Top 8 Logistic apps in the market

Updated On: February 15, 2023

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We are living in a day and age where everyone wants comfort. The lifestyle has changed, and so has the way people do things. With the technical advancements, even businesses have found a better operating method. There are apps available for everything!

Well! You already know that, right? But you might not know that these on-demand apps are not just limited to B2C but also have a good reputation in the B2B sector. 

For instance, take a logistics app. If a customer places an order, the logistics app company has to deliver it after collecting it from the business owner. 

The logistics app industry is the backbone of international trade and a critical component of the global economy. Statista reports that the worldwide export volume of trade items is approximately 19.5 trillion USD. Furthermore, global air freight traffic currently stands at 54.2 million metric tons. The worldwide logistics app market is anticipated to be worth $15.5 trillion by 2023, making the future of logistics app development look bright.

Why should a business have a Logistics App?

1. Live Tracking

Your logistics and transportation company demands accuracy to deliver shipments on time. With the geolocation feature of the logistics app, you can easily track the car and receive real-time updates on the orders. Furthermore, you may follow the vehicle using GPS technology and dispatch help quickly if there is a problem.

2. Warehouse Management is quite useful

The logistics industry isn't just about shipping and delivering items on time; it's also about effectively dealing with your distribution or storage centers. The program will better advise you on suitable stockpiling sites and make it easier to inspect the stock. All information is saved in a database. Such is the advantage of a logistics app for your business.

3. More automation, less paper

The typical logistics company plan comprises significant administrative work. Because of a customized logistics app, you may reduce desk work and easily oversee everything with a few clicks.

The automation of paper-based operations eventually benefits the work process, just as various reports make things run more smoothly by saving time and vitality, making it ideal for a strategic company.

4. Reduced Cost & Energy 

Most businesses use adaptable applications rather than traditional procedures to save information, money, time, and vigor. It can streamline a logistics organization's various utilitarian requirements.

A logistics app can quicken things and improve courses and shipments, resulting in increased ROI.

5. Quick & Accurate processing

Using a logistics app, logistics organizations can handle every task without delay. Organizations will find it the best asset for boosting transportation and fleet management decision-making.

Field personnel can coordinate and perform flawlessly thanks to the reports and experiences created in the logistics app. It allows for speedier execution and delivery for logistics management throughout the shipments.

The logistics app will serve as a stage for you to provide your image name. Above all, your errands will be much easier to complete because everything will be under control.

Must-have Features in a Logistics App

1. Tracking of Vehicles and Drivers Using GPS

GPS tracking tells the owner or management of the vehicle's location and every driver's action in real-time. As a result, managers may easily monitor whether a particular vehicle is operating according to the predetermined timetable or whether the driver is on time or running late. It allows managers to determine the exact arrival time of drivers, upon which they can assign the next assignment. As a result, GPS tracking provides effective time management. This feature is a must-have for the best logistics app 2022.

2. Route Planning in Advance

Suppose drivers are free to choose their route. In that case, they may take a longer route, causing delays in delivery and increasing fuel expenses. As a result, the logistics app should have a feature that calculates the quickest path and assigns a pre-planned route to a certain journey. It should sync this functionality with digital maps to offer drivers precise directions. Because of this feature, drivers are more likely to take the pre-planned route, saving time and money. Additionally, combining this functionality with initial tracking will allow you to watch whether or not they are adhering to the specified itinerary. The best logistics app should have this feature embedded in it.

3. Schedule for Drivers' Daily Logs

Drivers' daily log information is recorded in the drivers' daily log feature. This data includes the distance traveled, the total number of deliveries and pickups performed in a day, working hours, the number of road trips taken by a driver, and so on. These records are universally helpful to both drivers and employers. With this feature in the logistics app, the company officials can easily maintain the records.

4. During an emergency, notifications will display the nearest support center

During their journeys, drivers frequently encounter issues such as a lack of gasoline and vehicle breakdowns. As a result, fleet owners must establish a plan to deal with such events. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the logistics app could find the closest available gasoline stations and auto maintenance shops? It is a common feature that the best logistics app 2022 should have. This function informs drivers about nearby gas stations, repair shops, towing agencies, and phone numbers. It also tells drivers about gasoline levels and sends fuel shortage warning lights ahead of time.

