The Ultimate Hiring Guide For MERN Stack Developers 2022

Updated On: February 7, 2023

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Are you looking forward to developing a full-stack web application? Do you know what you require to deploy your web app easily and quickly?

If you have kept abreast of the technological advancements, you will know that you need a MERN Stack and a MERN stack developer. This stack is one of the most incredible things that the evolution of technology has bestowed upon developers and entrepreneurs.

This JavaScript stack comprises four technologies: MongoDB, Express JS, ReactJS, and Node JS. It is conducive to making one's development process hassle-free and smooth.

As a result, the demand for a MERN stack developer has surged. Several companies are looking for these developers to work on their web-based apps. Large enterprises such as WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook use the MERN stack to develop mobile apps.

All these enterprises managed to woo their target audience only with the help of a nicely-crafted app, which they got only because of a skilled MERN stack developer.

Do you also want to make a wise decision like them? Do you desire to ensure that your hired developers can do justice to your app development?

This blog will help you know how you can hire the right MERN stack developers for your project!

How can you hire a MERN Stack Developer?

There are three approaches to hiring a MERN stack developer. These ways are as follows:

A. Freelancers


This method is the most affordable out of the three options. However, you might not be able to get the same MERN Stack developer later in case some bug or issue arises. Thus, contacting the same person to work on your project will be difficult. Moreover, your data security is at risk too.

B. In-house Developers

These developers are your employees only and can dedicate their entire time to your project. Moreover, if any issue arises in the future, you will always have a MERN stack developer at your disposal. Furthermore, data protection is not an issue in this case.

However, suppose you hire permanent employees for one project only. In that case, it might become expensive as you must pay them monthly salaries even if the work is finished.

C. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the third method of obtaining a MERN stack developer for your project. In this approach, you go outside your company to another organization to complete your tasks.

This option demands less time and money. Thus, several companies like to opt for Outsourcing. Therefore, if you have a short-term project and want to get trained developers immediately, you can go for outsourcing developers. 

We will take you through the steps of hiring a MERN stack developer via Outsourcing.

Step 1: Send in Your Project Requirements

When you opt for Outsourcing, you will need to send your project requirements to the organizations whose developers you want to work with. Doing so will help them discover the resources necessary to fulfill your project requirements.

Step 2: Screen the Received Resumes

Screen the Received Resumes

When you send your requirements to the concerned organization, they will shortlist a few MERN Stack developers based on your needs.

The resumes of these developers will then be shared with you to let you choose the ones you deem appropriate and want to get on the team.

Step 3: Interview the Shortlisted Developers

Getting developers via Outsourcing gives you the power to choose the best of the best developers, as you can also interview the shortlisted candidates in the previous step. This way, you can evaluate and select the ones that perfectly fit the bill with the help of the interview round. Here you can test their knowledge of the said technology.

Step 4: Finalize a Payment Model

Once you select all the developers with whom you want to work, you will then be required to determine which payment model suits you and your business needs. Generally, companies have full-time, part-time and hourly models.

Step 5: Onboarding

The last step involves onboarding your chosen developers or a development team by giving them the required resources, equipment, and infrastructure.

What technical skills do you need to analyze while hiring a MERN stack developer?

You must ensure your MERN Stack developer has a few technical skills, as these qualities are a decisive factor in determining whether your candidates are suitable for the job or not. These skills are as follows:

1. MERN Technologies

A MERN stack developer must be well-versed in MERN technologies. That is, your candidate or developer should know how to use MongoDB to meet complex drivers and requirements of data storage.

Apart from it, they must also know how they can make routing easier by employing the Application Programming Interface of Express JS.

The third technology they are supposed to be well versed in is React JS to elevate user interactions. And for developing server-side apps and tools, knowledge of Node JS is mandatory.

2. Web Technologies

Web Technologies

Your developers should know how to use HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The former helps individuals with Layouts, graphics, tables, font, heading, titles, etc., whereas the latter help with Color, text, etc.

Moreover, JavaScript and its various frameworks help your developers render a seamless user experience.

Therefore, you should have your developers' knowledge of JavaScript, its

frameworks, HTML5 and CSS.

3. Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Your MERN stack developer should know basic and advanced object-oriented programming concepts such as modularity, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and troubleshooting. 

4. Adjacent Tools

A few things a MERN developer must know are visual Studio Code and its core competencies, such as built-in debugging, intelligent code completion, and syntax highlighting.

Also, having considerable experience working with Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet) and LESS (Leaner Style Sheet) is desirable.

Lastly, they should know how to use Bootstrap to render a uniform appearance across different browsers.

5. API Design and Development

Designing Powerful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is also a parameter for assessing your developers. They should also know how to deliver RESTful Application Programming Interface services with the help of Express JS and Node JS.

Also, their experience must include handling RESTIFY to optimize web services. Furthermore, having the knowledge of binding User Interface elements to JavaScript Object modules in your arsenal is also an add-on.

6. Database Management System

Your developers should have a sound grasp of SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB servers because the knowledge of these database management systems is mandatory for writing queries.

As a result, you should always check your candidates' knowledge regarding Database management systems because it makes it easier for them to fetch the available data from tables and databases associated with your apps.

7. Version Control

Today, we have two common version control platforms: Git and GitHub. The former lets an individual track user activity and manage multiple project files effortlessly. And the latter helps you with source control functionalities via Git. Thus, your MERN stack developer must know how to use GitHub and Git.

8. Web Hosting Platforms

Web Hosting Platforms

Web Hosting Platforms are crucial, and a MERN stack developer must be familiar with some of the dedicated hosting platforms. The knowledge of these web hosting platforms is essential as it lets a developer host your web and mobile apps on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, etc.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a MERN stack developer?

Here we will acquaint you with their roles and responsibilities:

  1. They must perform unit and integration testing on apps.
  2. Managing server and cloud infrastructure is also their responsibility.
  3. They also are supposed to develop the backend for web apps.
  4. Your developer must design user interactions for web pages.
  5. A MERN stack developer should also know how to deploy web apps on the cloud in addition to debugging issues.
  6. Your developer must also learn to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  7. Their job also requires them to understand how to deploy and integrate development tools.


Since you know how to get a MERN stack developer for your projects, are you excited to start?

Out of the three ways of acquiring a MERN stack developer, Outsourcing is the easiest as it is affordable compared to in-house development. As in the second case, you will need to pay your developer a monthly salary even after the project is over (as they are your full-time employees now). Moreover, you will also need to train your developers in the second approach.

In the case of a freelance MERN Stack developer, you are unsure whether you can get them to work on your app-related issues if they arise in the future! On top of that, you are not always sure about your data protection status.

The only way to keep these problems at bay is to opt for an app development company such as AppsRhino! There are numerous perks of working with our MERN stack developer, and a few of them is that our developers are dedicated to their job and are professional. You can even pick the ones you want to work with. Contact AppsRhino today to get started!


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