The definitive guide on SkipTheDishes: How to use SkipTheDishes in 2022

Updated On: May 2, 2023

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How wonderful it is to get food without even preparing it! Take out your phone, open a food delivery app, and order anytime. And for a restaurant owner, being able to boost their sales is the desired thing. After all, all one needs to make ends meet in today's era is money. And speaking of money, several people earn their livelihoods by working as delivery agents. 

Let us now talk about how these groups can find something interesting here. And the way they all can benefit is by using SkipTheDishes. Yes, you read it right. This Canadian food delivery app can help all these three groups of people.

Are you curious to know how? Customers can order food via their food delivery app anytime and anywhere. Restaurant owners can sign up on SkipTheDishes to increase their customer base and boost sales. People looking to earn money can drive for the said company.

If you belong to one of these groups, read the blog to learn how to use SkipTheDishes.


According to, the annual revenue of SkipTheDishes is between $200M and $500M, and it ranks 1 in the category of “food & drinks” and “restaurants & delivery” in Canada.

What is SkipTheDishes?

Founded in 2012, it is one of the Canadian online food delivery services. It operates only in Canada and is available in over 100 cities across all ten provinces.

How does SkipTheDishes work?


Customers can download the food delivery app and create their accounts, select the restaurant they want to order from, place their order, review it and check out. Also, you need to choose a mode of payment and wait for your order confirmation.

Once it is all set, you can track your order and enjoy it when received.

Restaurant owners

They can head to and select RESTAURANT OWNERS in the footer. Now, they must enter the information asked of them. After this, the app associates will contact them for setup.


Delivery agents should head to their site and visit their sign-up page. They will need to input their name, contact details, and the city they want to work in.

After this, you need to read their terms and conditions. Once you successfully do all these things, they will assign you a zone. Agents need to produce a few documents and watch a few short films to understand their roles.

How much does skipTheDishes charge the restaurant?

The commission fee is variable. Mostly, a restaurant owner pays a commission fee of between 20 and 30 percent.

How much do skipTheDishes drivers make?

It entirely depends on the duration for which you work and at what time you work. Another factor that dictates your pay is the distance between the customer's house and the restaurant.

What is SkipTheDishes?

Founded in 2012, SkipTheDishes, or SKIP, is one of the Canadian online food delivery services. It has its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

People can order and pay for their meals from the participating restaurants online with the help of the mentioned food delivery app. One can use the app on Android or iOS platforms besides ordering via a web browser. Like any other food delivery app, this app lets people track their orders online and submit feedback regarding their experience.

It operates in Canada and is available in over 100 cities across all ten provinces. 

 How does SkipTheDishes work?

Here we will tell how SkipTheDishes work, keeping in mind three players: 

  1. Customers
  2. Restaurant owners
  3. Drivers

There is no single way of using this food delivery app. How a customer uses SkipTheDishes differs from how a restaurant owner will operate it. And the way a delivery agent utilizes it will vary from the other two groups. Hence, we describe how to use the said food delivery app keeping in mind the different players.

How does SkipTheDishes work for customers?

Here we will tell how customers can use the app to order from restaurants online.

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Customers can link their Google, Facebook, or Apple account to get started or create a SkipTheDishes account with their email addresses. Customers can configure their account details by heading to App Settings.
  3. Users must confirm their location by moving the pin around on the map or inputting their home address.
  4. Users must select a restaurant to start placing orders. The home page will show available restaurants at that time. All you need to do is tap on the restaurant and view its menu.
  5. Users can also use the search bar to get a list of restaurants based on food types and cuisines. Every restaurant has a Skip score next to its name, displaying ratings based on delivery time, popularity, reviews, customer experience, etc.
  6. You can use the above parameters to sort the restaurant list on your screens.
  7. Once you have decided on the restaurant, you can read its menu. The menu has all things mentioned clearly, such as available items, descriptions, and prices.
  8.  Now you can choose items and view them in detail, specify their quantities and add instructions if needed (in case of allergies or intolerance). Once you are ready with your order, you can click on ADD TO CART to order your food.
  9. The food delivery app will ask you to review your order before finalizing. Once you do it, you can check out.
  10. Once you click on Check out, you will see a page where you must confirm a few things such as the order time, delivery location, how much you want to tip the agent, and add vouchers or coupons. You must also specify whether you wish to collect the order or need a delivery agent.
  11. Once you check out, you must pay. For that, you need to select one of the given payment methods.
  12. After you do everything mentioned above, you can place the order and wait for the restaurant to confirm it.
  13. Now you are good to go. You can track your order and meet your delivery agent once they show up at your doorsteps.
  14. The last thing you must do is give feedback to help the company know how your experience was.

