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Do you know about ASP.NET developers? Do you want to hire an ASP.NET developer for your company? Let's understand the meaning of the .NET platform forwarded by ASP.NET, its needs, and its features. Finally, we'll also learn about the skills to check while you hire dedicated .NET developers for your projects.

Microsoft developed the ASP.NET framework for Windows, Linux, Docker, and macOS to create web applications and generate other services.

We assure you that you will find everything you need to know here and get all information about the ASP.NET developers you require. To hire .NET developers for your company, contact AppsRhino and tell our team about your requirements. Our team will come to you and provide the best developers we can for you. 

Now, let's read and get everything we can regarding hiring ASP.NET developers. 

Hiring ASP.NET Developers: Find the best fit!

Do you know that you can choose between hiring full-time, part-time, freelancer, or outsourced developers? How will you decide the best fit for your company? Let's understand the advantages and drawbacks of each developer type. This section will help you find the perfect choice for your company. 

Full-time and Part-time developers

Hiring full-time and part-time ASP.NET developers is a lengthy process. The developers will work on your instructions and attend team meetings for web application development. 

However, finding the perfect developers will be a task for you. You must post job requirements on numerous social media platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and others. 

Moreover, when developers submit their applications, you will have to scan through them and cut short a few. Further, you will create assignments and ask for projects from the candidates to assess their skills. Final group discussions, interviews, and training will take up time too. 

You can spend this time working on the web application or resources and other tasks and hire freelance .NET developers or outsource them. 

Freelancer Developers

Instead of hiring .NET programmers who are working full-time or part-time, you can go for freelancer candidates. Freelancers work as per their comfort and will. Moreover, searching and finding the ideal freelancer candidates who work as per your deadlines and provide quality work takes a lot of work. 

Holding interviews, making freelancer developers familiar with the work environment, and doing other tasks might sometimes seem like a lot. 

What is a better option? How to find immaculate ASP.NET programmers for your company?


You can choose between the best outsourcing companies, tell them about your ASP.NET developer requirements, and have the developers for the project!

AppsRhino is an app development company that will also be the perfect choice for you to hire ASP.NET developers. You will save time and hire some of the most qualified candidates, making a solid team for required web application development. You will find the process to hire ASP.NET developers with AppsRhino in the conclusion section!

Skills to look for while hiring ASP.NET developers

When you are hiring ASP.NET programmers, you shall look at their education and skill set. Here is a list of skills you may check for!

1. Professional programming experience

When you are hiring .NET developers, you shall check their coding skills. Developers have to write programs for the software and web application to work. 

You shall hire an ASP.NET developer who understands programming languages and know how to save and modify code. Moreover, they shall have experience creating web application prototypes, testing their code for success, and performing other tasks with it. 

Here is a list of programming languages essential for ASP.NET developers.

  1. C#
  2. F#
  3. VB.NET

2. Model View Controller Model

Do you know about the significance of MVC model understanding for ASP.NET developers? Microsoft Technologies developed the framework for model view controllers for web application development.

Web development may not require the MVC framework extensively. However, your developers shall know about it. Do you know why? Framework advancement and tool learning will become helpful after the developers learn MVC. You can ask the developers about their knowledge and give a question or two for assignments and project work. 

3. Client Side Technology

A developer working on web application development shall understand client-side technology and languages associated with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. 

Developers have to develop interfaces and program the website. You can provide website development-related questions for candidate interviews or ask about their experience in web application development. 

4. Problem-solving abilities

Developers shall know how to solve problems they may encounter in everyday programming and web application development. An application requires efficient problem-solving for code bugs, quality assurance testing, and client-side issues. 

You can provide a task or a problem to your candidates while hiring them and ask them to solve it on the spot. You will then understand how good they are at situation handling. 

5. Efficient communication 

A candidate working for your team and company shall have efficient communication skills. They shall be able to tell about their ideas and views about projects and work improvement. 

Your talk with ASP.NET developers during interviews will tell you about their soft skills and communication abilities.

 Features of ASP.NET 

As Microsoft's best web application development framework, ASP.NET has features you will remember. Here is a list of advantages and characteristics of ASP.NET that will make you appreciate its existence in the development industry.

1. Cross-Platform Support

ASP.NET's key characteristic is cross-platform compatibility. Therefore, creating a web application with ASP.NET will function with Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems for developers and users.

With the help of this cross-platform support, developers can create apps that can be used on multiple platforms, providing the creators more flexibility in terms of deployment options and expanding their user base.

2. Server-Side Technology

ASP.NET is a server-side technology. This feature means ASP.NET processes, requests, and replies on the server rather than the client's computer. When a client submits a request to an ASP.NET-built web application, the web server receives the request, works on it, and then gives the client a response.

Why is server-side technology advantageous? It enables programmers to create dynamic websites that you can tailor based on user inputs and other variables. ASP.NET developers can build apps with logic and data processing.

3. ASP.NET for Object-Oriented Programming Support

ASP.NET support the OOPS principles of encapsulation, inheritance, and flexibility. Developers can manage and maintain code effortlessly with the object's implementation. Developers can reuse code and build new classes with the same inheritance use functionality.

Developers can create classes in ASP.NET to symbolize different program entities like users, products, and orders. Additionally, they can specify methods inside these classes that carry out particular processes or activities on these entities. This feature allows developers to write well-structured, maintainable code for complex apps.

4. Ability to Integrate with other Microsoft Technologies

The incredible integration of ASP.NET with other Microsoft technologies is one of the advantages of using it to build web applications. SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Azure are just a few Microsoft products that developers can integrate with ASP.NET to give developers a fully working environment.

ASP.NET programmers can create applications that can store and access data from a database by integrating SQL Server. Web application development is streamlined and made more effective thanks to the seamless integration of ASP.NET with Visual Studio. Developers can take benefit of ASP.NET's scalability and reliability features by effortlessly deploying it to Azure.

5. Extensive Toolbox

With the help of the comprehensive toolbox that comes with ASP.NET, developers can easily and quickly create web apps using numerous tools and controls. You will find that the toolbox contains several pre-built UI controls that can be added to websites using Visual Studio's drag-and-drop features, including buttons, menus, and data grids.

ASP.NET has other features and advantages like security, fast deployment, and others.


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