your company? As a recruiter, you should understand the tactics and methods to analyze the candidate's skills and abilities. Your focus shall be on hiring the best from the lot! 

What are the required skills for ASP.NET Developers? Will they be able to adjust with the team? Are they perfect at their job? Do these Developers require a training period after hiring?

You should ask these questions to yourself while handing out assignments and taking interviews. Moreover, understanding the importance of the hiring process is necessary! 

Your company shall be careful of each step and take the best possible decisions! And, we are here to help you with the same!

This blog is the ideal ASP.NET Developers recruitment guide for you and your company!

You will find the advantages of utilizing ASP.NET Development. Moreover, you'll know the e tactics you should keep in mind while hiring candidates!

Let's read ahead and provide you with the best possible ASP.NET Developers recruitment guide!

Why go for ASP.NET Development?

In this part of the blog, let's understand the benefits of using ASP.NET Development for your next project. The advantages of ASP.NET Developers will help you determine their skills, background, and salary. 

Cross-Platform Support

Cross-Platform Support

Do you understand the advantages of Cross-Platform Support? 

Imagine a Developer who wishes to create a project using one platform. 

Further, they want to switch to another platform to add elements or functions. They will have to start from the roots and do the project again!

This procedure will affect the ASP.NET Developers and extend their project time. Moreover, your company's Development and hiring costs will increase. 

What is the perfect solution to your problem? You can opt for Cross-Platform Support and eliminate switching to multiple platforms and initiating from scratch numerous times!

MVC Architecture

One of the advantages of ASP.NET is the MVC Architecture. This Microsoft technology helps build better code, making it easier for Developers to create, run, and test the program. 

Moreover, Developers require less time, even to make complex programs for Microsoft users. ASP.NET Developers can customize and change the MVC patterns per necessity. 

Impeccable Performance

ASP.NET has a wonderful framework that provides fast and effective performance. ASP.NET Developers use the Hardware Intrinsics and get access to the hardware-related instructions. 

Moreover, Span<T> helps in making type-safe and memory-safe projects. 

Additionally, when Developers want to work with different assembly codes using the same methods, they go for the Tiered Compilation feature!

There are many more features that result in giving an unforgetful performance to the project!

Open-Source Framework

Open-Source Framework

ASP.NET Developers prefer using Open-Source Frameworks due numerous reasons. They can read, edit, modify, and review codes based on requirements. 

ASP.NET is one of the most prominent Open-Source Frameworks for Developers to add features and components to GitHub's available codes. 

Open Source Platforms have various other benefits. Developers get a community to interact with other programmers, advance their skills, and improve their code!

7 Simple tactics for hiring good .NET developers

If you want to hire the Top ASP.NET Developers to work on your upcoming project, you should learn these tactics from our ASP.NET Developers recruitment guide!

Additionally, keep these tips in mind while you execute the hiring process, evaluate resumes and CVs, check assignments, and take interviews!

Acquiring ASP.NET knowledge as a recruiter

Acquiring ASP.NET knowledge as a recruiter

Imagine you are on the recruiting team to hire employees, including the ASP.NET Developers for your company. You interact with the candidates and decide their suitability for your team. 

While hiring the Top ASP.NET Developers, you should understand the basics and skills necessary for project Development. Moreover, you shall know more than the interview questions. You might wish to cross-question the candidate and analyze responses. 

What knowledge should you have as an ASP.NET Developers recruiter? You shall understand the Front-end and Back-end Frameworks for ASP.NET Development. 

These Frameworks include SaaS, AngularJS, and JavaScript from the Front-end and .NET Web API, Signal R, and .NET MVC from the Back-end side. 

Finding talent from the right places!

When you are looking for the Top ASP.NET Developers, where do you expect to find them? You may post a job requirement on LinkedIn or find ASP.NET Developers by contacting them through this job-finding application. 

You can find other platforms to look for ASP.NET Developers. These places will help you find experienced Developers who have active connections with the ASP.NET Community and created considerable projects! Here is a list of some of these websites. 

  1. Github
  2. Stack Overflow
  3. Reddit
  4. Forums
  5. Meetups

And many more. 

Another way to hire ASP.NET Developers is through Outsourcing! You can save time and the training period when opting for the Outsourcing process to hire your team! These ASP.NET Developers will work under your directions and perform while being dedicated to your project!

While opting for Outsourcing, you can go with AppsRhino! Our team has the resources, skills, and required experience for every project!

