Top Food Delivery App development companies in US

Posted On: June 1, 2022

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These days, on-demand food delivery app development is a trendy topic. Food delivery applications have brought potential customers closer to eateries. It has increased its devoted client base, increasing its brand visibility and revenue.

The revenue of the online food delivery business was $122,739 million in 2020 and will climb to $164,002 million by 2024. One may picture food delivery apps' fast-increasing revenue contribution to the online food delivery sector.

Do you own a restaurant and need a dedicated food delivery app? However, finding the ideal company to develop the app is quite tricky. The internet has thousands of app development firms.

Don't be concerned! We will assist you in locating one. We provide a reliable list of developer firms at your disposal. Choose the one that suits you.


On-demand meal delivery app development has become a hot issue in recent years. Thanks to food delivery apps, it has become easier for restaurants to reach out to new customers. It's challenging to identify the right app development company because the internet offers thousands of companies.

In today's fast-paced world, many people would instead order food online than wait in line at a restaurant. The best online food delivery app development services are available at low prices from a prominent online food delivery app development company. We take a step-by-step approach to optimizing your website to remove hazards, create traffic and leads, and rank high in search results.

Top Food Ordering & Delivery App Developers in the United States You Can Rely On 1,Suffescom





6.Xicom Technologies


App Development Company for On-Demand Food Delivery

People prefer to order food online rather than going to a restaurant and waiting in line for a seat in this fast-paced atmosphere. The need for on-demand food delivery applications is growing. Because they attempted to scale up in the digital sphere, several companies have realized numerous benefits and gained global recognition.

We, a leading Online Food Delivery App Development Company, offer consumers the best food delivery app development services at competitive prices. The professional development team provides primary food delivery app development services for restaurants, travelers, hostels, and other businesses. They help reach out to food fans and give the most satisfactory service possible.

You own the clients, and you may manage them through the admin panel. You can collect their information, orders, and payments.

Food Delivery App Development Solution Advantages

We optimize your website step-by-step to eliminate risks, generate traffic and leads, and rank high in search results. Analyzing your website, keyword research and competitor analysis, content generation based on target keywords and market analysis, website optimization, monitoring and assessing the optimized website, gathering reports and planning out plans, and maintenance are all part of the process.

Features of the Food Delivery Customer App

You can easily order your food. The Customer's app is for customers who want to order food. It has a Seamless UI and is simple to use. Overall, it provides an excellent online food ordering experience. The following are the primary features:

1.Simple Onboarding

2.Restaurants in the Neighborhood

3.Menu of a Restaurant

4.Order Monitoring

5.Various Payment Options


7,Schedule Order

8,Reviews and Ratings

9,Promotions and Deals

10.Profile Administration

11.Help & Assistance

Features of the Food Delivery Restaurant App

With ease, expand your business. The app for the restaurant not only brings you orders but also assists you with management. Other noteworthy aspects include:

1.Making a Profile

2.Take care of business.

3.Control the Menu

4.Order Management

5.Payment Administration

6.Response to Review

7.Manage Promotions

8.Obtain Knowledge

9.Customer Specifics

10.Help & Assistance

11.Observe Order History

App Features for Food Delivery Drivers

Assist your delivery person in completing orders with ease. The Delivery driver's app assists the delivery partner in receiving orders and delivering them to their correct addresses using maps. Other critical features include:

1.Make a Profile

2.Configuration of Availability

3.Order is Received

4.Location of Receive and Delivery

5.Obtain Multiple Deliveries

6.Order Management

7.Tracking in Real-Time

8.Status of Delivery

9.History of Payment


11.Help & Assistance

Features of the Food Delivery Admin Panel

All of the work is mainly in the admin panel. The admin panel allows you to manage every aspect of the system. It also provides insights and analytical reports that you can use to help with marketing plans in the future. It has the following characteristics: 1.Management of a Restaurant

2.Commissions and Payments

3.Analysis and Insights

4.Menu Administration

5.Location Administration

6.Customer Service

Another question is who you should hire to create your app. You will come across a firm that can give your notion an ideal shape and justify every detail of your dream project. So, here is a list of food delivery app companies in the United States that may assist you in any way. We ranked these food delivery app development businesses based on client feedback, services, and cost-effectiveness. All critical considerations are knowledge of the demand and technology, project security, previous projects, team strength, consistency, and how they engage with their clients. Several organizations claim to be the best in the market. Still, when you read the evaluations written by their customers, the picture changes. As a project owner, you must be aware of all of this because one mistake step in selecting the best firm for app development can jeopardize your ideal project.

**Top Food Ordering & Delivery App Developers in the United States You Can Rely On **

Suffescom is one of the top food app development firms this month – in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia – that provides clients with food app development services.

Suffescom — Development of an On-Demand Food Delivery App

When it comes to app development, it is the best. Suffescom began delivering solutions in 2013. Since then, they have provided world-class service to their clients worldwide. They work hard with over 250+ specialists stationed in the United States and India. The developer's teams are an ideal mix of seasoned personnel and young, energetic professionals delivering projects mainly in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Their enthusiasm and knowledge enable them to give outstanding service to their clients. The team works on various aspects and employs cutting-edge technology to deal with any issue. They have a solid foundation in developing food delivery apps with different dashboard functionalities, offers, user-end, etc. The committed personnel additionally assist the Customer in suggesting improved features for their app to attract a larger audience. E-commerce, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Healthcare Education, Restaurants, and Fintech are all covered by this industry. Suffescom Solutions is at 5792 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016. The United States Suffescom Solutions, 1701 S 1st St, Texas, Texas City, TX 78704, USA

