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Zomato was founded in 2008 and is now one of the leading restaurant search and discovery, restaurant table reservations, and online food ordering services. The company was founded in Gurugram by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.

Zomato is one of the few companies that has gone global after beginning operations in India. Zomato has been a successful business since its inception and has come a long way. Zomato currently lists over a million restaurants worldwide.

In a rebranding exercise in 2010, FoodieBay was transformed into Zomato. Since then, Zomato has grown tremendously on a global scale. It operates on a global scale, with over 10,000 locations in 24 countries. Zomato has a million customers from all over the world who are constantly looking for restaurants to deliver or dine in.

Zomato's global restaurant listing count increased from 1.2 million in September 2018 to 1.5 million in September 2019. India alone accounts for nearly half of the increase.


As the on-demand food delivery apps are gaining more and more popularity, more restaurants are looking to list their names on them. Zomato is one of the most famous food delivery apps worldwide and so is popular amongst restaurant owners. The restaurant owners are trying to register themselves on Zomato to make their restaurants discoverable. This article lays down all the steps to list your restaurant on Zomato.

The Advantages of Registering your Restaurant on Zomato

Zomato provides a platform for all restaurants to display their menus, photos, reviews, specialties, and other information. Zomato assists small and low-level businesses (restaurants) in gaining visibility in the eyes of customers. It also provides restaurant reviews and table reservations. A wide range of coverage is provided, which would be an issue if not well marketed.

Upon registration, all restaurants receive a variety of marketing benefits. According to the graphs and Zomato annual reports below, there has been a significant increase in restaurant registration on Zomato. Thousands of new restaurants have registered on Zomato in India in the last year. Zomato, India's largest food ordering and restaurant discovery chain, has benefited both restaurants and customers over the years.

The Legal Requirements for Registering a Restaurant on Zomato

The process of registering a restaurant on Zomato is divided into two steps, which are as follows:

  1. Adding a restaurant to Zomato's Restaurant Directory
  2. Obtaining a Zomato for Business app registration

Add a Restaurant to the Zomato Restaurant Directory

If the restaurant does not already appear on the Zomato website, users can add it. By default, the only fields required for a listing are the name of the restaurant, the city in which it is located, and whether or not the applicant/sis/are the owner or manager of the said location.

If a restaurant is not listed on Zomato, the owner or user can take the following steps:

Step 1: To feature a specific restaurant on Zomato, go to the Add Restaurant Link and fill out the registration form with the restaurant name, phone number, and city, among other details.

Step 2: After that, click Add Restaurant to add the restaurant to the Zomato Listing.

There are some additional requirements and fields to fill out, but they are all optional. However, providing as many details as possible will undoubtedly benefit current and prospective customers. Among these optional details are the following:

  1. Address/landmark
  2. The restaurant's coordinates on a map
  3. Options for payment
  4. Food is served.
  5. Operating hours
  6. Provided services (Lunch, Dinner, Nightlife, etc.)
  7. Seating is available (if available, specify whether it is indoor or outdoor)
  8. Getting in Touch

When a form is submitted, an executive from Zomato will collect all necessary documents, such as a PAN card, a copy of the FSSAI registration, an Aadhar card, restaurant photographs, and so on. Following proper verification, the names of the restaurants are added to the Zomato website. (Note: The above mentioned documentation procedure is only applicable in India. The documentation process will vary as per the country of registration.)

Do you want to Register your Restaurant with the Zomato Business App?

Step 1: Go to the Zomato app link for business to get Zomato restaurant registration for the Business app.

Step 2: Enter your Restaurant's name into the site's search bar to see if it's listed on the Zomato app.

If the Restaurant is listed on Zomato, you can claim the listing by clicking on it.

In another case (if a restaurant isn't listed on Zomato), add it to the Zomato business listings by following the steps outlined in the 'How to Add Restaurant on Zomato' section.

Step 3: After adding and claiming the Restaurant, scroll down to the Business page, where you'll find a registration form.

