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Tools like GoodBarber are famous among the masses who do not know how to code but need to develop an app for themselves or their organization. 

StoreHippo, HubSpot, Wix are a few of the likes of GoodBarber that have helped people so far. When developing such tools, one needs to study its competitors closely to understand their working well. 

Here we present to you the business model of GoodBarber, an app builder that helps people develop apps with ease and no special coding skills.


GoodBarber is an excellent tool that helps people develop beautiful and feature-loaded apps. It even lets you add people to your project and control their access, making project development easy and quick. In addition to app building, it even has means with which you can even test your app. So, if you are interested in building and launching a tool like GoodBarber, stick around.

Key takeaway points:

  1. What is GoodBarber?
  2. How GoodBarber Works?
  3. List of GoodBarber Features
  4. Deployment & Support
  5. The GoodBarber Revenue Model
  6. GoodBarber users
  7. Pros of GoodBarber
  8. Cons of GoodBarber
  9. GoodBarber User Reviews

What is GoodBarber?

GoodBarber is an app builder solution based in Corsica that helps people build beautiful-looking mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps. You do not need technical knowledge to develop mobile apps as GoodBarber uses its numerous templates. Therefore, non-developers use it to build apps without compromising the app features.

The thing that sets GoodBarber apart from other app makers is that it focuses on the design front and features; others focus on features instead of the looks. It offers several content integration options within most categories. 

A few of these options are:

  1. Social networking
  2. News/articles
  3. Calendars 
  4. Audio/video
  5. A dedicated app builder for eCommerce. 

Progressive Web Apps from GoodBarber come with SEO descriptions and responsive design for all browsers. It helps users publish their GoodBarber apps without going through the iOS or Play Store.

Users can choose from over 50 different templates that GoodBarber offers, giving a lot of flexibility within the design of their apps.

It is the leader in Europe and the best alternative to costly mobile development projects.

GoodBarber’s Background: 

It is situated in AJACCIO, CORSE, France and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry. GoodBarber has 10 employees at this location and generates $1.22 million in sales (USD). 

Let us now see how GoodBaber works.

How GoodBarber Works?

Users can develop a range of apps with GoodBarber’s app templates.

We mention a few of them below: 

  1. Fitness apps
  2. Tourist guide apps
  3. Restaurant apps
  4. Blog and News

You can add more features to your app after creating your app. 

For example, push notifications and advertising to engage your users; also leads to revenue generation. You can also publish content to your app; GoodBarber even has its own CMS that allows you to publish content directly to your GoodBarber app.

GoodBarber, like other app builders, does not have a free option to aid you with the App Store Submission process.

List of GoodBarber Features

We briefly list the GoodBarber features below:

Access Controls & Permissions 

It monitors activities that a user or a group of users can perform.

App Management

It provides help for the deployment and management of apps. 

Compatibility Testing

It checks whether your software can run on different hardware, operating systems, applications, network environments, or Mobile devices.

Design Templates

Design Templates.png

It provides already made designs, which you can customize according to your needs.

Drag & Drop

It is a pointing device gesture wherein users select a virtual object by grabbing and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual entity.

Integration Management

It coordinates all the activities and steps involved in the integration procedure.

Mobile Development

It is a process by which a mobile app gets developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, or mobile phones. These software applications get designed to run on mobile devices.


It means even a non-developer can design apps without typing a single line of code.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics mean figures and data representative of an app’s actions, abilities, and overall quality. 

Pre-Built Modules

These modules have pre-written codes, and users need to include these while working.

Visual Modeling

It means the graphic depiction of objects and systems of interest using graphical languages. Experts and novices use Visual Modeling to achieve a common understanding of complex ideas.

Web/Mobile App Development

It means GoodBarber lets you create a web/ Mobile App Development.

Deployment & Support

Deployment & Support.png


  1. Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  2. Desktop - Mac
  3. Desktop - Windows
  4. Desktop - Linux
  5. Desktop - Chromebook
  6. On-Premise - Windows
  7. On-Premise - Linux
  8. Mobile - Android
  9. Mobile - iPhone
  10. Mobile - iPad


  1. Chat


  1. In-Person
  2. Live Online
  3. Webinars
  4. Documentation
  5. Videos


  1. GoodBarber
  2. Situated in France
  3. Established in 2011

The GoodBarber Revenue Model

GoodBarber makes money through its subscription plans. There are three subscription plans in total:


This type of user plan lets you share content with apps. It is good for

Newspapers, online courses, content creators, radio, tourism, events, employee communication, faith.

