Top 7 hard skills all Fintech developers must know!

Updated On: February 23, 2023

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So, what do we know about fintech mobile app development? You are a fintech app development company that wishes to hire fintech app developers to program and create your platform.

Do you know about the fintech developer skills you shall check before hiring employees? Do you know what fintech app development type you are selecting to take the procedure forward? Well, we may have some solutions for you!

First, let's talk about the meaning of Fintech application development. Fintech mobile or desktop applications are deployed to access and manage finances for users and clients.

People can track their financial transactions and other finances with Fintech apps. You can find multiple fintech app development types like investment apps, mobile banking apps, and others.

Moving forward, let's understand the skills necessary for fintech app developers with this blog!

Seven must-have fintech developer skills for fintech app development 

While hiring and recruiting fintech app developers, what do you check? Do you examine the technical fintech developer skills of candidates? Do you check their communication and soft skills?

Let's talk about the hard skills in this section. 

1. Programming languages

What platform type do you want to develop? Do you wish to create an android application, or do you want to go for iOS or desktop fintech app development?

Once you decide on the platform type you are going with, you shall hire fintech app developers who understand the required programming language. This language can be kotlin, C, or C# for Android swift, or iOS.

Your candidates may know the technological requirements to be considered for hire. 

2. Data management and analysis

Dealing with data is the key to fintech application development. Why? Fintech applications are about numbers and tons of data. Your candidate shall excel in interpreting this data to receive the necessary results.

What constitutes Data analytics? Taking input and processing it, transforming it to another format, checking it for trends, handling mishaps, and other complex tasks.

You can ask your fintech app developers about their experience of dealing with data and their success in that field.

3. Secure systems and data-exchange

Security is one of the requirements for fintech mobile app development. Customers download your application and wish to browse, enter data, change information, store financial assets, and trust your fintech app.

You bear the responsibility of creating secure applications. Hence, while hiring fintech app developers, you shall check their educational background and experience regarding security systems and their implementation. 

4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Technology is evolving every day. People, customers, and clients want to work with new-age fintech applications and websites. Hence, your fintech app developers for hire shall understand the meaning of AI and machine learning. 

You can ask candidates about their knowledge of Machine learning and its implementation with fintech mobile app development. Interview questions and projects about AI and Machine learning will provide perfect examples of the candidate's understanding. 

5. Payment processing technology

Fintech app developers shall know about the significance of fintech mobile app development with payment processing. The payment processing technology allows the developers to understand the integration of payment types and required protocols.

Multiple payment methods for customers and fintech app development types can include credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, ACH transfers, etc.

Your fintech app developers for hire shall know and comply with the payment processing technology for implementation in your projects.

6. Cloud computing

What is the most secure and cost-effective way to store data and assets? You are right! We think of private, public, and hybrid clouds like AWS (Amazon web services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others while sharing and storing data and performing other processes. 

Fintech application development may take these secure fintech platforms to their benefit. 

7. Financial Regulations in the region of fintech app development and launch

Your fintech app developers shall have in-depth knowledge of the financial regulations and rules in the region of fintech mobile app development and target audience.

They may understand concepts like "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard", and others per requirement. Your developers are creating an application working with the finances of customers. Therefore, their clarity on money-related concepts shall be perfect! 

Key takeaway 

We talked about the skills all fintech app developers require. Now, let's move on to the next step. What do you intend to do after knowing about fintech application development skills? How will you hire employees? You shall understand the numerous employee hiring types for every role in your company.

You can hire part-time or full-time employees or go for freelancing. However, there are limitations to it. You will spend long hours finding the appropriate fintech app developers for the job. You can invest this time in resources instead of recruiting, questioning, assessments, interviews, and training. So what to do?

You can select one of the best outsourcing companies, like AppsRhino, to provide fintech app developers for your project. Contact us now and start developing!


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