What are some hard & soft skills a java developer must have?

Updated On: December 22, 2022

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Did you choose the programming language for your upcoming project? Java is the perfect platform for you to develop an interactive application requiring AI and Machine Learning Integration!

Do you want to hire programmers to create this Java-based project for you? As a recruiter, you should know about the Hard and Soft Skills every Java Developer shall have for efficient Java Development. 

Let's read this blog to understand every skill candidates shall know before you hire them as top Java Developers for your company!

Hard Skills

When you want to hire a dedicated Java Developer, here is a list of skills you can check! These skills will help you identify and hire top Java Developers for your upcoming projects!

Knowledge and expertise in Frameworks

Knowledge and expertise in Frameworks

Let's understand the meaning of Frameworks available for Java Developers. Frameworks are like skeletons to a body. They are the reason why any program can move and function with efficiency. 

When you want to hire remote Java Developers, you can check for the Framework knowledge and skills of the Developers. How?

Ask the Developers about the Framework they use to create projects. Additionally, gain details about the capability of their Framework with your project. Java Developers shall know about testing, primary information, and other processes for any application. 

Do you have an in-depth understanding of Frameworks to hire Java Developers? Here is a list of Frameworks popular among senior and junior Java Developers!

  1. Spring Framework
  2. Hibernate Query Language
  3. Google Web Toolkit
  4. JavaServer

Numerous APIs and Libraries

You can hire top Java Developers by acknowledging their knowledge of various Libraries and APIs available for Java project Development. Open-Source Libraries hold importance in creating applications. 

Here is a list of APIs and Libraries you can test!

  1. Unit Testing Libraries
  2. JSON Parsing Libraries
  3. Logging Libraries
  4. HTTP Libraries
  5. XML Parsing Libraries

DevOps Tools

Do you want to manage your Java projects effectively and make updates without hassle?

DevOps Tools allow Java Developers to commit and share their projects on their platform and engage in efficient updation and record-keeping!

If you want to hire Java programmers, ensure they understand the importance of numerous DevOps Tools and utilize them while working on projects!

Do you want to know about DevOps Tools? Here is a list of them!

  1. Git and GitHub
  2. Docker
  3. Maven
  4. Splunk tool

AI and Machine Learning Tools

Are you planning to create an application with required Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? The emerging technology helps Java Developers to create interactive Apps and platforms for users. 

When you hire Java programmers, you can ask the candidates about their expertise in changing technologies and their adaption. 

Moreover, ask them about their acquired hard skills on their Journey as Java Developers. 

Soft Skills and Communication Ability

You want to hire dedicated Java Developers for your team. You wish candidates with the required Technical Skills to complete projects efficiently and receive positive customer responses. 

However, are our Technical Skills the only necessity? 

You should hire dedicated Java Developers with motivation and teamwork skills. Here is a list of Soft Skills to check before you hire Java programmers. 

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Communication is one of the best ways to express one's ideas and opinions. Moreover, listening skills hold equal significance while working in a workplace environment. 

When you hire Java Developers, you may test their speaking and listening skills. You can analyze their answers and ideas from interviews and group discussions. Moreover, focus on their gestures and kinesis while they talk with interviewers and other candidates. 

Conflict Management Skills

A workplace has daily conflicts about one task or another. One employee may disagree with another. However, everyone has to work together to achieve results. 

Therefore, you can analyze the Conflict Management Skills of Java Developers before hiring them. 

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

When you hire Java Developers, they work with multiple projects at once. Moreover, they attend team meetings and manage their work, family, etc. 

Every candidate and employee should understand the importance of task management/division while working. You shall hire top Java Developers who know how to handle multiple things and don't affect their work quality over the work quantity. 

There are other Soft Skills to test before your hire Java programmers. 

These include

  1. Logical Thinking
  2. Creative understanding
  3. Decision Making
  4. Problem Solving ability

And more. 

Final Words

Are you looking for the best Java Development team for your upcoming projects and company? You can hire Java Developers via popular job-finding sites and applications like LinkedIn and Indeed. 

You may get Java Developers for Part-time, Full-time, or Freelance work. 

You should understand that you might have to undergo a lengthy screening and training process before selecting and hiring top Java Developers!

Do you want to shorten this cycle?

Come to AppsRhino! We have the perfect Java Developers Outsourcing team for you! 

Our team is highly dedicated and hardworking. They have the required skills and knowledge in the Java Development field. 

Contact us today to know more!


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