Top 7 Recruitment Apps for Talent Acquisition

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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Do you know that around 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates? And even job seekers search for jobs online. Times have changed, and so has the way people search for jobs and recruiters hire candidates. Numerous recruitment apps have inundated the market and helped streamline the entire hiring process. Recruitment apps prevent incidents of miscommunication and accelerate the resume reviewing process. Suppose you are in dire need of recruitment apps for selecting the best candidates for your company. In that case, these top 7 recruitment apps for talent acquisition can help you achieve the goal.


Do you want the best talent for your company and skyrocket your success? Do you find it hard to gauge every applicant quickly and efficiently? Have you ever miscommunicated with prospective employees? Do you want to minimize the endless paperwork that usually goes into the hiring process? Whatever your problem is, recruitment apps can solve them. Recruitment apps or talent acquisition apps help HR professionals and recruiters streamline the entire hiring process and provide smooth communication with applicants. The top 7 recruitment apps for talent acquisition are: 1.Workable 2.Shapr 3.LinkedIn Recruiter 4.Zip Recruiter 5.Breezy HR 6.Jobvite 7.JobHero

What should Recruitment Apps or Talent Acquisition Apps have in them?

With numerous recruitment apps on the market, choosing the right one for you can be challenging. Some features define how useful recruitment apps can be; nowadays, recruitment CRM is a desirable feature. We have made a list of such components to help you decide which recruitment apps can benefit your hiring process.

We list some important aspects of recruitment apps below, have a glance at them:

  1. Recruitment apps and software assist with recruitment process management and arranging interviews. A recruiter needs to communicate with candidates and post job vacancies.
  2. Recruitment apps should enable automatic posting of the notice on the jobs board of various other sites and portals for job posting activity. 
  3. The application tracking system allows recruiters to store the resume and screening of applications during the interviewing process. Recruiters expect an ATS to provide employee referrals and send out auto-responses to candidates with a recruiting dashboard. The app must also help the hiring team with talent management for the excessive number of applicants.
  4. Recruitment apps should be able to perform background checks on the selected employees and track candidates. 
  5. The resume manager option should permit users to store candidates' data after candidate login. 
  6. At the end of the recruitment process, the data collected are assets for the next recruitment round of the applicants. Recruiters can examine the reports, form new strategies like advertising jobs, analyze data, and share reports for reviewing.

What Are The Benefits Of Recruitment Apps?

Today, almost everyone desires the best job. Candidates want the best jobs, but those on the hiring team also want the best talent for their companies. In such a situation, recruitment apps act as a bridge between these two parties. Recruiters can find candidates who are a perfect fit for their organizations. Candidates can find jobs that suit their profiles and expectations.

HR professionals and recruiters reap numerous benefits from recruiting apps, and a few of them are as follows:

  1. Recruitment apps help improve recruiters' productivity as they usually have cloud-based storage, thus, reducing the paper-based traditional way of hiring. Recruiting teams can hire applicants remotely in an organized manner.
  2. Recruiters can access a large number of candidates by using recruitment apps. They can post vacancies on social media and job portals. 
  3. Recruiters can access and collect data for further analysis when they get the applicant's response and arrange interviews accordingly.
  4. Recruitment apps save numerous resources like recruiters' time, cost, and effort. The efficiency of the hiring process progresses evenly with talent acquisition.
  5. Recruitments apps make finding better employees possible, and automation features assist them in completing repetitive tasks, thus, making recruitment processes less monotonous.

Top 7 Recruitment Apps for Talent Acquisition

#1: Workable

The first app on the top 7 recruitment apps for the talent acquisition list is Workable. Workable is GDPR compliant( helps businesses recruit overseas candidates) and possesses numerous features. It provides employers with analytics like candidate scorecards, EEO reporting, and applicant tracking features, making it suitable for larger businesses.

Employers get to post to more than 180 job boards and integrate their email and calendar software. 

Now, your entire recruitment process can become paperless as it offers e-signature letters and lets you track employee referrals. Candidates can send in job applications via the job board they find positions on or through the app. Once all the candidates have applied, recruiters can see the total submissions and the platforms they submitted their requests. 

Candidates have viewable profiles, and hiring managers can utilize scorecards for each applicant to track comments. Also, the applicant tracking system that comes with Workable performs EEO reporting and background checks. 

#2: Shapr

The second app on our top 7 recruitment apps for talent acquisition list is Shapr. It is a networking app that helps connect like-minded professionals and provides users with a tailor-made list of people in their field wishing to connect to new opportunities. 

