What is ola clone? A complete Guide!

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Take a look around yourself, and you will find yourself surrounded by apps for every day-to-day chore. You have apps for monitoring your health, booking appointments, educational apps for students, delivery apps, beauty and salon apps, etc. However, the world of apps is not limited to these. Today, you own the power to book cabs ahead of any outing or event. Moreover, apps like Ola (Ola clones) even let customers select the type of vehicle they would like to commute. Thus, apps like Ola or Ola clone allowed people to avoid the hustle and bustle and inconvenience of public transport. Also, they relieve people of the discomfort of owning a vehicle, maintaining it, paying taxes, etc. Ola is one such taxi booking service with soaring success in the world. At present, Ola serves more than 200 million consumers with the help of its network of 2.5 million driver-partners. These facts make launching an Ola clone profitable and have led to numerous entrepreneurs dabbling in this arena. Also, the taxi booking service market will reach $95 billion or higher than this by 2025. However, only a handful of such businesses have survived the competition and established a place for themselves. If you plan to launch an Ola Clone, it will be better to read this Ola Clone Development Guide and equip yourself with everything you should know.


What is Ola?

  1. Ola Cabs is an Indian multinational ride-sharing company that operates in other business verticals such as financial services, cloud kitchens, and the used-car marketplace.

What is the business model of Ola?

  1. Riders send RIDE REQUESTS.
  2. Partnered Drivers accept them based on their availability.
  3. Ola receives commissions on every completed ride.

How does the Ola Cab app work?

  1. Users download the app.
  2. They select destinations and see an estimated fare and time of arrival.
  3. When users confirm the ride, drivers get notified.
  4. Based on which driver accepts it, the driver goes to the user.
  5. After the end of the ride, users pay for it and give feedback on the app.

What makes Ola stand out from the crowd?

  1. Different types of offered vehicles
  2. Different languages
  3. Local currency

Whom do you need to hire to build Ola Clone?

  1. Business analysts
  2. UI/UX designers
  3. Android developers
  4. iOS developers
  5. Testers / Quality Assurance Engineers
  6. A project manager
  7. Marketing specialists

How to create an Ola Clone?

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Analysis
  3. Technological Planning
  4. UI/ UX
  5. Development
  6. Testing and Release
  7. Post-launch activities

Ola clone Development Guide: What is Ola?

Ola Cabs is an Indian multinational ride-sharing company that operates in other business verticals such as financial services, cloud kitchens, and the used-car marketplace. Ola's headquarters are in Bangalore. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati founded Ola in 2010, and currently, it operates in over 250 cities in India. Besides serving India, Ola also serves the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. United Kingdom

Although people know Ola for providing Vehicles to people for traveling, Ola or an Ola Clone also offers the following services:

  1. Vehicles for transportation
  2. Vehicles for shifting goods
  3. Vehicles for delivering food
  4. Mobile payment facilities
  5. Digital wallet facilities Knowing about Ola's business model is a must for anyone planning to launch an Ola Clone. Thus, we talk about ola's business model below.

Ola clone Development Guide: What is the business model of Ola?

Pick any online taxi booking service, and you will observe that all of them have similar business models. An online taxi booking service has a two-sided marketplace. It means that riders send drivers RIDE REQUESTS, and drivers partnered with Ola or Ola clone accept these requests and drop them off at their desired destinations. Ola does not charge consumers fees after every ride they take; instead, it earns revenue by getting the commission on each ride it completes. One thing to note here is that Ola does not hire these drivers. These drivers are, in fact, Ola's partners who have the liberty to choose their working hours. Also, Ola has minimal control over these partnered drivers. Another crucial piece of information is that since these drivers are not under Ola, they have the liberty to decide whether or not they want to accept the rider's ride request. Also, they can determine their working hours according to their convenience. Thus, such a service model acts as a source of supplementing their money for drivers.

Ola clone Development Guide: How does the Ola Cab app work?

Ola or an Ola Clone business works as follows:

  1. Users who want to book cabs need to download the Ola clone app to start using its taxi service. They can find the app on either the GooglePlay Store or the App Store.
  2. Once the user starts using the Ola Clone, they get to choose the type of vehicle by which they would like to travel.
  3. Once the user enters the app, the ola clone displays the estimated fare. The fare depends on the distance between the user and the destination. Moreover, it depends on the traveling duration and the number of passengers in the vehicle.
  4. The Ola clone uses the Ola cab rates calculator to calculate these fares.
  5. The nearest driver receives this information when the user confirms the ride.
  6. The driver either accepts the request or rejects it based on his schedule. If the driver leaves it, another operator receives the request afterward.
  7. The estimated arrival time and cost pop up on the user's screen when a driver accepts the request.
  8. Riders also have numerous payment options to pay for the ride bills. They can even spend the money at the time of booking a ride.
  9. After the ride is over, the users get a survey to rate Ola cabs for the taxi service to improve the areas where they lag.

