Complete Guide On How To Start A Mobile App Startup

Posted On: May 17, 2022

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Are you another entrepreneur who wants to make it big? Are you sure you have prepared everything to launch a successful startup? You might get startled to know that only 40% of startups become profitable. Moreover, 58% of startups possess less than $25000 during the initial phase, making it hard to manage a successful working business.

Citizens of the US need to keep an eye out. The US is the leading country in the number of startups arising regularly. The second and the third spots go to India and the UK, respectively. Also, approximately 50% of unicorn companies are in the US.

So, if you are about to start a mobile app startup, you need to take care of the following things to ensure your chances of thriving.


Starting a mobile app startup is a challenging task to undertake. You need to take care of various things to ensure your business doesn't bite the dust. The following steps are necessary to launch a successful mobile app startup. Contemplate Your Idea You need to ensure that your idea solves a real-life problem. Get in touch with a professional about this. Carry an Intensive Market Research This step helps you see what your competitors' apps possess and lack. This action also teaches you what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

Select an Ideal Platform This point means deciding where you will launch your mobile apps. It involves reading about both platforms and seeing what aligns with your business. Another thing that it entails is determining whether to develop hybrid apps or native ones.

Attractive UI/UX Designs Attractive UI/UX designs retain a person's interest. People love to use mobile apps with an intuitive user interface. Therefore, you need to focus on providing an enhanced user experience to your mobile app users.

Product Development This step means deciding whether you will hire in-house developers or get top-notch developers via outsourcing. Both have their pros and cons, so think wisely.

Look for Raising Investment To keep your mobile app startup alive, you need to find investors. There are numerous ways to go about it, so pick the one that aligns with your business model.

Strategic Marketing Plan It helps to transform a local brand into a global one.

A Solid Monetization Plan You can monetize your mobile app startup via Advertising, Sponsorship, In-app purchases, subscriptions, pay-per-download, etc.

Update and Improve Your Mobile Apps You need to constantly work on your apps after considering people's feedback and release updates accordingly.

App Retention Strategy This step means dissuading people from uninstalling your apps. One way of doing this is sending timely notifications to your users.

Mobile Apps Startups: Contemplate Your Idea

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An idea is everything; it can make or break your startup. Therefore, it is necessary to ideate, pause and rethink. And when you are done doing this, reiterate it until the idea and the way to achieve it become impeccable. When you think about mobile apps, try not to fixate on the first idea that comes to your mind and act upon it. It will be better to make a list of all the ideas and how you can materialize them. After you are ready with a list of possible mobile app ideas, test the waters and see which ones are feasible. It is excellent after you get a handful of ideas and can pick one. And if you are confused about more than one idea, it will be better to get help from professionals. Getting help from professionals means you have someone to tell you whether it will work and what might be the future implications of the idea. In short, take your time to think about what your mobile app idea and startup will be all about.

Mobile Apps Startups: Carry an Intensive Market Research

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After deciding which idea to follow, it is best to research it thoroughly. Even if you think your idea will transform the industry and is lucrative, you need to conduct market-oriented research to determine your target audience. You need to make sure that your idea solves a real-life problem and has something to offer to people and, in particular, your target audience. Doing this research is to download all the apps that offer the same service, examine how they work, and check out their user interface. Also, understand what was lacking in the apps that failed to live up to the people's expectations. Doing this ensures that you know what to avoid and incorporate into your mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Startups: Select an Ideal Platform

The next step is to decide which platform is ideal for your brainchild. It means on which platform you will launch your mobile apps. The type of your mobile apps and how you will develop them are the critical factors in deciding which platform aligns with your mobile apps. Moreover, it would help to study market share and revenue for both Android and iOS. Another thing you would need to determine is whether to develop native or hybrid mobile apps. And to make a decision, you will require to know about the pros and cons, technicality, functionality, etc., of these two types of mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Startups: Attractive UI/UX Designs

Pick any successful mobile app, and you will find one thing that is common in all. That thing is an alluring user interface design. This observation points to one thing: you must create an intuitive user interface that is pleasing to look at and usable at the same time. In addition to it, you must ensure that your user interface must be according to the standards set by Google Material Design and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Mobile Apps Startups: Product Development

This step involves the development of your brainchild, your mobile apps. And for that, you need to find a competent development team. Here, you can either choose an in-house team of developers or partner with developers through outsourcing.

Both of these options are good in their ways. The former ensures good communication between you and developers, and the latter allows you to hire top-notch app developers. If you want to team up with partners through outsourcing, making a list of potential partners and going through their portfolios will help you. When you have selected your developers, aim to create an MVP and address the core points. After this, keep adding new features and check how the app fares with further improvements.

Mobile Apps Startups: Look for Raising Investment

The earlier steps helped you make your mobile apps and find an idea on which you will work. You need to generate money for your mobile app startup at this stage. When one creates many funds, one guarantees greater resource availability and higher chances of success. Although there are numerous ways to raise funds, you should go for the one that aligns with your business model. You can choose one from Seed funding, Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding, ICO, etc.

Mobile Apps Startups: Strategic Marketing Plan

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A strategic marketing plan is all it takes to transform a regional brand into a global one. Social media and PR help you rapidly acquire users. You can also employ numerous mobile app marketing strategies and incorporate App store optimization to make your mobile apps become a rage.

Mobile Apps Startups: A Solid Monetization Plan

After everything you have done so far, you need to make a monetization plan for your mobile app startup. This plan ensures that your mobile app startup becomes successful. You can choose from the following options: 1.Advertising 2.Sponsorship 3.In-app purchases 4.subscriptions Before you choose a particular way, please select the one that will guarantee you success, and for that, you need to read its pros and cons.

Mobile Apps Startups: Update and Improve Your Mobile Apps

The life cycle of mobile apps does not end with the launch of mobile apps. It is a lifelong process. It would help to keep working on your mobile apps, take feedback from users, and see what they require and want now. Also, changing the looks of your mobile apps and incorporating new technologies help retain and attract new customers. This step also ensures increased visibility for your mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Startups: App Retention Strategy

The last thing you need to do is ensure that people do not uninstall your mobile apps. It is tough to keep your target audience's attention when there are numerous apps like yours though it is not impossible. You can do the following things to ensure that people do not uninstall your app: You can ensure that you send timely notifications to your users. You can gain their trust by being transparent about the permissions and how you will use their data. Updating your mobile apps is fine but only do that when necessary.


With so many mobile app startups arising daily and failing, ensuring that you do everything necessary to keep your startup thriving is crucial. The steps to start a successful mobile app startup are: Contemplating your mobile app ideas Getting them verified by a professional Hiring developers Marketing your product Determining your target audience generating revenue You can find the right professionals to develop and market your mobile apps in the AppsRhino team. So get in touch with us today to devise a plan for your success.