How to build your own cleaning service app

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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As mobile presence has become so essential these days, many businesses and startups consider becoming digital. It is the most straightforward approach to communicating with your customers, keeping them engaged, and providing better services and experiences. Almost every business requires a mobile application, and the on-demand services market is no different. According to current trends, you can accomplish anything without leaving your house. Digital solutions can help a firm promote itself, attract more potential clients, and inform them about the services available and their costs.

People no longer need to do everything themselves; assigning some mundane jobs to professionals is acceptable. That is why on-demand services such as cleaning have grown in popularity. According to Allied Market Research, the global cleaning service app market will be worth more than $74 million by 2022.


Many established companies and new ventures are seriously considering going fully digital because of the importance of mobile presence in today's market. It is the simplest method for maintaining contact with your clientele and attracting new ones through improved offerings and experiences. The on-demand services industry is no exception; mobile apps are essential for running a successful business.

The most popular on-demand cleaning services

  1. On-demand cleaning services are categorized by kind of residence
  2. Construction cleanup is ordered mainly by people from the real-estate sphere. Renovations create a huge mess. It is a time-consuming, staged cleaning (rough, light, and finish clean).
  3. Housekeeping is ordered mainly by the owners of private households. This career is detail- and quality-oriented.
  4. Business cleaning is ordered mainly by schools, banks, fitness centers, hospitals, and offices. Such services can be supplied daily or nightly, which is convenient for many businesses. Extra attention will be paid to sanitizing equipment, high-touch surfaces, and bathrooms.

The General Advantages of On-Demand House Cleaning Apps

Let us go through some of the general advantages of these house cleaning applications for both users and service providers.

For customers

  • They are pretty helpful.
  • House cleaning applications are less expensive.
  • Simple payment method
  • It saves a significant amount of time.

Providers of services

  • increased visibility
  • Marketing device
  • Assists in developing deep relationships with customers

Tips for Creating an On-Demand House Cleaning App

  • Provide several alternatives

  • Make it simple to utilize.

  • Include special features.

  • Provide a safe payment gateway.

  • Selecting a Location

People buy on-demand cleaning services for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to save time. They may require assistance since their home is too large for one person to clean. And it's sometimes quicker and less expensive to employ someone on an as-needed basis to clean rather than pay a monthly salary to your cleaning staff. On-demand cleaning services are classified into three broad groups based on the type of residence being cleaned:

  • Cleaning after construction is ordered mainly by people from the real-estate sphere. After a renovation, there is always a tremendous mess. So, before selling an apartment, real estate brokers should clean it up and remove any demolition debris. This type of cleaning is time-consuming and must be completed in stages (rough, light, and finish clean).

  • They were cleaning the home (ordered mainly by the owners of private households). This form of cleaning concentrates on organizing your home's rooms. The staff typically cleans floors, dust surfaces, furniture, and tiles. On-demand cleaning professionals can perform all clients' needs to get their houses in order. This type of profession is typically concerned with details and quality.

  • Cleaning services for businesses (ordered mainly by schools, banks, fitness centers, hospitals, and offices) are a daily requirement. The main benefit of such services is that they may be provided daily or nightly, which is quite handy for many enterprises. Floors and furniture will be washed, carpets will be vacuumed, and extra attention to sanitizing equipment, high-touch surfaces, and bathrooms.

The development of Uber for cleaners can serve two audiences at the same time:

  • Cleaners who work alone.
  • Cleaning service providers.

On-demand apps can help people promote their cleaning services while providing a steady income. There are numerous methods for monetizing such an application (create a mandatory subscription plan with monthly payment, place advertisements, charge commission from each deal, etc.). The simplest option is to allow direct promotion in the app search list or charge a fee for each transaction performed via the app.

The Advantages of On-Demand House Cleaning Apps


  • Customers benefit from the ease of learning about the services of several house cleaning firms.
  • A list of the names of all available house cleaning service companies in their desired area.
  • A chance to select the best house cleaning service based on pricing, location, and other factors.

Cleaning services for homes

  • Increased sales appraise brand awareness. More people who require cleaning services will become aware of your company.
  • You may deliver better service and increase client loyalty by using apps that allow personal engagement with your customers.
  • You can alert your clients about impending new offers, specials, and cleaning service additions.
  • Any internal business process can be optimized.

A housecleaning app will also enable service providers to locate clients looking for commercial cleaning. These are often large clients who require frequent cleaning. As a result, applications can also help you gain some significant business. However, you must constantly expand and improve your cleaning services in response to public demand.

