How to Hire Android Developers: The Only Guide You Need in 2022!

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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Do you have an idea that can revolutionize the market? Do you want your brainchild to be the best? Are you looking for a team of Android developers but do not know how to hire them? If your answer to these questions is a big affirmative, we have something for you here! 

Today, around 10,569 android developers are employed in the United States of America, most of which are located in New York and Chicago, IL. 

Looking at such a small number of Android developers in the United States of America might tense some businesses looking for such developers. The reason is that they have to pick out the best of these developers, and that too at reasonable rates! This situation leaves employers in a fix. 

Another most important thing here is to first think of your app with all the related aspects before you begin hiring android developers. Considering your business's needs and requirements is a must before making decisions regarding your app development process. 

Once you find answers to all these questions, you must understand the essential qualities that your developers must have. Lastly, knowing the proper way of finding android developers also helps you smoothen your recruitment process. Read this guide to get your hands on the best Android developers!

What should you consider before commencing app development? 

Creating an app is a mammoth step, requiring you to contemplate everything before starting your app development project. Here we list a few things for you to consider before you take the plunge. 

Consider your requirements and business needs

Consider your requirements and business needs

To ensure smooth sailing, you need to consider the following things: 

  1. Hardware access 
  2. Data usage 

Your app's main objective and monetization model

Before you commence app development, you need to be clear regarding the purpose of your app. Is its role in supporting your business, or will it solve some particular problems your users face? 

Also, different monetization models demand other things from app development. Working diligently on your app's designs and functionality is advisable if you plan on offering subscription plans. 

On the other hand, if your primary source of income is advertisements, in that case, you should ensure that your app's performance is top-notch. 

Determine the collaboration type

Another thing to plan is the type of collaboration you would like. Numerous ways of getting your app developed exist, such as hiring freelancers, outsourcing app development services, or getting in-house android developers.

Do something about your app security

It is inevitable to avoid needing access to app users' personal information. Thus, you must need your app to be bulletproof by taking care of various security aspects.

Specify compatibility and integrations

Before you start your app development, sit down in a quiet room, take a pen and paper, and list all the third-party integrations, you will need for your app. Also, there might be a few existing sites and backend systems you could need to integrate with your app, influencing your choice of tech stack later.

Now that you know what to do before you begin your app development process, we will read what things you must do once you make up your mind regarding the type of your app. From here on, we will discuss the app development and recruitment revolving around Android developers. 

Let us read about the must-have technical skills your Android developers should possess. 

What are the skills you need to look for in your Android developers?

It goes without saying that your potential Android Developers must possess soft and hard skills, as the lack of either will doom your project's chances of being successful. Here we list the things you must consider while hiring android developers.

Conversant with Java and Kotlin

Your potential developers should know these two languages as Java and Kotlin are the official languages of Android development. 

Strong Comprehension of Android SDK

SDK, also known as the Software Development Kit, is a collection of tools to create software for a particular platform. The Software Development Kit comprises a debugger, a compiler, numerous libraries, etc. Android Software Development Kit has Java code modules that let programmers access mobile device functions, numerous third-party services, etc. 

Experience working with different versions of Android and various types of screen sizes

This skill is necessary as they need to ensure flawless functionality of apps on thousands of Android devices. And these android devices support different operating system versions. 

Experience working with Android Studio

Experience working with Android Studio

Google has made Android Studio the official Integrated Development Environment for android app development. Google did so as Android Studio lets Android developers quickly develop Android Auto, Android TV, Android Wear, phone apps, and tablet apps. Also, its structured code modules enable developers to divide a project into numerous functional blocks. Thus, your candidates must know how to use Android Studio irrespective of their level. 

A sound grasp of Application Programming interfaces and databases

An Application Programming Interface serves as a bridge between apps and third-party services. Apart from connecting to third-party services, they also connect different internal blocks of the app. A good Application Programming Interface is reliable, easy to use, and enhances performance greatly. Thus, your android developers should know about databases and different Application Programming Interfaces. 

Comprehension of Google's Android interface guidelines and design rules/principles

Android developers should be conversant with official android documentation as it helps them create high-quality apps in harmony with the standards. 

Knowledge of additional sensors' functionality-accelerometers and gyroscopes 

Your developers must also know everything about additional sensor integrations, as this helps enhance your apps' performance and boost functionality. 

Skilled at using code versioning tools such as Git

The reason for using Git is that it makes collaboration and version monitoring easier. This free and open-source version control system helps android developers manage small to large projects efficiently and quickly. 

Conversant with the open-source Android libraries and ecosystems

The knowledge of open-source Android libraries is essential as these things help them catch up with the work style and team. These libraries decrease development time and employ resources more effectively and efficiently. Another significant aspect of mobile app development is the comprehension and translation of business requirements into the project's technical aspects. Thus, you should hire those android developers who are conversant with the open-source Android libraries and ecosystems. Let us now see how you can hire an android developer easily. 

How to hire an android app developer? 

Hiring android developers capable of writing, compiling, and debugging android apps is a huge task. Not every android developer you hire can do all these things skillfully. Hence, you need to hire an android developer who is professional to ensure your project is in the right hands. 

Prepare a technical Project description

Make one file wherein you write all your tasks, business requirements, and needs. Once you make the file, please share it with your candidates. 

Select the most suitable model

Numerous ways exist in which you can get your apps developed. You can opt for the in-house app development team, outsource an app development agency, or hire a freelancer once you decide how you want to hire your android developers. 

Conduct technical interviews

Conducting technical interviews is advisable for companies looking to hire an android developer. Besides conducting technical interviews, you must also study your android developers' portfolios and evaluations to narrow down your outsourced partners or developers. Another thing you can resort to is considering client testimonials as they also help assess your potential outsourcing company and android developers. 

Finalize the agreement and sign the contract

Finalize the agreement and sign the contract

Once you resolve to go for a particular type of recruitment, you should discuss various aspects of your project with your android developers. Besides discussing all the aspects of your app project, you must establish a timeline, format your daily and weekly meetings, negotiate time, and ask for preliminary project estimations. Last, you should also sign a non-disclosure agreement and discuss security concerns.

How much does it cost to hire Android developers?

 Here we will list the cost of hiring different types of android developers in different regions: 

North America

  1. Junior: $46000 
  2. Middle: $80000
  3.  Senior: $117000 

Latin America 

  1. Junior: $12000 
  2. Middle: $21000 
  3. Senior: $35000 

Western Europe 

  1. Junior: $35000 
  2. Middle: $60000 
  3. Senior: $96000 

Eastern Europe

  1. Junior: $12500 
  2. Middle: $21000 
  3. Senior: $35000 


  1. Junior: $37500 
  2. Middle: $66000 
  3. Senior: $114000 


  1. Junior: $4500 
  2. Middle: $9000 
  3. Senior: $18500

Southeast Asia

  1. Junior: $4500 
  2. Middle: $7500 
  3. Senior: $16500


It would help if you looked at the rates of android developers based on their expertise level and country of employment. Hiring android developers can be affordable and expensive—depending on the level of expertise you demand and the country where you hire them. Various countries provide android developers to other countries at affordable prices. However, it would be best to look at other factors, such as your time zone difference, ethics, communication barriers, if any, etc. If you are planning on hiring Android Developers, you need not exert yourself much anymore as you have already found them. All you need to do is contact AppsRhino, share your ideas with us, and we will help you make them a reality in no time! Also, our dynamic pricing will steal your heart. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away to start working on your project!

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