On Demand Fuel Delivery Service - A Rising Trend

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Fuel Delivery Market Overview

As the on-demand delivery service market is updating and progressing day by day. Our lifestyle is also changing with it. Before having applications for the cab, food, laundry, beauty and some other. Now one more new service is hitting the industry and this is for fueling your car on request, whenever required. A company name Yoshi arrived last week, offering on-site oil changes and routine car maintenance services. This on demand fuel delivery and car maintenance services are going to be a new big thing in the future.


WeFuel is also a new application to transport gas to your parked car location by request. Services that offer mobile fill-up options at the touch of an app are increased rapidly in number. There is also GasNinjas, FuelMe, and to name a few others. Most of the app have similar fee structures.


On Tuesday, WeFuel launched officially in the San Francisco outlying district of a city with two trucks, which upon requisition comes to you instead of making you find a gas station. With just an initial angel round of less than $1 million, Wefuel's founders already have ambitious goals.


On-demand fuel delivery is a new, rapidly expanding domain that is upending the current business landscape. The mobile gas delivery industry is poised for steady growth due to its ease of use and genuinely revolutionary approach. 

In this blog, we will examine the functionality of mobile gas refill solutions, provide examples of fuel-delivery solutions, and develop a strategy for entering this promising industry. Continue reading to find out more!

Cost of on demand fuel delivery:

The cost, of course for per fill up comes around at a $7.49. Now a days price for one gallon of fuel is around $3.11, which changes on daily basses. The companies say that they calculate daily based on fuel prices for particular specific zip codes. But there is also a monthly plan subscription service for unlimited refills, at $19.99 per month per car that is a very good money saving offer. So I guess if you use the service three times in a month when necessary, you're coming out ahead.

Why choose fuel delivery services

Time Saving

With app based on demand fuel delivery service, you can save substantial time whenever you request a fuel delivery.

Cleanliness & Quality

Filling fuel through on-demand services is usually a cleaner procedure. It is double filtered and does not sit in an underground tank for weeks. It is regularly cleaned and fresh while filling giving you as much mileage.

Handle Emergencies

Ran out of gas in the middle of the road. No issues. The petrol/diesel will be delivered right to you within a few minutes as required without any delay, it is just a few taps away from your mobile applications.


Get immediate access to gas anywhere, anytime on tap of a button. You don’t need to go anywhere to get fuel for your car. Also, you can book your frequent requirements in advance.

How does On Demand Fuel Delivery Apps work?

The concept of gas on-demand service is simple you don't need to go to fuel stations when the tank gets empty, they will come to you at request. By this, you will be simply able to request fuel shipment online in a few easy steps:


You simply need to download the app and provide their personal details to register.

Share Location

Easily share the current vehicle location on a map.

Request Fuel

You can choose the quantity, fuel type and confirm the price.

Get Gas Delivered

Within no-time get the fuel delivered right where you are.

Once you completed the above process, they will be available upon request in a few minutes, a fuel delivery truck will be there at our location. This provides you the direct fuel from the wholesale companies. No middleman is present in between, by using you get fuel directly from the producers to you.


On demand fuel delivery services can be very useful for the customers just like so many other services like food delivery apps and taxi booking apps. Access to the internet and smartphones have been instrumental in making many on-demand services popular among people. It won't be a surprise to see more apps alike being launched and become popular in time to come.

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