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Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Many companies are looking for React.js developers as React lets them produce apps and websites that give a seamless user experience to users. There is no plausible reason why they should not look for React.js developers. React js is open-source, has a large community, has an easy learning curve, has high performance, and supports cross-platform. Even companies such as Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, PwC, Amazon, Twitter, Udemy, and nearly 9,000 others worldwide employ JavaScript for web, desktop, and mobile applications.
Although React.js was the 2nd Most Loved web framework in 2020 and still is popular and has a high demand, the gap between its demand and the number of people who know it well is massive. Due to the global pandemic, the current scenario has also changed how you carried out recruitment earlier. Therefore, to hire competent React.js developers remotely in 2022 and make the best app/ website, we have prepared a React Js Developers hiring a guide for you. In addition to it, we have listed their roles and responsibilities and salaries to help you make a sound decision. So stick around and know more.


What is React?

React.js is a JavaScript library used in Website development and helps create user interfaces and interactive elements on websites.

Who are React.js Developers?
React.js Developers are front-end engineers working with JavaScript or TypeScript and possess extensive knowledge and experience in using it.

What are the advantages of React or React.js?

  1. Backward compatibility easy
  2. Seo friendly
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. React.js applications do not require the usage of Web browsers.
  5. Unique tools for easier debugging

React Js Developers hiring guide: Understanding your requirements

  1. Contractual or Full Time
  2. Team size
  3. Other technical/soft skills

How much does a React Developer cost?

City Average Salary

  1. San Francisco $130,000
  2. Amsterdam $91,000
  3. Sydney $78,000
  4. Miami $76,000
  5. Dublin $73,000
  6. Bangalore $8,000

Hire React.js Developers Remotely in 2022

  1. Sourcing
  2. Virtual career fairs and virtual coding competitions
  3. Job Boards
  4. Referrals
  5. Screening candidates
  6. Interview React candidates.
  7. Onboard developers remotely
  8. Pre-arrival
  9. Upon arrival
  10. Post-arrival

What is React?

React is also called React.js or ReactjS. React.js is a JavaScript library used in Website development and helps create user interfaces and interactive elements on websites. This in-demand library acts as a base for developing single-page or mobile applications.

Who are React.js Developers?

Who are React.js Developers_ .png

React.js developers manage and handle everything that users see on their screens. It means the onus to give users a seamless experience while using a user interface is on React.js Developers. However, a formal definition of React.js developers is as follows: "React.js Developers are front-end engineers working with JavaScript or TypeScript and possess extensive knowledge and experience in using it."

Thus, one can infer that these developers are the sole reason that the following attractive, interactive features exist on our Websites:

  1. interactive slideshows
  2. pretty glowing and sparkling website buttons
  3. graphic images
  4. Voice recognition and many more

To produce all of these features, React.js Developers should have a solid grasp of the following topics:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. TypeScript
  4. C#
  5. SASS
  6. LESS

What are the advantages of React or React.js?

What are the advantages of React or React.js_  .png

Let us now read about how React.js benefits businesses and React.js developers.

React.js benefits for Businesses:

  1. React.js is known for its SEO-friendly nature. Besides being an SEO-friendly framework, it is budget-friendly.
  2. React.js applications do not require the usage of Web browsers as a server directly renders them.
  3. The React.js framework furnishes businesses with Document Object Model (DOM). A Document Object Model contains all of the node tree's characteristics and is a structured representation of the HTML elements in a web page or app.

React.js benefits for React.js Developers:

  1. The public API of the React.js platform remains unchanged, making backward compatibility easy.
  2. Development teams can easily access the open-source library for React.js to work on new features and fix errors.
  3. React.js' unique tools make debugging easier. Now they can remove bugs directly from the browser.
  4. React.js is easy to learn and has a concurrent mode to let React.js developers quickly construct user-friendly programs.

React Js Developers Hiring Guide: Roles and Responsibility of React.js Developers

We list the roles and responsibilities of React.js developers below. Also, we segregate them into two groups- Technical and Non-technical.


  1. React.js developers should be able to leverage the inbuilt React.js toolkit to create front-end features.
  2. React.js developers should be able to create data visualization tools, reusable code, and libraries for prospects.
  3. React.js developers should be able to integrate designs and wireframes within the app code.
  4. React.js developers should monitor the interaction of users and convert them into insightful data.
  5. React.js developers write app interface code using JavaScript.
  6. React.js developers are responsible for enhancing application performance with careful and constant monitoring.
  7. React.js developers are accountable for translating wireframes and designs into quality-rich code.
  8. The onus to optimize components to work seamlessly across various browsers and devices is on React.js developers.
  9. React.js developers should possess a sound grasp of CSS libraries, GIT, Sigma, Adobe XD etc.
  10. React.js developers should properly authenticate user information.
  11. React.js developers should churn out responsive web-based User Interfaces.


