What should be the features of an alcohol delivery application?

Updated On: August 24, 2022

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Think about having a lovely day at home. You are watching a movie with some of your friends. You order some pizzas from a food delivery app, and now you all want some alcohol to chill out together.

It is then that you realize that you have no alcohol at home! What will you think of doing? Will you be willing to leave an awesome home party and run to the store for some alcohol?

What if there was an Alcohol Delivery App? You could open your smartphone and deliver your favorite drinks with a few clicks!

The world is shifting to their mobile phones for everything. People have no time or will to go out and buy things. All they do is open these apps and with a few clicks get whatever they want at their doorstep. As an alcohol business owner, if you want an edge over your competitor, why not deliver alcohol to their doorstep?

Let's look at some features that your Alcohol Delivery app should have!


Drizly has a valuation of $24 billion in 2022. 19% of the total sales were online. If you want to create an Alcohol Delivery App to boost your business, you have reached the right place. You can use AppsRhino to create the Best Alcohol Delivery App for your business! Make sure to add features to it that suit your customers the best.

Features to add it your Alcohol Delivery App

If you are creating an Alcohol Delivery App for your business, you shall know why you are building it. Here is a list of advantages of making an Alcohol Delivery App for your business.

  1. Engaging Theme
  2. Easy Search
  3. Push Notifications
  4. A chatbot (use BotPenguin)
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. Multiple Payment Options
  7. Multilingual Support
  8. Customer Verification

Why make an Alcohol Delivery App

You may be confused about the features and tools you shall add to your app. If you look at some of the best Alcohol Delivery apps that currently rule the market, you'll understand why these Alcohol Delivery apps earned success. Moreover, you'll get ideas about making your app better.

  1. Contactless Delivery
  2. Edge over competitors
  3. Customer convenience

The best Alcohol Delivery Apps today

  • Drizly

PlayStore: 4.4

AppStore: 4.8

  • Saucey

PlayStore: 2.1

AppStore: 4.9

  • Minibar

PlayStore: 2.6

AppStore: 4.7

What is an Alcohol Delivery App?

There are many liquor stores in the market. If some alcohol business owners take their store online and start an app, this will be an Alcohol Delivery App for their business!

According to thespiritsbusiness. com, the sale of liquor through online stores went up by 291% in March 2021. There was a further increase in sales by 387% in April.

The Covid-19 pandemic was setting its roots globally in 2021, and the government encouraged people to stay safe in their homes. People could not go out, so they started ordering essentials from their homes using apps. During these difficult times, there was growth in Alcohol sales via websites and apps.

Why make an Alcohol Delivery App?

Now you know what features you should add to your Alcohol Delivery App. But, you do need to understand why are you creating one?

The main reason is to make your place in the online market and attract more customers. According to Statista, Alcohol Delivery may be one of the world's most successful businesses, with a revenue of $222,098 million in 2020. There are more reasons to create an Alcohol Delivery App. There is a list of these reasons below.

Contactless Delivery

After the pandemic hit the world, no one wishes to come in physical contact with anyone and invite diseases. People want to be safe and get their essentials at home.

Your Alcohol Delivery App can become a medium for people to order from liquor stores and get alcohol delivered at their doorstep.

Edge over Competitors

Imagine you and another liquor store are there in the market. Both of you sell alcohol offline to your customers. But you create an app and a website for your business. Now you can reach out to customers via both offline and online mode. You have more customers and substantial sales of alcohol over the year.

People get to know your brand better, and your competitor suffers.Brand recognition and more sales are one of the crucial reasons why you need an Alcohol Delivery App for your business.

Convenience to customers

Your customer can order online by sitting at home. The user does not need to get out of their house, drive or walk to the liquor store and get alcohol. With the changing trends and customers wishing for comfort in everything, your Alcohol Delivery app will be a hit!

Customer verification

If you sell alcohol, you shall have all the necessary information about your customers before the sale. You shall have a document verification feature on your app. Your customers can scan and upload the necessary documents, verify their age and finally order alcohol.

Your app should be able to verify if the customers are eligible to buy alcohol as per the government norms. The legal age for alcohol buying and drinking is different for countries. Your app should be able to take in information and verify it according to the country and rules of each.

