Everything about On-Demand Services

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino


Are you often get so busy that you can’t manage time to perform simple tasks like going for shopping, grocery, buying a gift or cooking dinner? Yes, cool not a big deal that happens to all of us. We are living in an effective world that sometimes we admire how we find time to sleep. On the other hand, these fast moves we are trying to control every day brought us to a place where everything can be solved with just one click or tap. Our smartphones are not less than magic wands like one from harry potter movies which help us to obtain the desired services right at the door. We just take advantage of on-demand service apps. What exactly are these apps? How to build one? And which famous apps reached success with those features? Let’s talk about this.

What Is On-Demand Service App?

On-demand service app acts as a mediator between customers and providers of different services. Instead of spending time and effort on receiving what they want, users prefer to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure offered by this type of apps. And this trend follows an ascending curve as you can observe from the study published by Harvard Business Review, where almost half of the customers are Millennials. Therefore it makes sense the evolution of these apps created for solving major problems for humanity.

On-Demand Service Consumer by Age:

According to a survey conducted or published by Harvard Business following are the average percent of the age group who use on-demand services on daily basis:

  • 49 percent that is almost half of the on-demand consumer belongs to the age group of 18 to 34
  • About 29 percent of the on-demand service user belongs to the age group of 35 to 54.
  • Then comes the age group above 55, about 22 percent of them use on-demand service.
Annual On-Demand Economy Spending:

According to the Harvard Business School following is the list of the annual spending of the on-demand economy:

  • A large amount of money is spent on-demand online marketplace. Over USD 35.5 Billion are spend by US consumer on this annually.
  • Second, come on-demand transportation. U.S consumer spend around 5.6 Billion USD On-Demand transportation.
  • Around 4.6 USD is spent on Food and Grocery Delivery.
  • 8.1 USD on other services.
  • 3.8 on all other categories.
So around 57.6 USD are spent by the U.S consumer annually on-demand service

The key features for a Successful On-Demand Service App should be following:

  • Flexibility
First of all, you have to tailor your services according to customers’ interests. Your app has to provide what they really need and not what you would prefer to offer them. Moreover, you have to be there day and night to support your business.
  • Integrate The Technology
Besides the availability, you have to implement all the required features for a great experience. Starting from a simple sign up form and continuing with messaging options and geolocation solutions everything needs to accomplish the requirements of an intuitive platform.
  • Set Your Pricing Strategy Wisely
It is very hard to decide the monetary value of your app, but you need to keep in mind that the price has to be lower than the services provided. Otherwise, nobody will consider using your app if it is too expensive. Additionally, you have to take into account your competitors’ strategy in case you aren’t alone in your niche.

Some of the real world examples of successful on-demand application are like Uber, Netflix, BloomThat and some other:


The overcrowded mobile markets represent also a few advantages. Since there is an app for everything, some of them modify our lives completely, allowing us to enjoy the things we love without worrying about little things that can be handled by others. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to build an on-demand service app, but for those who succeed, they can be sure that they created a shortcut between customers and their favorite brands.