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Today, more than 50 percent of people are engaged in agricultural activity. These people can benefit from using mobile phones and mobile apps. One might wonder how it can be possible. 

The answer to the question lies in the fact that the market is full of agriculture apps, aiding farmers in reaping benefits. These agriculture apps provide farmers with worthy, timely, and needy information. Besides giving enhanced access to information, the best agriculture apps furnish farmers with accurate information on price prediction, public market demands, and close markets for sales. 

It leads to reduced market costs, making farmworkers earn more and higher. Also, agriculture apps improve crop yield by gathering the best and most accurate expert advice on good cultivation practices and support. Furthermore, the best agriculture apps exclude intermediaries by refining the links among producers, suppliers, and buyers.

Agriculture apps streamline farmers' work by giving them timely access to information on innumerable influencing factors such as weather, rainfall, and soil conditions. But one might ask which agriculture apps are the best and provide the best information to farmers. Do not fret over it, as we have prepared a list of Top 8 agriculture apps in the market 2022 to help farmers earn more and work with ease.

Best Agriculture Apps: E-luminate Mobile

Now, Golden harvest farmers have their hands on a digital agronomy platform that furnishes timely insights to farmers. Farmers' trusted seed advisors give these insights. This app is the E-Luminate Moile app.

The E-Luminate Mobile app aids farmers in getting a real-time look at their farmlands and viewing their data in a new way altogether. Farmers gain access to such information from their iOS smartphones or tablets.

One can find the following features in E-Luminate Mobile's suite:

  1. Creating and editing fields
  2. Reviewing their field data
  3. Imagery
  4. Scouting
  5. Weather prediction
  6. Crop monitoring

Also, one can integrate a farmer's yield data from the John Deere Operations Center and other equipment manufacturers into the E-Luminate Mobile app. All these pieces of information provide data input to make informed seed decisions. 

One can use the app on iPhone and iPad.

Best Agriculture Apps: Traction Field App

![Best Agriculture Apps_ Traction Field App.png](

Traction Field App is one of the best agriculture apps for farmers. This app helps with gathering and managing soil samples by grid or zone. Thus, the app provides a seamless experience to farmers when sampling soils. One can get started with the app by loading boundaries, zones, and target points for each field from their historical data files.

The app is easy to use; a farmer can navigate to each target point or zone and map field boundaries and layout grids for sampling on the fly.

Moreover, Traction Field App is compatible with almost every agricultural mapping solution. It can export data in a shapefile format. Thanks to its sleek and user-friendly design, this agriculture app reduces a farmer's time collecting samples, cuts out hours of tedious steps, and helps make good agronomic decisions.

Best Agriculture Apps: Farm HQ

CODA Farm Technologies has developed the FarmHQ agriculture platform. The app includes:

  1. A small cellular device.
  2. Sensors.
  3. An app letting farmers put their mobile irrigation equipment on the same monitoring and control system 7L.

This arrangement leads to farmers having more control over their agricultural activities. A farmer can constantly monitor the status and speed of his reel, tracking run progress and watching for farming equipment failures with the help of FarmHQ.

If your reel stops or your pumps, you will receive a shutdown signal that generates automatically, eliminating timing errors. These timing errors are disastrous for crops as they damage them and even lead to the wastage of water, energy, money, and time.

Best Agriculture Apps: Farm Water Advisor

Another app on the list of top 8 agriculture apps is Farm Water Advisor.

Yara North America introduced this app to farmers to help them with irrigation. Farm Water Advisor is an irrigation solution that enables farmers to schedule precise irrigation without expensive hardware. It is now available for free for all California growers and advisors. 

Yara North America and The Weather Company came into a partnership to create this app that employs a wide range of data to deliver hyper-local weather forecasts. The data that helps the app perform well include field-specific weather and soil irrigation system information. Also, this app equips farmers with the best irrigation schedule for maximum yields. 

Thus, farmers get advice and instructions from apps on irrigation for the week, giving them a chance to fine-tune their crop performance.

Best Agriculture Apps: Agvance Grower360

Growers benefit from Agvance Grower360 as it gives them timely access to their information, which creates a better relationship with ag retailers. The app from SSI enhances the customer experience by doing the thing mentioned above. 

This app is a part of the tools within the Agvance suite of products, providing the users with the portal to view their respective accounts in real-time. Farmers can also view the past activity and examine the needed details for making informed decisions.

Growers can access their information on any device anywhere and anytime. It comes with a Mobile-First User Experience. Also, growers can have their hands on field boundaries, soil tests, maps, weather data, and a detailed activity timeline for each field.

On the grain side, consumers will have access to e-signature on contracts, cash bids, and future price information and a real-time view of all grain activity facilities.

Users can access this app via Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Best Agriculture Apps: eKonomics by Nutrien

eKonomics by Nutrien is a nutrient management app enabling customized agronomic advice to achieve optimum nutrient management, growing degree, and local rainfall.

This app minimizes a farmer's time searching for answers to his questions. Additionally, it also increases farmers' return on investment with the help of four eKonomics calculators.

The Nutrient Removal Calculator calculates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for a comprehensive list of field crops. 

The other calculator, named the Nutrient ROI calculator, encompasses major crops across North America. This calculator is based on published university phosphorus and potassium crop response models and integrates spatial variation. 

Also, farmers can get a weather-based GDD calculation with the help of the Growing Degree Days calculator. The Growing Degree Days Calculator gauges heat accumulation and assists in predicting outcomes such as the crop's approximate maturity date. The Rainfall Tracker tool follows current and historical precipitation at the field level. 

Users can access the app via Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Best Agriculture App: Farmbrite

The Farmbrite app lets users enhance the production of daily operations such as recordkeeping, planning, and reporting. The app also allows users to collaborate and share work orders, follow everything securely, streamline reporting and certifications, and advertise and sell their products online.

The app is easy to use, and its target audience is small-scale farmers and ranchers. Interested small-scale farmers and ranchers can use the app anywhere to manage their schedules and track task completion.

Also, farmers can scan Farmbite QR codes to swiftly access crop, livestock, and equipment records to support quick and easy updates and note entries. 

 The app ensures that farmers can easily do the following things to track all their crop production:

  1. Record notes.
  2. Record harvests.
  3. Check soil health.
  4. Do crop or field amendments.
  5. Perform various treatments, etc.

Thus, a farmer can easily handle and track all his tools and machinery by keeping notes, images, and service and maintenance records in a single position. A user can access Farmbrite via Android, iPhone, and iPad

Best Agriculture App: GeoPard Agriculture

Geopard Agriculture is the last app on the list of top 8 agriculture apps in 2022. It is a cloud-based mobile app designed for precision ag data with business capabilities. Farmers GeoPard Variable Rate prescription maps to fertilize crops, protect crops, seeding, irrigation, desiccation, and optimize crop inputs and yield while preserving resources.

Other things that users get from this app are:

  1. Offline maps
  2. Soil sampling integration
  3. Applied data visualization
  4. Analytics
  5. Automated multi-year field potential zones and in-season field management zones
  6. MyJohnDeere ops center integration
  7. variable rate application L maps
  8. Field and region level satellite monitoring
  9. Advanced topography profile, etc.

Users can avail themselves of the app via Android, iPhone, and iPad.


A farmer requires accurate, brief, timely, and reliable pieces of information to practice and execute agricultural activities. One of the primary reasons farmers have faced challenges is that they rarely acquire sufficient and timely information on various factors.

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