How to build an app like Ola? Find Out!

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Today, most people prefer using online services. You can order food, alcohol, and groceries, use healthcare apps to stay healthy, educate yourself through apps, and book appointments! What if there is a taxi booking service in the market? You have to book a ride, and the taxi driver will come to your doorstep to pick you up. Apps like Ola and Ola Clone provide you with ride-booking services. The customers don't have to buy a car or personal vehicle. They pay for what they use for the time being. You can create an app similar to Ola (Ola Clone), add additional features according to your custom requirement, and earn profits! If you are confused about where to start, follow this blog to understand the ultimate Ola Clone Development guide!

What is Ola?

 Ola is a multinational ridesharing service. Ola cabs have its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. With the help of Ola, customers can request a ride. The app sends the request to nearby drivers. If any driver accepts the request, the customer gets a taxi at their doorstep to take them to the desired location. Ola operates in India, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. 

What is an app like Ola - Ola Clone? 

You can describe Ola Clone as an app that allows users to book their taxis online and provide riding services from a location to a destination. With the increased number of players in the online on-demand taxi booking market today, an app with similar features as Ola, aka your Ola Clone, has dependable chances of sustaining in the market. Ola Clone Development can be done by creating an app similar to Ola from the roots (that will take a lot of time and effort, we are telling you!), or you can hire developers or outsource companies to develop an Ola Clone! If you are unsure about the development procedure of Ola Clone, here is an Ola Clone Development Guide for you!! 

Things to consider before Ola Clone Development

There are multiple things to consider before you start your Ola Clone Development. The first step in the Ola Clone Development guide is to check parameters. 

Customer Demand and Supply

 You are making the Ola Clone to fulfill your customers' needs. The primary working and success of your Ola Clone will depend on the customer demand. You should verify the number of customers willing to use and gain access to your services in the future. Ask yourself the following questions. 

1. How many potential customers in this region want to book taxi services to travel? 

2. How many people own their transport means. These commodities include bikes, cars, etc. 

3. How many people use public transport services? 

4. Are there any taxi booking services working in this region already? 

5. How many drivers will be available around? 

6. How many people use transport and other means to travel to work and other places regularly? 

After you receive answers to the above questions, you can proceed to the next step. 

Expenses and budget

 You must define a budget before starting your Ola Clone Development. You shall add a development, testing, and of course, a market budget! There can be several downsides to not creating a budget and dividing your expenses beforehand. If you don't set a budget before Ola Clone Development, you might get short of money when investing, paying bills, and hiring employees. 

Planning and development

After you have been thorough and have gained a complete understanding of the customer requirement and budget analysis for your Ola Clone development, the next step is planning! Planning your Ola Clone involves multiple aspects. Ola Clone Development guide and its planning is a step-wise procedure. You require patience, understanding, and knowledge to reach close to the perfect development and business model. Find out the following things. 

1. Architecture model and user interface of your Ola Clone. 

2. Functionality and features. 

3. Use of the appropriate development and emerging technologies. 

Marketing and Public Reach

Many successful business owners confirm that the reason behind their success is their marketing model. It would help if you understood the art of reaching people and making them your customers. You should know how to attract users and make them understand the features of your Ola Clone app. Along with the development and features, your Ola Clone gains success if you can make your customers content. Your customers must receive fast services, be able to book a taxi anytime and have access to multiple payment models. 

Hiring Developers 

Hiring the perfect developers is the most crucial step in the Ola Clone Development Guide. The better your development team is, the more your Ola Clone can perform in the market for the customers. There are two ways to have programming developers for your Ola Clone Development. 

1. Hire Full-time/ part-time developers to create your Ola Clone from the ground. Although you may have more freedom in the app development procedure, there are chances of errors! 

2. The recommended way is to have a development and technical support team build your Ola Clone and hand it to you. 

You can add any features and have Ola Clone ready with comparatively less time and effort. Perhaps, choose AppsRhino! 

The technology required for Ola Clone Development

iOS Development

Swift and Xcode 

Android Development

Java and Kotlin

Testing Tools

GitLab, Jenkins, and Confluence 

Ola Clone Development Guide to Features!

 Your Ola Clone app will primarily be available for taxi booking services. Therefore, customers who wish to book a taxi and reach some destination would use your app. Along with customers, drivers would use your Ola Clone to contact customers. Hence, you should add features that make the functioning and experience better! 

Appealing Interface

It is human nature to use and get access to things that attract us. For your Ola Clone, you should provide customers with a user interface that will make them go to your app repeatedly. You can achieve the best user interface by providing the following things. 

1. Easy access to all features 

2. Interactive design 

3. Non-complex interface

Easy Sign-up

Your customers and drivers should be able to get an easy sign-up. Like any other mobile application, customers shall use their email address or mobile number the sign-up. Further, they can set their password and use Ola Clone without worries! 

Ride-Booking and Tracking 

A permanent map should be available on your Ola Clone app. The customers should be able to view any location, distance, and time required to reach. Clients must first set their current location and destination before booking a ride. They can then choose their taxi type and ride time to confirm the booking. After the nearby drivers accept the taxi-booking request, they can track the customer's location through their tracking map and then take them to the required destination. 

Driver Contact Details

 After the customer booking is complete and a nearby driver accepts it, the Ola Clone will share contact information between both participants. The customers will have the contact number, driver's name, and the taxi's license and number plate number for verification. If your Ola Clone does not share information between the passenger and driver immediately, the driver might not be able to reach the required location! 

Multiple Payment Options 

Most mobile applications you discover today have multiple payment options available for the users. These options give the app users the freedom to pay for the service in any monetary way they want. Therefore, you should include the multiple payment option selection in your Ola Clone Development. 

Additional Security and call button

There are cases when the passenger does not feel safe in the taxi and gets suspicious about the driver. Although your Ola Clone would ensure the authenticity of drivers at the hiring time, there are cases when the customers might not be satisfied. Your Ola Clone should have a close call button. This additional security feature would help customers feel secure as they can connect to the Ola Clone customer service center and the nearest police station. 

Future of your Ola Clone - Conclusion

 Ola Clone has a rating of 4 and 100+ million downloads on the Google play store. If you are in the process of Ola Clone Development, you must be looking to create a place in the market! Technology has been booming daily, and people want their comfort and luxury above all! Your Ola Clone provides door-to-door shuttle service with just a few clicks. People have started to prefer apps like Ola and Uber to book taxis instead of buying their cars and using public transportation. Why? The answer to the above question lies in the comfort and services taxi-booking apps give at affordable rates!! You shouldn't wait and start your Ola Clone Development today!! Contact AppsRhino today to know more and get technical support for building your Ola Clone. AppsRhino is an app development platform that provides the best app-making service for your company!