On-Demand Economy - Looks easy but in reality not that easy

Posted On: May 11, 2022

Posted By: appsrhino


On-Demand service seems as easy as making chocolate milk. There is a large number of apps having similar functionality on an app store. On-Demand apps like food delivery, health measure, tracking, taxi and much more are so common and have a big list of service providers.

Well, now if you are planning to launch one of such kind what you think is the possibility to succeed?

Launching an app is just the initial step, having not more than 5% weight in building an On-Demand service company. After having a great research on the figures observe that getting real traffic is the main key to success for any business. To accelerate the growth of any On-Demand service company it’s important to understand the pain of audience you are targeting.

After launch of On-Demand app what step has to be initiated

Get your product viral in real traffic as soon as possible- If you research over the clock and find four people to try your app. Cheers! Because these actual users will provide a valuable review of your project. This will help you improve your performance of the application and can be a big hit when you launch a new version of it. Real people will share what are the problems they are facing in your app and what is best that you give them.  This can lead to disappointment also, people can embarrass you with their sharp comments. You get to learn new things that you didn’t even know you needed to know.

Entry to the pool with the same outfit just with different color won’t grab attention, same goes for app development industry. The user is willing to explore new, but it should have something that is the add-on to the existing applications on a store.

Solve core problem of User:

On-Demand service providers biggest challenge is to identify the real pain of the users. If you target an audience and found any common problem in majorly of that sector, resolve that.This will lead to high real-time traffic to your application.

The whole audience cannot be targeted at one go, divide priority wise. An application that supports Drive, Health, Booking, Food etc are already flooded on the store. Innovative and Creativity is the only life-jacket to get business out in this era. Trends has been changed as browsing is replaced by app store search which provided great growth to Mobile Industry.

User demands should be equal to your On-Demand app is what make new startups survive.

Marketing your product:

Only building and launching will not resolve the problem, you need to make it visible to the end user. Marketing strategies will play a great role to boost your business to next level. Promoting your best feature and representing your product with unique blend will go. The user follows what they see, make your app self-explanatory will get you high value in app store search.


In conclusion, no business can succeed if they are not targeting solutions for user pain. This is important to understand that users will opt what they need, irrespective of the unique and new features you introduce. Solutions that facilitate users daily needs are key to success for On-Demand service providers.