RisignMax - Software for Restaurant Management Systems

RisignMax is a group of top-tier specialists who assist in making ideas a reality. The company is in the United States. It is one of the leaders in developing food delivery apps in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Apart from food delivery apps, they also offer on-demand services in various industries. RisignMax is a young and professional development team that strives to create something unique for its clients. With each new project, a company founded in 2011 is setting new standards. They wholly and closely manage each client's project with the help of 200+ people. Automotive, health care, retail & e-commerce, e-learning, education, travel, tourism, real estate, banking and finance, logistics, and transportation are all covered. RisingMax Inc., 600 Third Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10016, United States

eDeliveryApp - App Development Company for Food Delivery

eDeliveryApp is a company that specializes in food delivery app development and has received numerous honors and accolades from the software development industry. They take a distinct approach to the creation of food delivery apps. They have a ready-made framework with all of the essential functions that a typical food delivery app will require. Using this framework, they begin a new project and then add new features that each client needs for their business. Moreover, they update the designs based on the Customer's preferences, Whitelabel them, and release them. It provides the user with a unique food delivery app that allows them to stand out from the crowd. In addition to the framework, they have an entire ecosystem of multiple modules required by any food delivery app, such as different local payment gateways, multiple POS and Printers, various types of integrations with delivery services, driver verification services, and artificial intelligence, and so on. Their actual product is also reasonably priced, making it ideal for those on a tight budget. The software package provided by eDeliveryApp is ISO 9001:2015 certified, assuring clients that the solution fulfills the highest quality standards. They have received numerous awards for their product. They are in the top 10 on Capterra and Getapp list, top apps developers on Techimply, and Great User Experience 2018 from Finance online. eDeliveryapp caters to startups and organizations and has completed approximately 400+ food delivery projects. Address: 3296 Summit Ridge Pkwy #1110d, Duluth, GA 30096, USA


It is a well-known design and development agency specializing in fantastic web and mobile solutions that are innovative and revolutionize businesses and lives. The market values the company's experience in cutting-edge technologies like React, React Native, Vue, NodeJS, Flutter, Angular, Python, Svelte, and others. The company has worked with over 500 clients worldwide and provides customized food ordering solutions. Furthermore, it serves healthcare, real estate, finance, gaming, education, banking, manufacturing, and others. It assists both midsize, and enterprise businesses achieve digital transformation using cutting-edge technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Angular, NodeJs, and others. Established in 2006 Bengaluru, India, is the headquarters. Hourly Rates Begin at $25/hour. Some of their notable clients are Google LLC, ChildMind Institute, Siveco Romania, Tellius, EndLink, Mobile Premier League, PayPoint, QuinType, Lamno, Cloud9, and Khatabook. UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile App Development, API Development, DevOps, Maintenance & Upgrades, Business Analysis, and more are available.


The company is a Product Studio that primarily collaborates with funded startups and established brands to develop interactive, mobile-first solutions that people like using and provide excellent results. Tapptitude is a well-known food delivery app development company that provides excellent food delivery software. It also collaborates with Product Partners and actively assists them throughout the app development process, from ideation to releasing a product and expanding it. Many startups and brands choose Tapptitude to provide the most excellent assistance in project development, design prototype, MVP, and scaling of a successful solution. Incorporated in 2013 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is the headquarters. Hourly Rates Begin at $50/hour. Tenor, Wellory, Ontapp, Glorify, ETH Zurich, Discogs, DEMI, Olly, Shebah, OxWash, Speaker, SAP, Turk Telekom, Imobiliare, Telenav, and Honda are some of their most notable clients. Other services include mobile application development, web development, backend development, quality assurance, product definition, and product launch solutions.

Xicom Technologies

As one of the leading food delivery app development firms, Xicom has a team of 300+ highly skilled developers. They have unrivaled knowledge in numerous programming languages and frameworks for software solution development. With a track record of 7500+ deliveries across 1500+ clients, the company is ISO 9001 accredited and NASSCOM recognized, earning the trust of global clientele. Xicom's mission is to set a standard in mobile and online application development by providing cutting-edge solutions while minimizing complexity. The organization maintains its competitiveness by incorporating innovative technologies and tried-and-true procedures into the delivery of business solutions. Headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Hourly Rates Begin at $25/hour. Clients include Ebay Inc., SOLRepublic,, Gushcloud, Spooner, etc. Web Development, Software Development, IT Consulting Services, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance, and more services are available.


Hiring a CUBIX team can help you turn excellent company development concepts into exciting realities across millions of devices. Cubix is one of the fastest-growing app development companies, backed by a staff of highly skilled engineers. The company has more than ten years of experience in on-demand software development, optimization, and integration of sophisticated enterprise-level solutions. They are setting the industry standard in IoT, AI, ML, SaaS, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and many other technologies through continual improvement and mastery of emerging technologies. It is one of India's finest food app development firms because of its forward-thinking approach. Year of establishment: 2008 West Palm Beach, Florida, is the company's headquarters. Hourly Rates Begin at $25/hour. White Castle, Suzuki, Walmart, Dreamworks, Canon, Paypal, Quaker, Tissot, Sapient, Datastream, Artizone, Sony, and Rayban are some of our well-known clients. Other services include ideation and evaluation, product design, development, and testing.


You've probably heard of the anime Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, and other food delivery apps available on practically every smartphone. When everyone is preoccupied with their work lives or pursuing their passions, it is difficult for everyone to leave their homes after a long day to eat at restaurants. These food delivery service applications made it easy for people to get their favorite foods. Every restaurant owner desires to have their sales at their highest. Even with enormous discounts, it's difficult for the restaurant's owners to attract customers, given how busy the world is with their hard-working lives. In the age of digitization, everyone expects everything to be available at their door. One of the main reasons is to provide clothing, medicines, food, or any other service to the Customer's door. Want an alternative to all these app devs? Take a look at AppsRhino here!