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Updated On: February 8, 2023

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Revolution in the Mobile and Internet Industry has practically changed everything; the same goes for the services industries. Services have started using digital technologies and methods to provide a better customer experience and increase sales. Taxi Booking apps like uber have monopolized the taxi industry, the transport industry, and the car rental industry.  Indeed, Uber has completely changed the way people used taxi services before. Now they just download the app, book a taxi, and make payments online using integrated taxi app features, and they don't even have to carry a wallet, wait for the taxis to come, and get a cab in the remote areas. Uber hasn't just changed the taxi industry; it has revolutionized it. The demand for apps like Uber has grown tenfold in recent times. Entrepreneurs and Enterprises all over the world are trying to build an application like Uber for a lot of different platforms and experimenting in other industries.  When you develop an application like Uber, the first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost or how it is going to work. What kind of taxi app features should be there? It depends on several factors, and AppsRhino creates a taxi app in all different versions, from a simple, highly analytical, robust, and intuitive app.

Passenger App Features

Register Account/SignUp

Your signup process should be simplified and user-friendly; users will not retain if your interface is complicated. A user can complete the signup process(An option from where you can create your account and register that application.) with an email or social media. Hence, users can create a profile with a real name, phone number, username, and password. User personal information should be kept at a minimum so that they can feel safe.

Booking Interface

A screen to enter and see the address to call the taxi, select a cab type, set a location for pickup, and drop location. Your booking interface should be simple, speedy, interactive, clean, and intuitive. Your Booking interface screen should be easy to access by the users as many users try to book a taxi in a hurry. If the interface doesn't match the user's speed, the user will drop using the application soon. As expected of this Taxi App Feature, it should contain a search bar where users can search for a location and a GPS to detect the present location, and then a clean full-screen map for the user to see their destination. Then the app calculates the distance and the fare and waits for the user to click ahead. An additional mini screen of cab confirmation with detailed information on ride estimates in the app would really appreciate by the user.


Now, your app should contain a hell of a geofencing system so that the user can exactly pinpoint its location and track the taxi coming to pick the user up and track all the way to the destination. Adding the GPS saves the user the hassle of mentioning the exact whereabouts in unknown locations.

Location Management

 The app should give a function to save the locations like "My Work" or "Home" or anything like that, and also, the app should provide users with an option to add and manage favorite locations.

Fare Calculator

An automatic fare estimator gives users access to calculate the fare from one location to another before ordering the app and generate the final fare after the user reaches the destination. I think a user likes to know all the information beforehand. A user often doesn't even want to book a cab; he just uses a fare calculator to calculate the fare for his travel, hence building the trust for that business's app.

Ride Details

This feature is about the information after a user booked the ride, having the essential details on driver name, contact number, eta, car number, make and model of car, and the driver's current location.

Integrated Payments

Now in the section, your payments section should be flexible; you want your user to choose many different options to make a payment from, including paper currency, credit and debit cards, e-wallet, online banking, or payment gateway systems like PayPal and all. You just can not be strict with one option here as your user could be using any one of them or all of them. No business can't afford to lose a customer just because of simple integration. It goes without saying, In all of the taxi app features, there should be one to include the use of multiple currencies.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to keep your user up to date on your order status, time of taxi arrival, and other details that the user may be interested in during his travel. This can also keep the user engaged by telling him the estimated arrival time of his ride while he is waiting for his taxi. A taxi app should also send email alerts and the phone number, as email users are a lot.

Taxi Pool

This option will work in, providing an option of taxi pool and booking various taxi variants. Many users don't mind sharing a taxi with someone because it will cut the cost by almost half.

Driver Profile

Users can watch the driver's profile and check the verifications, ride history, ratings, and reviews for that driver to be sure about the authenticity of the driver.

Masked Number

When user books a ride and a driver comes by, maybe the driver isn't able to find the exact location of the user, they need to contact each other on the phone, but a lot of people don't want to share their personal number with a random person for the privacy reasons; basically one doesn't know what others can do with the phone number. So, masking calls can really benefit people and businesses.


Estimated time of arrival, now this is the one that will completely make an app stand out from the competition. User booked a ride, maybe the user wants to tell about it to someone waiting, or the user needs to schedule his appointment somewhere and calculate the eta for arrival to a specific destination. This option will help the user out in a lot of different ways.

Cancel the Ride

Of all the unique Taxi App Features, this is a must. A user may need to cancel the ride for a number of reasons. A user will not use the app, which can't let a ride cancel, as the user doesn't want to get bound to it; why would the user be obligated to ride if the user just booked something with a few taps of a smartphone. But the business can apply a specific charge for canceling the ride.

Schedule Bookings

A user can be busy multiple times, and he may miss booking his taxi while he needs it on an urgent basis. Scheduling can make life easier for a user and increase the trust for that business and hence sales, while anyway, your app should be focused on making things easier for the user and user only if you want your business to build.

Check Trip History

It is an option that businesses can provide to users for increased customer satisfaction. The user wants to know about the last ride or tell anyone about it; everyone wants to keep track of things.

Android & iOS Device Support

I think this goes without saying that no business can afford to lose the customer because of the user's technology preferences.

Vehicle Options

A single person, a couple, a family, or a group of friends, and any of them booking their cab have different preferences. A single person needs a hatchback, a couple needs a sedan, a family needs an SUV, and a group of friends requires a bus. Your app should have an option of choosing from a variety of vehicles for a better user experience and increased targeted audience.

