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Updated On: August 24, 2022

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On-demand services are increasing rampantly and will grow exponentially in the coming time. The human desire for affordability, convenience, and quick solution to their problems is the motivating factor to contribute to this sector. Today, many people are busy with no time to take care of their basic needs; thus, to avoid hampering the flow of their daily life, they have started turning to on-demand services and on-demand services apps.

Indeed, it is true that first impressions matter a lot. And by that, we do know how our attires make us come across to the people with whom we interact. Dirty, crinkled, and torn clothes make us look careless and someone who does not take things seriously. Thus, to avoid influencing people's minds against us, humans have started using on-demand laundry services to tackle their clothing chores. 

Therefore, with the advent of an on-demand laundry service, we can easily take care of our clothes, get them washed and ironed, and delivered to our doorsteps. You do not even need to worry about the timing; you can give and collect your clothes whenever you find the time.

What is the purpose of On-Demand Laundry Services Apps?

On-Demand Laundry Service Apps are a means to connect people with on-demand laundry service providers. People can quickly contact such service providers and schedule a time when they can pick up or drop off clothing items. Not only do On-Demand Laundry Services Apps connect you to such service providers, but they find the nearest On-Demand Laundry Service Providers also.

On-demand laundry service apps are indeed true to their purpose, as is reflected by the following piece of statistics:

As per statistics, the global on-demand laundry service market is expected to grow by over 96 billion USD.

 So, if you are interested in investing or owning a startup in web app development, this is a suitable time to develop an on-demand laundry service app. And, if you want to launch your own on-demand laundry service providing business, you should definitely go for it.

Why should you go for the On-Demand Laundry Services Apps sector?

If you are interested in developing an app for your on-demand laundry service business or want to launch the business itself, you can do it without any fear of not getting a customer base as the following are the reasons for people to turn to on-demand laundry service apps.

Location-Based Service 

On-Demand Laundry Service providers can benefit by using these apps as these apps notify people of on-demand laundry services in their nearest areas, which ultimately creates more business for them.

Besides notifying people of the nearest on-demand laundry service providers, they also inform the service providers of people they should target. Therefore, on-demand laundry service apps with location-based features bridge the gap between the app user and local laundries to promote a full-fledged service. 

Safe service amidst the pandemic

While the social distancing norm has taken over due to the pandemic, people want services promoting safety. People are no longer comfortable going out and coming in contact with others due to the virus transmission scares. These apps provide them zero contact delivery and prompt services. Also, these apps promote safety measures and sanitization checks to ensure high-end safety without compromising the services. 

Easy Management of clothing

On-demand laundry service providers can easily benefit by using the app as they come with a dashboard that lets you manage your service operations, customers, payments, orders, and earnings. On-Demand Laundry Service Apps also permit the owners to manage their orders efficiently and services and track laundry business operations.  

A profitable Platform

Both users and owners of on-demand laundry service apps can generate revenues by availing of features like referrals or rewards. The app owners earn money with the order commissions from their service providers. Also, you can offer deals, rewards, discount coupons, and referrals with real-time tracking to your customers, thus strengthening their preference for you.

How do you earn money via On-Demand Laundry Services Apps?

You might notice that online laundry service apps are developed by either service providers or enterprises (who generate business by connecting customers and laundry service providers). Thus, you can earn money by launching an on-demand laundry service business or getting an on-demand laundry service app to popularize your business. Also, you can make use of the aggregator model by connecting people with such service providers.

Also, both users and owners of on-demand laundry service apps can generate revenues by availing of features like referrals or rewards. The app owners earn money with the order commissions from their service providers. Running an aggregation model means you can make money by placing relevant ads on your app and order commission.

What are the essential features people look for in On-Demand Laundry Services Apps?

An app for online on-demand laundry service should be well developed. It should be developed by considering all the types of users- owner, driver, delivery person, and the user. We list some user-friendly features below that you must include in your on-demand laundry service app.

Filter and Search 

Everyone likes to have nearby services to avail of. Similarly, customers want to give their laundry to the nearest laundry service providers. Also, on-demand service providers would prefer to target those who live nearby as they have a higher probability of turning into loyal and regular customers. Therefore, your app should have the facility to search and filter service providers based on location, price, etc. Your on-demand laundry service app should also keep in mind the customer, admin, laundry owner, the delivery person while showing the filter and search results.

Order & Schedule 

Your on-demand laundry service app should provide you with your order details and give you the liberty to schedule the laundry pickup and delivery time.

Hassle-free Payment

People like it when they have many options to make payments. You should offer multiple payment gateways to ensure no means of their choice is missing. Such provisions make sure that customers can checkout with available and secured payment modes like e-wallets, cards, COD, and other payment options.

Real-Time Tracking

Humans have this tendency to keep tabs on every movement of the things that interest them. Similarly, it is natural for customers to want to know and keep track of the status of their laundry. Therefore your on-demand laundry service apps should offer real-time tracking of the delivery person and cleaning order status.

Order Notifications

Your on-demand laundry service app should send timely notifications to users to keep them abreast of the latest development in your on-demand laundry business. The latest developments can be discounts offered during holiday seasons or introducing some new feature to help people. You should also send them notifications of their placed laundry order.

Order & Customer Information

Your app should contain all the information on your customers and their orders. These pieces of information help you gain insights into your customer's behavior.

Dispatch Automation

Your app can gain efficiency by including an automated dispatch facility, such as using the optimized route and automating the dispatch per the nearest locations and the delivery person's availability.

Invoices & Reports

You can employ Invoice and Reports features to gain real-time insights, analytics reports, and order invoices for making better business decisions.

In-app Chats

It would be an excellent idea to include an in-app chat feature that allows easy communication between the client and service providers regarding their queries. 

Feedback and Reviews

It would be best if you made efforts to get honest customer feedback for your on-demand laundry services, as feedback helps you understand your users and enhance your services app features. 

Why should you research the market and study your on-demand Laundry Services Provider competitors?

Researching the market and studying your on-demand laundry service provider competitors ensures that your business grows and you keep generating revenue once the app is launched.

The competitors you should focus on should be the ones with more advanced features. Doing so helps you chalk out features that would make your on-demand laundry service app stand out from the crowd.

How much should you expect to spend on your on-demand laundry services app development?

You should know that the cost spent on developing on-demand laundry service apps depends on the feature sets apart from other factors. If you proceed to include advanced features in your on-demand laundry service app, you will need to spend more than developing an app with just essential features.

Also, the platform on which you would deploy your on-demand laundry service app dictates the money you would need to part ways with. We can guess that the estimated cost for building an effective on-demand app for online laundry service would cost around 16K USD. 

Similarly, hiring an app developer means spending money in the form of his payment/ salary.


On-demand laundry service has an immense scope as it is not a season-dependent sector. Also, verified Market Research found out that the Global Online On-Demand Laundry Service Market was valued at USD 9.72 Billion in 2019 and can reach USD 113.24 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 35.9% from 2020 to 2027. If you are interested in getting an app for your on-demand laundry service business, contact AppsRhino today!
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