The General Advantages of On-Demand House Cleaning Apps

Let us go through some of the general advantages of these house cleaning applications for both users and service providers.

For customers

  1. They are pretty helpful.
  2. House cleaning applications are less expensive.
  3. Simple payment method
  4. It saves a significant amount of time.

Providers of services

  1. increased visibility
  2. Marketing device
  3. Assists in developing deep relationships with customers

Tips for Creating an On-Demand House Cleaning App

Following the success of Uber, Ola, and Urban, on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular in all business sectors. People are frequently looking for house cleaning services. An on-demand house cleaning app allows you to interact with your consumers daily. Many people are turning to on-demand house cleaning app services with their hectic schedules and obligations. So, are you a business owner interested in developing an on-demand mobile app for your company? We have some advice for you.

Provide several alternatives

Many people from varied backgrounds will use your software. Everyone will have unique cleaning requirements and services. As a result, you must cover various services such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical needs, pest control, and all cleaning services. Some people may even have to feed their pets. Remember to integrate such services into your app. Customers will use your services more if you provide them with more options.

Make it simple to utilize.

People prefer apps because they are more convenient and easy to use. As a result, creating a user-friendly on-demand house cleaning service app should be your first goal. The app's functionality must be adaptable. As a result, people may book, cancel, and reschedule appointments. Allow for rescheduling without further fees. It will undoubtedly increase online participation. You might offer them reduced cleaning services regularly. Customers will be more likely to book a variety of services from you. Asking for and publishing client feedback will help new customers learn more about your services.

Include special features.

Having exclusive features in your software will significantly improve your UX. Include every available function, including search choices, in-app conversation, real-time tracking of cleaning pros, and cleaner's history. Allowing users to locate nearby providers and use filters will enhance your app's functionality.

Provide a safe payment gateway.

A secure payment channel is essential for your house cleaning services app. To pay for your services, it should connect debit or credit card information to other payment options, such as PayPal. If you provide promotional codes, ensure that they are easily applicable. A quick, simple, and secure transaction is a top goal. Ensure that clients may pay quickly.

Selecting a Location

House cleaning is a service that is provided in a specific place. If you want to target a particular city, always begin with an area/region of that city that you already know. It will give you a better understanding and control over your services. It will also be easier for you to intervene if any consumer or cleaning worker has a problem. As you advance, you will be able to cover the entire city.

Developing a Cleaning App

Creating an app for cleaning services does not require a specific technique. Multiple factors influence mobile cleaning services. Before developing an app for cleaners, conduct extensive research on a few topics.

  1. If your budget is limited, start with little measures. Begin with a small area and gradually expand as space allows.
  2. True, you must collect specifications for designing a cleaning software, but also understand your target audience. You cannot effectively strike the market unless you clearly understand who you want to target.
  3. It will help you know your competition's cleaning service ideas and approach.
  4. Maintain service quality. Reviews and ratings are an excellent approach to establishing a long-term relationship with potential service providers and excluding those with low ratings.
  5. Finally, locate developers. Creating a cleaning app is not easy, and you should accept that you will need to engage an expert. Conduct extensive research to discover a specialist that can assist you in developing a fantastic mobile cleaning app.
  6. Now that you've completed your research, it's time to learn how to design a cleaning service app.

Cleaning Service App Development Stages

  1. Create the relevant specifications and proceed by signing the corresponding contract.
  2. Create a prototype and plan the workflow.
  3. Create an app UI design.
  4. We are creating the app and hardcoding the service flow.
  5. Conduct user case testing to see whether the built app fits users' expectations.
  6. It's time to release the cleaning software once you're satisfied with it and the services it seeks to deliver.

Some advice: Be cautious with the information you gather and distribute to users about companies. Keep an eye on the information and strive for error-free transmission.

The Cost of Creating A Cleaning Service App

The cost of producing the cleaning app is not fixed and is determined by the features included. In addition, the price is determined by the number of person-hours required to develop the app. The costs of designing a mobile app for cleaning services include the backend, UI/UX design, and building the application logic. Please contact us for expert assistance if you have difficulty making it yourself.


So, investing in the cleaning industry appears to be a brilliant idea. It is also anticipated that the cleaning service industry will grow at a CAGR of 6.2 percent by the end of 2023, reaching an average value of USD 74,299. As a result of such rapid growth, many business millennials are looking for ways to express themselves. I'm working on cleaning software. We hope to reveal in 2019 how the industry affects startup founders. Request a free quote for the development of a cleaning services app.