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What is InVisionapp?

InVisionapp is a cloud-based digital product design platform that assists developers and organizations of all sizes create and managing prototypes. People can discuss, test, and experiment with generating templates and concepts on a digital dashboard.

InVision is:

  1. A prototyping software that lets you turn your design mockups into interactive prototypes.
  2. It delivers a better experience while sharing designs because it can be shared and viewed by the client or colleague team members.
  3. InVisionapp gives a more accurate representation of how it will appear on your creating device.


InVision is a user interface mockup tool that allows designers to create clickable and interactive prototypes of websites and mobile apps in real time. You may show your clients your design projects and let them view the concepts as well as observe how customers of their websites or mobile apps will navigate across the platforms in real time.

Isn't it a fantastic idea? It is unquestionably preferable to demonstrate rather than to explain in words. Through this blog, we will take you through the InVision app and its features. The article includes:

  1. What is InVisionapp?
  2. Main features of InVisionapp
  3. How InVisionapp works?
  4. The benefits of using InVisionapp
  5. The advantages of InVisionapp
  6. The drawbacks of InVisionapp
  7. Five reasons to use InVision for Prototyping
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues and clients

  • Quick Prototyping

  • Save time by updating your designs instantly

  • You may make responsive mockups

  • Effortless transition to the development team

Main features of InVisionapp

  1. Presentations
  2. prototype creation and development
  3. planning 
  4. digital whiteboards
  5. wireframing
  6. feedback management 
  7. Integrations with third parties
  8. Reporting/Analytics 
  9. Collaboration Tools with Drag & Drop

How does InVisionapp work?


  1. Users can optimize and automate procedures with the Inspect module.
  2. Vector editing, layer style, and animated drawings are all available with InVision's Studio tool. 
  3. It includes shared design libraries that allow experts to collaborate on real-time viewing, mobile device mirroring, and timeline editing.
  4. Library access push/pull adjustments, brand and UX components, and version rollback are all included in the Design System Manager module.
  5. The services are available on a monthly subscription basis with documentation assistance.
  6. Users may integrate the complete product design workflow with InVision. 
  7. Teams can use the digital whiteboard to explore ideas by creating freehand sketches, drawing, wireframing, and collecting input from team members on all work-in-progress designs. 
  8. InVision's screen design tool features straightforward vector-based sketching functionality, flexible layers, and built-in dynamic transitions and micro-interactions, allowing static screens to be transformed into operational prototypes.
  9. Any changes to designs are promptly communicated to the entire team, and they are automatically synced. 
  10. Designers can switch to the most recent version at any moment or roll back updates.
  11. Users can also use Sketch or InVision to access numerous libraries and submit or pull changes with a single click.
  12. Users may maintain all brand and UX elements in the system, including photos, fonts, colors, icons, and even usage documents, giving team members a single source of truth. 
  13. InVision connects with third-party collaboration applications like Jira, Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Basecamp, and others, allowing team members to navigate the whole design process in one spot.

The benefits of using the InVision App

  1. Support for the whole design workflow, including creativity, collaboration, multi-layered feedback, and project management, go beyond a mere prototype.
  2. Keep all brand and UX components, including usage documentation, in one location to give team members a single source of truth.
  3. Directly from InVision Studio or Sketch, you may access numerous libraries and submit or pull changes with a single click.
  4. Designers may switch to the current version or roll back adjustments thanks to InVision's ability to sync changes throughout the entire team.
  5. Team members can evaluate the most recent prototypes, communicate on a Freehand whiteboard, and offer design suggestions without leaving the platform.

Advantages of InVisionapp

  1. With InVision, it is simple to share and collaborate with key team members.
  2. The InVision app is a fantastic tool that allows designers to make as many mockups as they desire. It's simple to share and discuss the designs with coworkers.
  3. It's lightning-fast and allows you to quickly generate a prototype from your idea. The comment feature is fantastic for providing quick input.

The drawbacks of InVisionapp

  1. Importing artboards from Sketch can be a pain in the neck at times because they won't sync with Sketch.
  2. Customers cannot import SVGS without going through a lot of hoops.
  3. Users must replace the entire screen, which gives a horrible effect when performing demos. There is no option to make comments for other team members to view.

Five reasons to use InVision for Prototyping 


Easy collaboration with colleagues and clients 

When you share a design, one of the challenges you may have is gathering all input in one place and staying on top of it. Many emails, phone calls, or Slack conversations may be used to solicit feedback. The client can comment on any design element by sharing a link made with InVision and using the "Comment Mode." InVisionapp makes it easier to figure out which section needs to be updated.

It also allows communication to be maintained using the InVision app rather than a series of back-and-forth emails. It makes contact with the client or team members go more smoothly. In other words, there's less chance of feedback getting lost.

Quick Prototyping

It's crucial to display the user flow and what happens when interacting with certain page sections while creating a new website design. What happens if I click the "Buy Now" button in the plan? I can link all of my concepts and display them as a functional prototype using "Build Mode." It gives both the team and the client a clearer idea of how the website will function—allowing any significant adjustments to be made early in the project. As a result, you'll get a better and more efficient outcome in production.

You may even demonstrate the kind of hover states that will be used. It is something that is frequently forgotten. After the first design phase of the project, it can be time-consuming to consider it afterward.

Save time by updating your designs instantly

Craft, a plugin developed by InVision, is a valuable tool. You may import your Sketch or Photoshop creations directly into InVision. There's no need to create separate files and upload them to InVision. Making any necessary revisions to the original drawings saves you a lot of time when it comes to making any essential revisions—allowing you to focus on the vital tasks at hand, such as the actual designs!

You may make responsive mockups

Every website must provide the same experience on a desktop as it does on a mobile device. InVision lets you select the device on which you want to prototype your idea. You can use a PC, tablet, smartphone, or even a smartwatch to design scales from desktop to mobile.

Effortless transition to the development team

One of the main distinctions in the website design process is a smooth handover to the developers when the designs are signed off. It can be a problem if files are not provided appropriately or if there is a misunderstanding about which assets are relevant to the plan. Using the Craft plugin's "Inspect Mode," you can now attach assets and keep them all in one location. You may also see the CSS values of certain portions of the designs in this mode. It is useful when the developer wants to know how a specific amount should be shown.


InVision App is ideal for working together on design draughts and gathering input from colleagues and clients. It's far superior to discussing design draughts over email or phone, and it's simple to incorporate InVision into web development procedures. It is pretty beneficial and straightforward to use, according to users. However, additional tools are frequently utilized, beneficial for various process steps.

However, the InVision app is also a fantastic tool that every designer collaborates with remote clients and developers should utilize. Getting feedback from clients on specific design components is the most challenging phase of the design process. InVision makes it simple to include a discussion point on the design. Hence, your client is aware of any places requiring feedback. It dramatically improves the quality of the work that way.

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