Features to add to your Alcohol Delivery App

If you are making an Alcohol Delivery App, you shall ensure to make one that rules the market! You may gain success by creating an app with excellent UI/UX and features that stand out. If you can make your customers happy, you will have an advantage over your competitors and gain maximum profits!

Let us look at the features you may add to your Alcohol Delivery App for the best results!

Engaging Theme

Would anyone want to open an app with a boring theme and dull colors? Your app's outline should display that you are the best Alcohol Delivery App on the market!

A cheery and comfortable vibe would encourage users to order more from your Alcohol Delivery App. The theme of your app also depends on your target audience. You shall make your app's theme by considering that you sell to general buyers, restaurants, alcohol vendors, etc.

Easy Search

Your customers should easily be able to find the alcohol they want. You can provide easy search options. You may add filters and sort options to find your customers the drink they wish to have.

Imagine craving some whiskey and not remembering the type you like at that moment? Multiple options by single-word search will make finding the perfect drink effortless for your customers! This feature will attract more customers to order from you and recommend it to others.

Push Notification button

What if you could receive updates about the price drops, new alcohol range, and offers?

Let your customers have an option to turn on notifications to get updates from the app. With the help of the notification feature, you can reach out to customers daily and advertise your Alcohol Delivery App.


Imagine it's 3 AM, and your customer wishes to buy a bottle of wine but isn't sure about something. Now your customer does not know who to ask. They switch to another app or go to a local vendor to buy some alcohol. What happens then? You lose a customer!

But wouldn’t it be different if you could provide instant support to that user?

You can add a chatbot to your Alcohol Delivery App. You can use BotPenguin to create a chatbot! BotPenguin is a chatbot development platform you can use to make chatbots for your websites and applications. Moreover, you can integrate your chatbots with social media and other platforms.

Real-Time Tracking and delivery

After your customers order their favorite drinks, let them track their order from the local store to their doorstep. You can share the delivery driver's details with them and let them contact the driver in case of doubts or delay.

You may allow the Alcohol Delivery app's integration with Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc., and let them see where their order travels before reaching them! Order tracking would build customer trust and increase your sales indirectly.

Multiple Payment Options

Adding multiple payment options for your customers should be there on your list of features. What if your customer has one payment option (like a credit card), but your app only accepts cash?

You should let your customers choose the type of payment they wish to make. They should be able to make payments via cash, credit/ debit cards, Gpay, and other cashless payment options.

Support for multiple languages

Having one local language is fine if you reach out to your region's audience. But if you are connecting with the buyers worldwide, you should allow them to select from multiple languages. Make your app compatible with more than one language.

After the Alcohol Delivery App's download, let your customers select the language they are the most comfortable in, and then they can start shopping!

Top Alcohol Delivery Apps in the market

You shall look at some of the most used Alcohol Delivery Apps!. These apps have made huge profits by selling their alcohol and acting as third-party apps between local vendors and customers.


This alcohol delivery app is available on iOS and Android. Drizly offers delivery of beer, wine, and liquor for its customers. You can get delivery of alcohol within an hour with this app. The app delivers alcohol to customers in more than 100 cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago.


If you want to add extra spice to your drinking time, Saucey is for you! This alcohol delivery app offers on-demand services with alcohol. These services include having a bartender for an hour and other packages. You can have last-minute deliveries or order alcohol for yourself and your company.


This app offers delivery of beer, wine, alcohol, and nonalcoholic mixers across more than 40 cities within an hour!

Like Saucey, Minibar offers features like renting a bartender for an hour. You can get recommendations according to earlier orders, size, price range, etc.

Final Words

As per IBISWorld, the sale of Online alcohol saw a growth of 11.6% from 2014-to 2019 and has been increasing ever since. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting an Alcohol Delivery business via an app, you will experience victory.

But for the best outcome, your Alcohol Delivery shall have the features that satisfy customer needs. Moreover, your app shall make buying alcohol smoothest for your customers.

Add features that suit your customer choices and bring profit to you and your business. You can take help from AppsRhino! AppsRhino is an app-building platform. Contact us today and create the Best Alcohol Delivery App to become the favorite in the market!