Describing the ASP.NET job description while informing candidates

The third tip in the ASP.NET Developers' recruitment guide is creating a satisfactory job description for the candidates. Companies post job requirements on multiple sites for ASP.NET Developers to apply. 

They enter the ASP.NET Developer position and the educational experience that is necessary for the job in the team. The ASP.NET Developers recruitment guide suggests you add other details like the candidate's responsibilities, monthly or yearly salary, and job type. 

Focusing on the interviews for ASP.NET Developers

What is the ASP.NET Developers recruitment process that you follow? 

After receiving resumes and CVs, you view them and analyze the candidate's technical abilities. 

Further, you ask for assignments or former projects from the ASP.NET Developers to evaluate them. The final step includes the interviews. 

As a recruiter, you should prepare the perfect interview questions for the ASP.NET Developers. These questions should include queries for formal and informal evaluation. 

Your goal is to find the Top ASP.NET Developers. Therefore, you shall be careful while preparing the questions. Ask them about their experience as ASP.NET Developers. Moreover, you should check their skills as communicators and their teamwork spirit. 

You shall allow candidates to present themselves as Top ASP.NET developers for your team. Make them feel comfortable and cross-question them about their abilities as the ideal ASP.NET Developers. 

Avoiding Slow Procedure

While hiring ASP.NET Developers, you should understand that recruiting can take time. Companies spend months looking for Developers and engineers and overlook the project completion time. 

How to proceed with the fast hiring process? This ASP.NET Developer's recruitment guide suggests you proceed with small steps and try limiting their time. 

You may automate resume scanning and go for MCQ-based questions for the assignments. 

Moreover, you can ask the candidates about their former projects, study their features, and ask questions about the same in the interviews. 

Additionally, you shall screen eligible candidates. Shorten the ASP.NET Developers' candidate list at every step and select the ideal candidates for your team!

Overlooking Soft Skills of ASP.NET Developers

Overlooking Soft Skills of ASP.NET Developers

Companies look for the best Technical Skills in Developers. They find the rightful Top ASP.NET Developers Skillset. 

According to a study by Harvard University, 85% of job success comes from Soft Skills.

As a recruiter, you should understand that skills like communication, teamwork, conflict management, and others matter more than the ASP.NET Development qualities while working for a company. 

How to verify a candidate's Soft Skills? You can't evaluate one's Soft Skills with one interaction. You shall ask the required questions and continue examining ASP.NET Developers during probation. 

Consulting the recruitment and Development team before making final decisions

Before you choose to hire ASP.NET Developers, you shall consider discussing the qualities, benefits, and disadvantages of hiring the team. 

You shall discuss the Top ASP.NET Developers count, required education, skills, and experience with the Development team. Moreover, update the Development team regularly about the recruiting process. 

Interview questions for ASP.NET Developers

You can find a list of ASP.NET Development questions you can ask your candidates before hiring them. 

  1. What do you understand by a web server?
  2. What is the difference between classic ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core?
  3. Explain Dependency Injection. 
  4. What do you know about Metapackages?
  5. Tell me something about the Middleware in ASP.NET Development. 
  6. How can someone enable a session in ASP.NET?
  7. Are JSON files available in ASP.NET? If yes, name some of them. 
  8. What are Razor pages and automatic model building in ASP.NET Development?
  9. Explain the Singleton and Scoped. 
  10. How to create a service while performing ASP.NET Development?
  11. How do you plan to work as a part of a team here? 
  12. Why did you choose this company to work for as an ASP.NET Developer?
  13. Explain your ASP.NET Development process. 
  14. How will you manage a situation of conflict with your coworkers?
  15. Tell me about your experience as an ASP.NET Developer. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 


There are four ways to hire Developers for your team! You can go for Part-Time or Full-Time Developers. You'll spend weeks searching for employees, screening their resumes and CVs, and having interviews. 

Another job type is Freelancing Developers. Freelancers work at their agreeable time and hand over the project per the deadline. You have less control over the freelancers compared to the Part-time or Full-time employees. You have to hire the best and most experienced Freelancers for your team to create perfect ASP.NET-based projects. 

If you wish to hire ASP.NET Developers instantly who have efficient skills and work per the instructions, you should opt for Outsourcing. Numerous Outsourcing companies offer ASP.NET Developers for hire. You won't have to spend time and get the best employees from the lot. 

AppsRhino is the perfect choice for you! Our team is skilled, has the necessary experience, and believes in hard work to achieve their goals. Contact us today to know more!


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