React.js developers constantly interact with other developers and design teams for UI ideas discussion. React.js developers have to review application needs and interfacing elements. React.js developers must adequately follow the documentation for modifications of applications and further updates.

Understanding your requirements

You need to consider a few things before hiring React.js Developers Remotely in 2022. We list them below.

Length of the project

The length of the project determines the number of React.js developers you will need to hire. Generally, larger projects demand a more significant number of workers because of two reasons. The first reason is the size itself: the more influential the project, the more people are required to complete the work on time. The other reason is that since the project is a large-scale one, it will need more support after its launch/ delivery. Therefore, companies hiring React.js developers should look for developers accordingly.

Contractual or Full Time

You should know that larger projects attract many senior candidates on full-time or more extended contracts. Also, you must look into the working rights and preparation of specialized agreements and contracts for remote and onsite positions if you are hiring foreign nationals outside the country. However, shorter projects can afford freelancers.

Team size

Since you are interested in hiring remote React.js Developers, you should try to hire people from the same timezone as it helps you coordinate them well. Projects with small teams can go for this arrangement, but the ones requiring big teams need to be coordinated well and require more effort from you.

Other technical/soft skills

Numerous skills are in demand these days. However, the following skills are more in demand:

  1. project management skills
  2. business management skills
  3. professional skills
  4. cloud computing
  5. automation These skills help React.js developers expand their roles and contribute more to the project.

How much does a React Developer cost?

How much does a React Developer cost_  .png

We mention the salaries of React.js developers across the world in the table below:

City Average Salary .1. San Francisco $130,000 2. Amsterdam $91,000 3. Sydney $78,000 4. Miami $76,000 5. Dublin $73,000 6. Bangalore $8,000

Hire React.js Developers Remotely in 2022

Here we provide you with a step-by-step procedure for hiring React.js developers. The steps included are: Sourcing, screening candidates, interviewing them, and getting them onboarded remotely.

Step #1: Sourcing

There are three ways to source React.js developers. We describe each of them briefly below:

Virtual career fairs and virtual coding competitions

This way of hiring people became prevalent during the pandemic. Here, one conducts online competitions and webinars to meet and evaluate candidates. You need to present a set of questions, which they need to solve in a limited period. The authenticity of their code can be verified when you interview them in the next round. If you want to hire freelancers, you can visit websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, etc.

Job Boards

This way of scouting for React.js developers is beneficial but has one downside. The number of applicants, in this case, can be higher than in the previous method. Moreover, if you go for freelancers, this already high number of candidates goes even higher. Therefore, you need to specify your needs, requirements, candidate qualifications, etc.


The last method of hiring React.js developers is via Referrals. Referrals mean bringing in your employees' connections and interviewing them for the post of React.js developers. There are more chances that these candidates know more about your company than those new to your company.

Step #2: Screening candidates

Here, you assess them and their skills by going through their portfolios and projects they have done so far. If your candidate is still in college, you can evaluate their college projects. These projects provide you with insights into your candidates' skills and capabilities. Also, going through their GitHub repository does the same thing- they let you know how passionate your candidates are about their job. After you observe their projects, you can ask questions regarding the framework in the form of games, coding questions, etc.

Step #3: Interview React candidates.

This step means interviewing them to check how well they would fit your company's culture. Here, you can check their technical skills and behavior with your staff members. Since you are hiring these React.js developers remotely, you will meet them via zoom, google meet, skype, etc., which can hinder your task. As far as the technical part goes, you can ask your candidates questions not bound by any coding language. They should be free to choose any coding language.

Step#4: Onboard developers remotely


After you hire them, you need to provide them with an onboarding document detailing everything they should know that you expect of them in specific periods. You can also assign a person who will come in handy in solving and answering their queries.

Upon arrival

Upon arrival, you should furnish them with pre-recorded videos, training material, documents, or membership programs to help them mold according to your workplace. Besides this, you can give them small tasks to produce a sense of achievement upon their completion.


As the React.js developers get familiar with your organization's workplace ethics and practices, you should give them an idea of the bigger picture of your company, goals, and visions. In the case of React.js developers, you will need to arrange their meetings with senior engineers or any other senior executives to let them gain more knowledge about the company.


Single-page applications, dynamic web applications, and complex user interfaces need React js and thus React.js developers for their creation. Also, Websites nowadays are more interactive than before. All of these things require React.js for their development. Therefore, there is no surprise that more than 35% of all companies are on the lookout for React developers. However, the number of people with React.js knowledge is less than the companies looking for them. You can snag the best talent by following the above steps and bearing in mind a few things. The better thing is that you can still get your hands on the best talent without the interviewing procedure by contacting AppsRhino. Our React.js developers are competent in web development and possess the required hard and soft skills.

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