Starting from: 25€/month

Free 30-day trial - No credit card required


It is for selling products with apps. It is good for retail, grocery, restaurant, local delivery, and pickup

Starting from: 35€/month

Free 30-day trial - No credit card required


It is for agencies to create apps for their customers.

Starting from: 200€/month

Free 30-day trial - No credit card required

GoodBarber Users

GoodBarber is next to a miracle for the following:

  1. SMEs
  2. Individual projects
  3. Agencies

Pros of GoodBarber

  1. You get original and beautiful templates, highly customizable, with numerous fonts and feature layouts.
  2. GoodBarber allows you to add anyone to your project via a simple email. Along with it, you can customize their access.
  3. It offers a range of features to its users; you can find things ranging from loyalty rewards to users chats and video players.
  4. Your app can work as a fully-functional website with its domain, SEO keywords, and sitemaps. Progressive Web Apps of GoodBarber are highly responsive and mobile-friendly.

Cons of GoodBarber

  1. Publishing an iOS app is costly. You need to pay for the high quality of your apps as Apple forced GoodBarber and other app builders to enable manual review.
  2. You need to pay more for add-ons.

GoodBarber User Reviews

GoodBarber User Reviews.png

Ease of use (4.5/5)

GoodBarber has introduced a simplified wizard and intuitive editor, making it easier to change global styles, add content and play with different features. 

Also, when your trial period gets over, they offer users the chance to extend it if they are still working on their GoodBarber made app.

Design, flexibility, and templates (5/5)

GoodBarber offers excellent choices and designs of templates and is competent to handle changes to the template mid-way through user projects very well, without content loss. Users also get a great choice of connector layouts.

Languages (5/5)

The GoodBarber builder and site are available in 6 languages. In addition to it, 18 app languages are available to users to create their apps, more than what most other app makers offer.

Platform Support (Available)

  1. iOS
  2.  Android
  3.  PWA

Besides what GoodBarber charges, users will have to pay the following fees: 

  1. Google charges- a $25 one-off fee.
  2.  Submitting an app to Apple is more costly: you need to own an Apple developer account ($99 per year) and pay an extra $29 for four app submissions (initial submission + 3 updates) to GoodBarber. iOS review is free for Shopping apps.
  3. Progressive web apps of GoodBarber are impressive, which could be a cheap option to users if they want an app/website combination.

Ad support (Available)

Ad support is present on all plans.

Push notifications (Available)

  1.  500,000 a month with the Standard plan.
  2.  2M with Full plans and unlimited with Premium.

Location-based Services (Available)

GoodBarber has a Geofencing plugin to push notifications based on user location. Users enjoy six free ones with the Full and Premium plans.

E-commerce (4/5)

Now, GoodBarber has a dedicated solution for eCommerce apps. 

RSS feed options (Available)

An RSS connector lets you add a custom feed.

Adding your HTML code (Available)

Goodbarber has an HTML connector in which users can link to a URL or input their own code for a customized page.

Social media integration (4.5/5)

Users can have numerous photo and video social integrations available apart from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Loyalty features (Available)

 Loyalty and club card features are present as add-ons: 

  1. Loyalty Card ($80 / year)
  2.  Loyalty Card + Club Card ($120 / year)
  3. Couponing ($60 / year).

Newsletter tool (Unavailable)

The newsletter tool is absent for now.

Team Management (Available)

GoodBarber allows users to add team members with different access levels to an app project. Though, it is unavailable on the ‘Basic’ plan.

iBeacons (Available)

Probably the only app maker that offers them. Users get 6 with the Full and Premium plans.

API available (Available)

The GoodBarber API option is present in the Premium plan, or users can pay $4 per month to include it within others.

Testing (Available)

 A mobile app viewer is present, MyGoodBarber, and an in-editor live previewer.

Analytics (Available)

It is present on all plans.

Reseller Program (Available)

Unlimited classic apps require $200 a month, $99 review per iOS app. For Classic apps and shopping apps, it’s $500 a month. 

Support (3.5/5)

An online help center is available for users. They can send questions to support. The help center is thorough, and the support staff are helpful but can be a little slow at replying. The GoodBarber blog is also a great resource to get help.

Fun Factor (4.5/5)

Customizing your app’s global style settings makes it fun to see it change before your eyes. The editor is responsive and quick, and it gets better when users discover the advanced options.

Overall rating


GoodBarber is top of its game in numerous areas: the range of integrations, features, and design flexibility; it regularly adds new features. 


After going through the GoodBarber Business Model, you are now fully equipped to launch a tool of your own; it is a promising field. If you are interested in getting a professional involved, contact AppsRhino today.

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