Tinder Alternatives: Top Dating Apps 2021 that can replace Tinder

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Today natural spaces like lawns, porches, gardens, playgrounds are all squeezing up. In the growing congestion, our hearts are getting all alone. The virtual world has now taken the baton to find our kind of love, spice up our life, resolve the dating problem, and is our new Cupid. 

Like an arranged marriage, online dating is now helping us check one's profile and select the right match. Online dating has opened up many new avenues for youngsters, from meeting people to overcoming their temporary emptiness and boredom. 

Dating apps like Tinder have changed the face of modern romance and dating. With its alternatives coming up, these dating apps are easing out the journey for people to find their love by swiping, stalking, and talking to people. Let's find out more about some of these apps. 


The millennial world has transformed the definition of love. Modern love is the new lingo and how we perceive love now is very different from the conventional idea of love and relationships. Relationships are more free and comfortable now. In looking for a perfect match, singles are now resorting to online dating apps such as Tinder to find their partner. Online dating platforms like Tinder are helping singles learn more about their potential matches, share common interests, and find love through the virtual world. The online dating apps provide deal-breaking information about people accompanied with pictures which make them trustworthy and reliable sites.

What are online dating apps?


The growth of technology has facilitated the need for companionship. Youngsters are dropping their inhibitions. They are looking for like-minded people to enhance their social circle and find dates offline.

Online dating apps offer a comfortable dating experience to users. Unlike matrimonial sites, dating apps have a more liberal approach. They let people share their values and lifestyles rather than their religion or community. 

Research conducted by the University of Chicago concluded that couples who met online had lower divorce rates than couples who met offline. The study also found that anonymous online conversations produced conversations that led to more self-disclosure and stronger feelings of affection than in-person conversations. 

What is Tinder?


Tinder is a geosocial social networking site that lets users create their profiles by adding a photo, a short bio, and interests. 

Tinder is one of the best free dating apps where users swipe right to say yes or swipe left to say no to find their potential matches. It uses a 'double opt-in' feature, and if two users, both on the opposite end, swipe yes, they get to interact with each other. 

Tinder helps users to find their matches. It allows users of both genders to have a comfortable footing for a positive dating experience. 

Features of online dating apps


The most appealing thing about any good online dating app is that it must provide for a seamless onboarding process to the users, guide them through the functions and features of the app, and most importantly, be rich in graphics. Some standard features include:

  • Facebook/Google login
  • Profile view and editing features
  • Eye-catching user interfaces
  • Multiple options to chat via texts, video, or voice calls
  • Option to block and report users
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Location-based suggestions to find matches
  • Personal security features
  • Calendar integration
  • Integration of games to check compatibility
  • Group dating
  • Features like 'super like'
  • Digital gifts
  • Suggestions to decide a dating place
These features of online dating apps can be made more attractive by adding a few technological features which would greatly benefit these apps. Some of these can be:
  • The mathematical basis of matching
  • Behavior-based matching
  • Advanced matching methods
  • Matching algorithms
  • Location awareness

Tinder alternatives


Some popular online dating apps that have of late started competing with Tinder are listed.


The app helps in finding local singles. This app supports fun questions which the couple can answer and match their compatibility. The app thus helps in making meaningful connections and helps singles find their perfect match.

It allows people to arrange blind dates. The app is popular among the youth for its creative and innovative features that keep users hooked and help users chat with new people.


Bumble is an area-specific app where individuals specify their locations. It, in turn, helps find the right match in the vicinity of the user's area. It enables you to find the right match. The match allows women to make their first move, and then both sides are given 24 hours to respond to the proposal. 

The app supports the feature of video chat which helps you know your partner better. People here can also make friends and expand their network. It helps in widening your social circle and making stronger connections. 


It helps users to browse through nearby singles. It is a hookup app that helps people find their love mates. The app helps you find your match by connecting you with people close to your area. Here people can meet new faces, chat, flirt, and make friends with them. 

It also helps users find their date and meet someone special via online modes of video and audio chats and setting a date in person. Users can also add their favorites and see who all added them to their favorites list. The app is transparent in letting you know who viewed your profile. 


It helps users browse through eligible singles with a carousel match and help users find their perfect match. The app uses SmartPick technology to match you with your partner based on each other's compatibility. 

This app is available in 25 languages and more than 80 countries across the globe. The app offers a safe dating experience by making it mandatory for users to go through photo verification. It also helps users to see who's checking them out and when. 


It helps users discover new people and make friends nearby or across the globe. You can meet new people anytime and anywhere. It's a transparent app and lets users see who viewed their profile. Users can save their favorites in the list and also get updates from nearby users. 

The app helps users select a partner of their preference, chat with them and watch others stream themselves. It allows users to save their favorites on the list, browse through profiles and pictures, and promote the profile with in-app features. 


It helps you find people in your area and those with whom you might have crossed paths sometime in the past. Users can go around scrolling and browsing through the map. The profiles are full of the user's character. You can discover each other by talking online and setting up a date as well.

It's a location-based app that helps users express their preferences and sync their accounts with other social media platforms. Users have the option to like/dislike someone and then arrange a date in person. 

Benefits of dating apps


  • Dating apps give users a chance to open up to strangers and express their feelings.
  • They help people make friends.
  • They let users find their soulmates by meeting new people.
  • Online dating apps turn introverts into extroverts.
  • They help people come out of their inhibitions and express their feelings openly.


Dating apps have altered the scene of romance and love in the present context. They are thriving across the globe as they help break conventional barriers and provide people with more liberty and freedom to choose their love lives. 

To build a dating app of one's own, the developers must study the functional principles of dating apps. Dating apps are based on user interactions; hence, they must be structured and designed by using the right technology stack. Android and iOS users can choose their monetization strategies and add MVP features to dating apps. 

All the alternatives mentioned above to Tinder made some unique and quirky innovations to attract users. Applying thoughts and tips which are attainable by studying the competitive market, getting yourself acquainted with the demands of users, and then applying your skills at hand, you too can create a better alternative than Tinder today!

If you already have it all figured out and are looking to build an app like Tinder, contact Appsrhino to get a ready-made, easy-to-customize app solution.

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