What sets it apart from other recruitment apps is its Tinder-like interface.

Here, a user is given someone else's profile and asked to swipe left or right depending on whether they want to match that person. If both users select each other, the app allows you to message each other.

Hiring managers can utilize this service to hire applicants they believe suit their company. This Tinder-like approach demands much more than merely posting a job to the signboards. It can help recruiters keep their search local or narrow to a specific skill set.

#3:  LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter has more than 600 million members and is one of the ultimate talent acquisition pools. Its' tendency to reach out to perfect candidates even when they aren't job-seeking and other features distinguish it from other professional social networks. With this recruitment app, recruiters can do advanced searches for potential candidates, write personalized messages to them and arrange interviews.

Furthermore, LinkedIn's Talent Hub is an applicant tracking system that combines LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs. It can help you have your entire hiring process in one place.

#4: ZipRecruiter

If you are looking for recruitment apps to hire the best talent, you will be more than happy to use ZipRecruiter as it lets hiring managers cast a wide net. ZipRecruiter is a job aggregator for job seekers and helps them come across job vacancies by pulling ads from various significant boards. This talent acquisition app comes with an applicant tracking system. It aims to connect hiring managers with the perfect candidates for their jobs and contacts potential candidates by emailing them when there is a match. 

You can post job ads on the ZipRecruiter app and track candidates via its dashboard. Moreover, employers can review resumes and cover letters and evaluate candidates' responses to various questions.

 Also, hiring managers can contact the selected applicants via an internal messaging feature.

Its pricing depends on your requirements, like how many recruiters are on your team, your desire to boost your job ads, etc. Their basic plan starts at $249 per month, the premium is $399 per month, and the pro will cost you $649 per month.

#5: Breezy

The fifth app on the Top 7 recruitment Apps for Talent Acquisition list is Breezy HR or Breezy. It is a cloud-based recruitment app that assists small to midsize businesses track applicants and provides features to schedule interviews. Moreover, it can run a background check, conduct virtual interviews, and source candidates. Also, HR managers find its drag-and-drop pipeline management extremely helpful in customizing their candidate pipelines at each hiring stage.

Breezy can do the following things:

  1. You can quickly post open positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter with the help of Breezy.
  2. You can drop the candidates a line regarding the status of their job applications or available interview times. These emails are Auto-Response ones.
  3. You can eliminate unqualified candidates with the help of pre-screening video questions. These questions aid you in determining candidates' interpersonal skills, remuneration expectations, willingness to relocate, and future goals.
  4. You can use hiring analytics to track, gauge, and analyze applicant data. It ensures that you hire only qualified candidates.
  5. You can even customize your candidate pipeline and shortlist applicants that are through to the next step. All you need to use is its drag-and-drop interface.

If you are interested in using Breezy HR, you can try out their free tool called Bootstrap. Bootstrap allows users to build a branded career site, distribute listings to over 50 job boards, and handle an unlimited number of candidates. Higher than this in the hierarchy, one more plan starts at $143 per month. You get a 14-day free trial too.

SBMs who want to save time by automating their time-consuming tasks can use Breezy. With Breezy's free version, users get a set of impressive features that helps hiring teams regulate their work without investing money in a new tool.

#6: Jobvite

Another app that finds a spot on the Top 7 recruitment Apps for talent Acquisition list is Jobvite. Jobvite is famed for having the second-highest number of weekly active users of talent acquisition apps. 

Recruiters are inclining towards Jobvite because it has an exhaustive database of candidates to pick from and even onboard new users within a minute.

 Also, Jobvite's interface is simple, letting users search for top talent without any hassles. With this recruitment app, recruiters can create customized job postings, arrange interviews and candidate communication, conduct virtual interviews, plan interviews; review resumes, etc. Moreover, you can stumble across experts in an industry by examining the knowledge graph.

#7: JobHero

The last app on the list of Top 7 recruitment apps for talent acquisition is JobHero. Over 300 leading companies across the world have used it. This lifesaver can streamline the hiring process by building recruitment pipelines and assisting employers in recruiting qualified candidates. Also, it furnishes you with a detailed analysis of employees' job performance and salary information.

Moreover, JobHero gives employers an in-depth insight into the potential employees' work history and hiring trends by providing their professional profiles.

Recruitment Apps: Conclusion

Times have changed, and it is only wise to keep up with the times and incorporate recruitment apps into your hiring process. If you are interested in acquiring a specially curated recruitment app for your company or want to launch recruitment apps, contact AppsRhino today!

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