Ola clone Development Guide: What makes Ola stand out from the crowd?

  1. Ola offers different types of vehicles for customers to select. You can choose any car to travel by. It means people have the option to pick a car or a rickshaw, depending on the amount of money they are willing to spend.
  2. The Ola app takes care of everyone. And by this, we mean that anyone can use the app. Someone whose native language is not English and prefers using another language can even book a cab here. This option is for drivers as well. Drivers and users can switch to different languages depending on their convenience.
  3. This app supports local currency, and this move ensures that the company can expand its business abroad. Thus, if you want to launch your Ola Clone in multiple regions, including the local currency feature will be better. This feature also saves drivers and customers from converting fares from one currency to another.

Ola clone Development Guide: Some Ola statistics

  1. Ola had a valuation of more than $6 billion in the fall of 2019.
  2. Ola has had an investment of over $4 billion since its inception.
  3. Ola receives over 150000 ride requests in India daily.
  4. If one were to line up all of the cars owned by Ola drivers in a row, it would stretch to approximately 2420 miles.

Ola clone Development Guide: Whom do you need to hire to build Ola Clone?

Developing an Ola Clone requires a team of professionals. And you will need to hire them after judging them on numerous parameters. Here we tell you all the professionals you need to develop an Ola Clone.

  1. Business analysts
  2. UI/UX designers
  3. Android developers
  4. iOS developers
  5. Testers / Quality Assurance Engineers
  6. A project manager
  7. Marketing specialists

Ola clone Development Guide: What are the pros of Ola?

  1. Ola provides high-class services today. Since its inception, it has learned many things and is deemed a pioneer in its field. Ola came into existence when there were no such apps in India.
  2. Ola is a recognizable corporation in India.
  3. Ola provides a wide range of services besides acting as a taxi booking app. (grocery delivery, bike rental, Goods transportation, etc.)
  4. Ola has a low maintenance cost.
  5. Ola uses leading technologies. With the help of such technologies, it can predict the demands in a particular region by analyzing the incoming data.

Ola clone Development Guide: What are the cons of Ola?

  1. Ola does not work offline; it constantly requires the Internet.
  2. Since Ola does not hire these drivers, they are independent contractors; Ola does not have much control over them. It can lead to problems where drivers do not accept ride requests of riders.
  3. There have been cases of fake orders. Here drivers ask people to buy counterfeit rides, and this deal leads to benefits for drivers and people. However, Ola faces the brunt of it. These are the pros and cons of Ola that you should avoid in your Ola Clone.

Ola clone Development Guide: How to create an Ola Clone?

Ola Clone guide: Comprehensive Analysis

You should start by analyzing the market after getting the correct data. Try to understand what the modern audience desires and expects of an Ola Clone. Once you complete this study, begin examining your competitors and how they fare. All the things that you derive from the comprehensive analysis will help you conceptualize your Ola Clone service.

Ola Clone guide: Technological Planning

Here you should determine the architecture of future mobile services and contemplate your Ola Clone's functionality. After you complete these two mentioned things, prepare a list of technologies you would want to use to develop your Ola Clone.

Ola Clone guide: UI/ UX

The IT teams begin working on the UI/ UX aspect of your Ola Clone after the Prototype gets approved. You should try to have a UI that provides the best user experience for riders and drivers (UX).

Ola Clone guide: Development

An excellent prototype with a fantastic User interface and user experience will be a dud if you do not hire a coding expert. An expert will bring your Ola Clone prototype to life. So hire competent coders who can do justice to this stage of app development.

Ola Clone guide: Testing and Release

Before publishing your Ola clone on any app store, test it numerous times for any malfunctions or bugs. For this responsibility, you will need to hire Quality Assurance experts who will run several tests on your ola clone app before giving it the green light.

Ola Clone guide: Post-launch activities

After you roll out your Ola clone, you will need to constantly ensure that it stays relevant and popular amongst the masses. You are required to keep updating your Ola clone and add new features and functionality with the emerging demands of the user. Besides it, you will be in benefit if you acquire constant feedback from users and act upon it.


Developing and launching an Ola clone is not child's play. You will tread into a territory where the original app is already present and winning hearts. Gaining insights into your rivals and your inspiration is both necessary and challenging. You require several professionals, such as UI/Ux designers, coders, etc. You need to perform a comprehensive market analysis before your team begins working on your Ola clone. You can find all these professionals ( Quality assurance experts, coders, UI/ UX designers, etc.) who will help you during the entirety of the app development. It will save you time by preventing you from looking for and hiring all these professionals separately.
So, why delay working on your Ola clone? Get started today by contacting AppsRhino!