5. Multiple Language Support

The different language support functionality is handy on the logistics app's driver side. It is because drivers come from various backgrounds and are generally fluent in their local languages. As a result, the logistics app you can use in their native language will allow users to fully utilize the program, lessening their obstacles when traveling. With more flexibility and add-on features, your app can be the best logistics app in 2022.

Top 8 Logistic Apps in the market

When it comes to operating in today's severe market conditions, a dedicated logistics app for companies can be an actual business and lifesaver. We believe the following are the top logistics app 2022 available in the market.

1. EazyStock

Have a large, dynamic inventory to manage and optimize as part of your ongoing workflow? EazyStock is a handy cloud-based solution that can integrate with any ERP you already use. The system includes all the optimization and forecasting features required to conduct inventory logistics efficiently. The features it possesses makes it one of the best logistics app in 2022.

2. OmniFocus 

It could be the best logistics app 2022 for flexible work management, only available on iOS. The solution has a well-designed interface, an excellent intuitive design to work with via iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, and enough workspace for workflow optimization. The app's only disadvantage is its Apple exclusivity. However, when it comes to brand recognition and prestige, devices" are the most popular corporate solutions.

3. Logistimo Plus

It is a full-fledged global supply chain and logistics system that covers all of the underlying aspects of such a business. Logistimo is an actual mastodon among apps of this type, with functionality ranging from order processing, inventory management, and transportation planning to supply chain automation, performance analysis, and partnership formation. It also works offline, making it one of the top logistics apps in 2022.

4. Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book

Do you require an easy-to-use system interface to aid and control the performance of your hired drivers? Hawk-Eye provides a tried-and-true solution tailored to such specific requirements. Specifically, the software offers reliable GPS tracking via an interface that includes interactive maps, live monitoring, fleet performance statistics, intelligent routing, and other features. This unique assembly of targeted features makes it the best logistics app 2022 in this niche.

5. Mobile SCM

When it comes to transportation and logistics app development, intelligent solution suppliers prioritize delivering extensive cost-saving. Moreover, business-optimizing capabilities with a simple, easy-to-understand interface. And the designers of Mobile SCM appear to have done that. It provides straightforward software that helps you cut costs with economic supply chain monitoring to help you enhance ROI. Its simplicity and efficiency are one of the reasons it has made our list of top logistics apps in 2022.

6. Scandit

Scandit is a quick and simple barcode scanning program. In terms of logistics and supply chain management, you can utilize it in the firm to make it easier for employees to register inventory goods. This "little gear in the big system" will be one of the most critical factors in increasing overall business performance. Making working easy for employees has drawn this logistics app to our list of the best logistics app in 2022.

7. BooksyBiz

You receive a global business booking tool with an individual appointment calendar for a little $29.99. Clients can plan a meeting by selecting the most convenient date and time without having to call you or provide additional information. Social media and email integrations are also available marketing and customer loyalty tools. Providing such solutions to clients has brought this app into the list of the best logistics app in 2022.

8. Halo

This one is all about analysis and providing helpful reporting. Halo delivers a comprehensive view of all underlying operations, allowing you to assess the entire performance of your supply chain and identify where it can improve points. It is a go-to solution for intelligent analytics, valuable visualizations, and data warehouse automation.


Gone are the days when clients trusted that their parcel delivery would take days to reach its destined location. Technically savvy clients must access all critical data moving in today's information-driven environment.

Logistics app development can assist companies in incorporating technological advances into their corporate and cargo processes. By automating real-time data everywhere and at any time, they can improve the overall company experience. It will enhance everything with advanced functionality, from activity management to fleet operations.

It can include numerous things in a logistics app. However, it all comes down to giving five fundamental but critical solutions.

Incorporate these functions into your logistics app. As a result, you will have created a solution that will become a standard in many logistics organizations. Delegate the assignment to a skilled on-demand app development business at all times. It is because logistics apps are far more complex than apps in other industries.

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