A beginner's guide on developing an app like Tide cleaners!

Updated On: February 14, 2023

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Gone are the days when people asked, "Why do you need a mobile app for something that is currently properly managed?" Today, on-demand mobile applications have swirled the commercial world.

One such significant sector is laundry apps. Laundry delivery apps store customer information in a database available around the clock. Keeping track of each customer's clothes and requirements is considerably simpler.

This blog post helps you create an app similar to tide cleaners.

So let us get started! 

What is the concept on which the Tide cleaners clone app is built? 

What is the concept on which the Tide cleaners clone app is built?

Let us help you better grasp how a Tide cleaners clone app for an on-demand laundry business operates.

The rinser, delivery driver, and customer are the main stakeholders in an on-demand laundry service.


A customer orders laundry through the app. In addition, they can set a pickup time for the laundry.

Delivery driver

The delivery worker gathers the laundry and transports it to the rinser at the appointed time. When the laundry is finished, the rinser summons a delivery person, who picks up the clean clothing and returns it to the consumers.

Laundryman/ rinser

Once the customer's request has been confirmed, the laundry is sent to the rinser, which then washes, dries, and irons the garments before returning them to the clients.

The user may complete their washing operation with a few clicks and taps. Do you still need a reason to create a mobile app like Tide cleaners?

Well, there are plenty of reasons here. Let's examine the features that must be included while creating a mobile application like Tide cleaners. 

Let us first begin by looking at the structure of a Tide Cleaners clone app.

Tide cleaners clone app and how it works. 

Tide cleaners clone app and how it works.

An app like Tide cleaners is comparable to any app for delivery. Simply entering the location and creating an order with the clothing's specifications is all that is required on the client's end. A charge will be taken, and the staff and the driver will schedule pickup and delivery services.

Similar to Tide cleaners, the laundry applications' algorithms operate in a series of simple steps:

  1. A customer uses an app to order cleaning services.
  2. A driver collects the clothing.
  3. The dress is washed, dried, cleaned, and ironed. 

Main components of the Tide cleaners clone app

Tide cleaners clone apps are designed and built on four components — four different apps: client app; laundry staff app; driver app; admin panel — to make it all work and ensure that the entire process is not stopped at any stage.

Client app

First, customers must create their profiles by filling them out with personal information. They then choose from a list of vendors (if you're an aggregator building an app to link customers with laundromats), specify the kind of clothing, fabrics, and services they want the app to provide, track the delivery, and identify pickup and delivery times.

Employee app

Employees at the Tide cleaners clone app should be able to accept and confirm orders. To know what services to provide, they must access the order details. Also, staff members should track deliveries to instruct the driver if an improper route is taken.

App for delivery

Drivers are the primary users of this component. Depending on their availability, drivers should be able to manage orders and accept them. 

Admin Console

An admin panel is used to handle all the processes and databases. There is a lot of data in the Tide cleaners laundry application, including information about customers, orders, laundry locations, earnings, etc. Admins have full access to the app and can control every step of the process.

Let us now take a look at how to build a Tide cleaners clone app 

Idea and preparation

This phase involves learning and exploring. As usual, the idea for the laundry app comes first in the development process. It would help if you addressed several questions, such as what the app will be used for, its features, and how it will differ from other laundry-related apps.

In the planning phase, analysis and research are also tasks. Analyzing the market and the demand for the goods is essential. 


It's time to allot resources once you've decided how the laundry app will look and have a solid idea. The price may change depending on the features. If you intend to create a simple application that links a client and a dry cleaning provider, your costs can be considerably lower. Be prepared to invest extra money if the software has specific features that require a larger development team and resources.

Stack of technologies and development team

The project's scope has to be established at this point. Here, you can choose whether you want to do the task or need to engage a professional development team or a freelance programmer.

Developing the app

It is the actual procedure for making an application. At AppsRhino, we assist you in creating solutions that are capable of producing reliable products. 

You may build a robust and thorough database of an app like Tide cleaners and a list of available laundry businesses with the help of AppsRhino. Our team will aid you in creating various user-app interaction scenarios.

Must have features for an app like Tide cleaners

Must have features for an app like Tide cleaners

The selection of features is primarily based on the concept and goal of your app. However, the following qualities are essential if you're going to review Tide cleaners like the laundry delivery app:

  1. Customer and laundry staff login and personal accounts
  2. Integration of maps
  3. Tracking capabilities
  4. Order history
  5. Online payment
  6. Calendar
  7. Reminders and notifications
  8. Customer support Chatbots (Use BotPenguin to create chatbots)

What is the cost of creating a Tide cleaners clone app?

The typical price for developing a laundry app like Tide cleaners using standard programming is around $15,000. However, the cost of an app can be calculated by adding up the hours spent on each stage of the app development process, which consists of several steps.

Platform choices, design guidelines, and the admin panel and backend infrastructure describe these stages.

Let's now examine how many hours are usually spent on each stage:

  1. Designing an app for iOS and Android: - 140-210 hours
  2. iOS development time: > 800 hours
  3. Up to 750 hours were spent developing Android.
  4. Up to 200 hours for backend infrastructure development
  5. Building the admin panel: up to 60 hours

After approximating the number of hours, we now need to take the actual location of the developers into account to calculate the entire cost of developing laundry software. It's because the hourly wages of developers vary depending on where they live.

  1. US-based developers: $100 to $250 per hour
  2. Developers in Eastern Europe: $50 to $150 per hour
  3. Indian developers: $15 to $80 per hour

Revenue plan for Tide cleaners clone app development 

While the Tide cleaners clone app development industry is specialized, an internet laundry business can have a variety of revenue streams.

  1. Obtaining payment from clients for their laundry- The easiest way to generate income is by charging clients for the services they select.
  2. Various fees for various materials- Based on the materials, charges can be categorized.
  3. Model-based on subscriptions- Customers can subscribe to cutting-edge amenities like same-day delivery. They might be charged more for this.
  4. List of laundry fees- You can charge laundry services to be listed on your mobile application if you want to run a laundry aggregator business.

What are you waiting for? Why not construct an on-demand mobile app like Tide cleaners now that so many revenue sources are available?


A mobile app can work wonders for your laundry business. Customers will be drawn to the new service since it is a novel concept at first.our smartphone app can start making money for you as soon as you implement an efficient marketing plan. Additionally, since it is a growing industry, you will be among the first to enter it, and it will be simpler to dominate it with no opposition.

At AppsRhino, we can help you create a prototype for such an app in a few weeks. So go ahead and develop an app like Tide cleaners today itself.