Estimated Time

Must-have for an increased user experience and customer satisfaction A user wants to benefit from all the useful taxi app features, especially when there is one of estimating the time of arrival of a taxi and the time taken to reach the destination.


A taxi app should have the support of multiple languages. Many countries have diverse demographics as people use multiple languages in a single country; even in a single state or province, people use multiple languages. It's a must-have function for the users to have the right use of an application.

Promotion Codes

There is a lot of competition in the on-demand taxi industry; for a business to stand out and increase user engagement with the app, the app must provide an option for promotional and discount codes. Every customer appreciates a discount and a promo code for their enhanced benefits.

Looking for Driver

This can work as an additional option, in which different locations of the driver are nearby.

Invite Friends

They are giving an option for users if they want to invite their friends along the ride through SMS or another social channel. These features signal to the user how diverse and useful the app is, as this app is more than just a taxi booking.

Bike Sharing

Instead of just providing taxi booking, bike-sharing will really diversify the option for users.


A Taxi App Feature for Safety and Emergency Purposes. The user needs a ride, orders a taxi, a verified driver comes up, the user gets into the car, now destination and journey can be populated or completely remote region, and the user doesn't know about the mental condition of the driver, an SOS option is one of the most important ones for the safety of the user let alone user's building trust on the business. The user can register an emergency contact number so that the user can contact by a single tap during an emergency.


After a user's ride is complete, maybe the user is very happy about the service or just didn't like it at all; it is a pervasive behavior that the user wants to tell about the short journey experienced. Users want to give ratings and reviews about the driver and service itself. Feedback is a must-have option for a user to express his journey.

Driver App Features

Profile & Status

A driver must have a profile with a verified taxi number and acceptance by an administrator, plus online status and schedule. One thing that a driver as being a simple person must want its login to be secure and personal details to be kept confidential.


A Driver Application should have options to accept or deny the incoming request and also have an option to show the passenger's details, its location, and the proper maritime facilities to reach the passenger with the shortest route possible. After confirming the ride, a driver should get real-time information about ETA, the passenger's destination, route, and the fare amount when he arrives.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are simply the best taxi app feature for increased engagement. This feature sure does keep the driver engaged with the application. An app can send notifications about the general details like new booking, destination arrival, payment information, or anything that might be in the driver's interests. Along with the notifications from the app, the driver should get the notifications through SMS and email as, by these mediums, the notification will be saved forever.


A taxi app without robust navigational functionality cannot be a complete taxi booking app. if you ever used an app like Uber and saw their real-time map navigation, there is not even a one-second lag between the flow of the taxi and the map. It's a must if a business wants to provide next-level usability.

Business & Payment Tracking and Integration

As evident, the driver app should have an option to track the payments fluently. But what will make this feature more interesting is adding daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports so the driver can track his performance over time. It is even more interesting to add the complete analytics report for the driver to track their business's performance over time. Another thing is adding the integration to various banks, wallets, and online payment methods to increase the diversity of the app.

In-built Messenger

This can really help in masking the number and increasing confidentiality by not having to call passengers. Using the in-built messenger in the app to communicate with the passengers is enough to get the job done.

Refer and Earn

This can help the driver earn some extra money, as if the driver will refer a friend to join the taxi owner's company, that driver will be awarded accordingly.

Additional Ones

Additional taxi app features include multi-currency support, multi-language support, automatic fare calculator, a rate card, scheduling bookings, and automated e-receipts.

Admin Panel Features

Automatic Dispatcher

A web-based panel will be attached to the drivers working for the company. A single click will dispatch vehicles automatically at the start of the day according to wherever their need is. This will decrease a lot of hassle for the owner, and the owner can use the saved time on some analytical work.

Tracking Panel

The owner can track where their drivers are to increase the efficiency of its employees and terminate the ones not doing work as per the terms.

Profile Management

The Admin can manage the profile of its drivers. The Owner doesn't need to handle a lot of paperwork just to verify the authenticity of a driver. Everything has gone online now. The owner can also manage the profiles of its customers and track them according to their lifetime value. The Owner can also assign various roles to its employees, like who is the leader of a specific team or anything like that.

Intelligent Analytics

It is a powerful taxi app feature for business intelligence. With the help of intelligent analytics, the owner can manage daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on all the levels possible according to the taxi business and see which sides of his business are giving him profits and which one is a loss as accordingly owner can create a strategy to enhance the performance of its business.

Business Management

The owner or admin can manage its whole business through the application like managing the revenue, plans, strategy, performance, bookings, fleet, and a lot more.

Payment Integration

The admin can integrate its bank cards, e-wallets, and online payment gateways systems with the application and manage the payment delivery.

Additional Ones

Additional ones can be in millions; a few are automatic fare calculators, multi-language & multi-currency support, rate chart management, complaint management, etc.

Stand-Out Taxi App Features

Interstation Booking

Your taxi booking application can provide an option to its user to book a cab between different cities. Whenever a person wants to go to another town, they don't need to wait for a bus or the right time for convenience; they can book a cab just right away.

Chauffeur On Demand

An additional option to provide that has a lot of potentials to bring the business. For n number of reasons, a person cannot drive their own car and needs someone to drive.

Pooling Cars

A rider can book a ride-along with someone if they are going in the same direction to save some additional cost. It will save fuel for the driver too. It's a win-win situation and a must-have feature.


If you want to build a taxi booking solution and dominate the market, contact AppsRhino today! We are skilled professionals who always live up to our client's expectations.  

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