How to Hire Laravel Developers Remotely in 2022

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Taylor Otwell introduced Lavarel to the world on 9th June 2011. The number of Laravel Developers has been increasing exponentially since then. Laravel works on the PHP Framework and supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. If your eyes landed on this blog, we think you are starting your new web development project that might change how the world views things!! Are you looking for Laravel Developers for your project? If yes, you have come to a precise place! Laravel Developers are capable of finding solutions to many development-related problems and can work by using AWS serverless technology. Your next project needs a Laravel Developer, and we are here to provide you with the ultimate Laravel Developers recruitment guide!! This Laravel Developers Hiring Guide will take you through the journey of hiring the all-in-one Laravel Developers for your next project! Therefore, we suggest you keep making mental notes as you read this blog so that you can hire only the cream of the batch for your company!!


What is Laravel?

 Laravel is the most famous open-source PHP framework for full-stack web development. Laravel Developers use the MVC design pattern in Laravel. This programming framework provides Laravel Developers with a documentation library and guides for programming beginners. There are vast features that make developers reach out to Laravel. Here is a list of some of these features. 

1. Open Source 

2. Free 

3. Scalable 

4. Community Framework 

5. Dependent 

6. Unit Testing 

7. Queues 

8. Robust 

9.Developer Friendly 

Laravel Developers Hiring Guide - Types

Laravel Developers Hiring Guide - Types

You can hire a remote Laravel Developer using two ways in 2022. Both recruitment ways have their pros and cons. You may discuss your project with your team and then decide the type of Laravel Developer that suits your needs. 

Freelance Developers

 The first way in the Lavarel Developer Recruitment Guide is to hire freelancers. You may get freelance developers anywhere on the internet. You can post jobs on hiring sites and applications such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Post the job status, requirements, workload, expectations, and salary on these websites. You will get loads of Laravel developer resumes, and you can pick out the best for your company!! The perks include 

1. easy salary negotiation 

2. perfect for short/contract-based projects 

3. freelancers personally catering to project requirements Along with the perks, 

there are some disadvantages of having remote freelancer Laravel Developers. 

1.The price increased with the experience 

2. will work as per their comfortable time 

3. possibility of unsatisfactory work 

4. zero personal interaction and support 

Outsourcing a company for work

 An alternative to hiring freelancers as Laravel Developers is outsourcing a team for web development. Outsourcing developers would help you create your project per your needs in minimal time. Here are some pros to outsourcing Laravel Developers. 

1. You don't have to hire developers yourself. 

2. No training time is necessary. 

3. Higher work efficiency. You have to contact the manager/lead for any suggestions and changes in the project instead of individual Laravel Developers. 

4. You have to pay the outsourcing team as a whole according to priorly discussed rates. There aren't many limitations to outsourcing the Laravel Developers team. You can hire Laravel Developers for both short-term and long-term projects. 

The Step-wise Laravel Developers Hiring Guide

 You now know the types of Laravel Developers you can hire for your next web development project. If you choose to adopt any of the above types, you shall consider if that Laravel Developer is best for your company. The decision-making process is the most crucial part of hiring Laravel Developers. It's your responsibility to analyze the developer's skills deeply and finalize the candidates. Here is a Lavarel Developers recruitment guide for you!! 

Step 1: Analyse your needs

 The foremost step in starting the hiring process is finding what your company needs. Look at the values that you follow. If you are trying to find employees for your company, you need to make sure they are capable of helping the team. Next, find out the project requirement. List the technical skills Laravel Developers shall have to be a part of your project. Searching for qualified Lavarel Developers should be your priority. 

Step 2: Posting, analyzing, and shortlisting.

 After you know your company's priorities, start posting Laravel Developer job requirements on the internet! You may use job websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. You shall post specifications, salary, roles, and responsibilities on these sites. You should keep reviewing your post timely and track potential resumes. You may select the Laravel Developers for further stages of the hiring process and give them web development-related tasks for candidate selection! 

Step 3: Screening and Interview

This step in the Laravel Developers Hiring Guide involves giving a necessary assignment to candidates. You may invite the developers for offline or online interviews. These interviews are the final stage of the screening process. An interview is a chance to examine your Laravel Developers and understand their knowledge and soft-skill domain. 

Final Step: Offer Letter and Onboarding

 After completing the interview process and having your team of Laravel Developers, you should confirm their position in the company by sending them the offer letter. The offer letter must contain the job's responsibilities, working time, duration, salary, and location for the candidate. The candidates will make the last decision to join your company and project after reviewing their offer letter. Next, you should provide a training module for your candidates to learn about the company's ethics and job roles. 

Skills to look for in Laravel Developers in 2022

 A developer qualifies for their job if they have all the necessary skills for building and problem-solving. Laravel Developers should be excellent at web development and know how to work with other PHP frameworks. Here is a list of skills you shall look for while hiring remote Laravel Developers in 2022!


Laravel Developers shall know the programming architectural pattern of the Model View Controller (MVC). The company requires MVC for swift and parallel web development. The Laravel Developers must have a project-oriented approach and understand how to tackle objects, fields, and problems. 

Programming Language knowledge

Programming Language knowledge

 You must check the programming language skills and knowledge of your potential Laravel Developers. They should know the basics of most web development programming languages and have an advanced understanding of some. Here is a list of primary languages they should be familiar with. 

1. HTML 

2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 

3. JavaScript 

4. React JS

5. PHP 

Web Development Tools

Laravel Developers can use Web Development tools to write, test, and debug their programs. Web development tools help find mistakes and errors. They do not make the website directly or are part of the program but are crucial for the user end development.

Newest Trends and Updates

 Any developer should have updates about the new technologies trending in the market. They should be aware of what's going on in the market, what people prefer at that moment, and ways to create compelling websites to reach out to them. Database Management System Knowledge DBMS skills are crucial for Laravel Developers. According to the Laravel Developers Hiring Guide, your potential developers shall be experts in handling DBMS. DBMS incorporates 

1. Relational data model 

2. SQL (Structured Query Language) 

Final Step to the Lavarel Developers Hiring Guide - Interview Questions

Final Step to the Lavarel Developers Hiring Guide - Interview Questions

 Here is a list of questions you can ask while taking Laravel Developer interviews in 2022. The company will understand your candidates and know about their technical skills by asking the questions below. 

  1. Explain middleware in Laravel.
  2. How can you clear cache in Laravel?
  3. How to get data between two dates using Query? 4.Tell me something about the artisan commands.
  4. What is Lumen?
  5. What is a homestead?
  6. Explain the program to add a customer table in Lavarel?
  7. Explain seeders in Lavarel.
  8. Tell me something about Models.
  9. Explain relationships in Lavarel.
  10. What is eloquent?
  11. What is a helper file in Lavarel?
  12. Tell me something about events in Lavarel.
  13. Explain requests.
  14. Tell me the differences between Lavarel 4 and Lavarel 4.8. 

Final Words

 More than 700,000 websites require the use of Laravel! If you are looking for fresh ideas for your next web development project, you can hire a new team of Laravel Developers. This Laravel Developers recruitment guide was to give you step-wise insights and tricks for hiring the best Laravel Developers for your team. You may take ideas from here and add your own to create the perfect hiring plan! is one of the best app development platforms. You will have the best technical team supporting your app and company. Contact us today to build your next world-changing application!!