Step 4: Fill out the form by mentioning the Restaurant's name, the owner's name, the phone number, the e-mail address, and the location. Then click the Submit button.

Step 5: Following a successful submission, a Zomato executive will contact the Restaurant to confirm the information provided. Zomato for a business account will be activated after the account is verified.

Zomato for Business

  1. Claims the listing before using the Zomato for Business App.
  2. Download the app and create an account by claiming the listing.
  3. Begin managing the Restaurant from any device.

With the Business App, the registered partner can accomplish the following:

  1. Respond to reviews directly and receive real-time notifications.
  2. Manage and update the information on your listing directly from your device.
  3. Zomato promotions can help you promote your business.
  4. Using the app, you can directly upload your special menu.
  5. Promote any events held in the Restaurant, such as musical performances, food festivals, and so on.

Guidelines for Restaurant

Name of a restaurant

Users of the app use restaurant names to search for and identify locations where they can eat or order.

  1. The names of the restaurants must be written on Zomato exactly as they appear on the Restaurant's menu.
  2. Restaurant establishment types and taglines (unless the Restaurant's name is registered with its tagline) should not be mentioned alongside the Restaurant's name on Zomato.
  3. Zomato does not accept restaurant abbreviations in the restaurant name.

Address of a restaurant

The restaurant address directs diners and delivery personnel to the Restaurant.

  1. The Restaurant's address must be in a very standardized format for users to understand it and for consistency.
  2. The use of more than one landmark is prohibited, as is the use of abbreviations.
  3. Adding other restaurant names as landmarks can impact search results for any other restaurant.

Highlights of the Restaurant

When deciding where to eat or order delivery, a diner looks for a specific facility. On Zomato, these are known as attribute tags.

  1. The Pure Veg (no meat or eggs) label is applied to restaurants that only serve vegetarian fare.
  2. The smoking Area tag is only displayed in restaurants that have a separate smoking area in addition to a non-smoking section.
  3. Happy Hours are only for restaurants that serve alcohol and offer special deals or discounted rates during a specific time of day.
  4. Wi-Fi Available indicates whether or not diners can use Wi-Fi services at the Restaurant, rather than just the management.

Hours of operation

A restaurant's operating hours are added so that customers can plan their visits at a convenient time and per the Restaurant's timings.


A restaurant's photostream gives diners/customers an idea of what to expect in terms of ambiance, service, and food.

  1. Food shots are images of food that have been curated by a specific restaurant.
  2. No images with people in the frame are permitted to be displayed.
  3. Ambiance/food shots that are stock images or taken from Google Images/other websites are not displayed, as this would be a violation of copyright.
  4. For photo uploads, only JPEG and PNG file formats are supported.
  5. A single image can only contain one photograph. Photo collages are not permitted.
  6. Images with logos and social media handles that take up a large portion of the image are not used to avoid the appearance of promoting restaurants.


Diners/customers rely more on Zomato menus when deciding where to eat or what to order, as well as how much it will cost them.

  1. Only the pertinent portion of the Restaurant's menu should be retained on the page.
  2. Menu page order must be maintained in the same way that a customer would read through a menu: — [Appetizers/soups] — [Entrées] — [Main course] — [Dinner]
  3. Menus without prices should be avoided because they influence a user's decision. The menu should include the names of all the dishes as well as their prices, as this helps users estimate how much they will spend at that particular Restaurant.

How to get Reviews on Zomato?

Once your Zomato listing is live, you'll want to start working on getting customer reviews on the platform.

Here are a few ways to get customer feedback on Zomato:

  1. Request that customers leave you a review.
  2. Display a sign in your restaurant that says, "Leave us a review on Zomato."
  3. On customer receipts, include instructions and a URL for leaving reviews


New entrepreneurs who run restaurants on Zomato can start a small business and profit because Zomato is a great platform for diners/customers to find their restaurants. People who are trying to establish their businesses, in particular, can use this method to enter the market. Zomato is that platform that so many people use all over the world. By following Zomato's registration policies and requirements, one can register their restaurants and inform the public about their ventures.

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