How does SkipTheDishes work for restaurant owners?

Here we will tell how a restaurant owner can use the Skip to Dishes food delivery app.

  1. Restaurant owners should go to and select RESTAURANT OWNERS in the displayed footer.
  2. Type in your restaurant's name and address.
  3. It is optional to add information regarding your restaurant's location type.
  4. Once you do that, will ask you to complete basic contact information. Restaurant owners must provide their name, email address, phone number, and job title or affiliation with the restaurant.
  5. It is an optional step again. You can add a link to your restaurant's menu if you want to.
  6. Now you can review your information and apply.

The company will contact you to get you set up after you submit your application.

How much does SkipTheDishes charge the restaurant?

SkipTheDishes does not charge restaurant owners for the setup procedure. The only up-front cost restaurant owners incur for their skip-specific tablet. However, restaurant owners can also choose to work with their tablets.

SkipTheDishes expects its restaurant partners to pay a commission fee on every order they get through this platform. The commission fee is variable; that depends on the contract between the restaurant owner and Skipthedishes, your location, the number of orders you receive or do within a week or month, etc. 

Mostly, a restaurant owner pays a commission fee of between 20 and 30 percent.

How does SkipTheDishes work for delivery agents?

Here we will tell how a delivery agent can use the Skip to Dishes food delivery app.

  1. Those willing to drive for SkipTheDishes can head to and visit their sign-up page.
  2. You must type in your name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Now you need to type in the city where you want to work and the address where you will commence your shifts. You will now see a few terms and conditions you need to accept.
  4. At this juncture, SkipTheDishes will assign you an area based on the information you provided before.
  5. Also, your means of conveyance will depend on the zone you have been assigned.
  6. Once you do all these things, you will soon begin your courier orientation. It includes submission of a few documents that they ask of you, an interview (maybe telephonic), banking information, downloading the said food delivery app, etc.
  7. Other things you might need to produce while filling out your application are your driver's license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance.
  8. You will also receive short videos to understand your job at SkipTheDishes.

After you do all these things, you are good to go!

How much do SkipTheDishes drivers make?

It entirely depends on the duration for which you work and at what time you work. Indeed, delivery agents receive a driver fee for every order they deliver. Moreover, whatever tip you receive from customers is entirely yours. 

Another factor that dictates your pay is the distance between the customer's house and the restaurant where you collect the order. Once you clock in and complete your deliveries, you get paid directly from the app. SkipTheDishes will pay you every week through direct deposit. 


In Canada, apps like SkipTheDishes have made it possible for the revenue in food on-demand companies to show annual growth of 8.5%, following a market volume of around US$3 142 million by 2024. 

Moreover, such a food delivery app has become famous for three reasons. The first reason is that it lets people order food from the comfort of their homes. The second reason for its success is that the app provides a great platform for restaurant owners to promote their businesses. Besides helping restaurant owners and customers, this platform also acts as a means of livelihood for people by letting them drive for it.

Therefore, rolling out a food delivery app like SkipTheDishes benefits an entrepreneur looking forward to venturing into this domain. The guaranteed success of such a food delivery app lies in its capability to cater to different groups of people.

You must get a fantastic app for your venture to make it big in the on-demand food delivery industry. Getting an excellent app for your business is not an arduous task when several reputed mobile app development companies such as AppsRhino are at your disposal. Contact us today to let the magic happen!