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Brewing Alcohol On-demand

alcohol on demand

With continual gratification of consumers with just one tap on the screen, the on-demand economy is now aligned to offer more niche products and services. The brewing subgroups from on-demand services as of now involves the delivery of the wine, beer, whiskey, and other alcoholic drinks. Startups in the brewing alcohol industry have raised funding of more than $100 million. That’s huge. And that holds a lot of potential for on-demand Alcohol domain. And a few, On-demand Alcohol ventures emerged as star players on this platform.

Startups such as Saucey and Drizzly are in the buzz being able to quench the thirst of their consumers, thereby, earning a whopping revenue of $7 million and $4.5 million in recent times.

Convenience to order booze at home and enjoy with friends and family.

Today, convenience is what matters in this fast pacing world. Where consumers are ordering food and groceries from the apps, the on-demand brewing alcohol also is the hottest subject for entrepreneurs to establish a niche in this sector. The on-demand brewing alcohol Apps is an option reserved for the consumers who no longer profoundly indulge in visiting the liquor stores or bars. Rather, enjoying Soccer or Baseball on TV from the comfort zone of the house seems to be an ideal way. Thus, on-demand Alcohol apps have been serving good times from quite a while and its demand is estimated to grow at the rate of 11.6% annually.

Order anytime as per your requirement

Another boon that consumers have because of the on-demand platform is ordering goods anytime they want, at any place. If you are in the midst of your house party and then your refrigerator run out of alcohol. Buying another pack of bottles from the stores would be a complete mood killer. So, one just wish for a person standing at the door with packs of liquor in hand. So, Alcohol On-demand apps offer complete convenience with instant delivery of booze at your place. On-demand brewing alcohol Apps are a boon for consumers, saving their time and money.

Brand and variety you can make a choice from

Many a time we end up comprising buying brewing liquor of the other brands because of the unavailability of a specific brand at the store. The part of the city you live in might not offer a particular brand of liquor you like. That’s a bummer. But, on-demand Booze Marketplace caters an assortment of liquor brands and you can grab your favorites here. A marketplace like Drizly does it especially well, offering local and rare brands as well as the mainstream ones, through the aggregation of thousands of retailers. In an age where most of us exit an app within seconds if we don’t see something we want, nothing sells like giving consumers the choice to make them feel in complete control of the transaction.

Prescheduled Delivery

Just when the technology couldn’t get any cooler, there’s an advantage to preschedule the liquor delivery which allows to schedule delivery well in advance. Preschedule delivery is the future of Online Ordering. Now, you can plan events and organize everything well before time.

Ventures like GrubHub and Amazon have explored the potential of Prescheduled delivery and are furnishing needs of their consumers. These organizations are successfully hitting the success rate by offering instant delivery, now pre-schedule delivery, thus, satisfying their masses.

As on-demand liquor Apps is a brewing topic from the subgroups of the on-demand economy which is gaining the momentum in the on-demand industry.

According to Statista, total alcoholic beverage sales in the United States amounts approximately 223.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Americans spent around 120.01 U.S. dollars per consumers unit on wine consumed at home. These numbers are proof that many opportunities prevail for the entrepreneurs aiming to taste the success of on-demand alcohol venture.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective:

The latest trend in on-demand alcohol delivery app development shows quite an increase in revenue growth. For the past 5 years, the industry showed the revenue growth of around 11%, in which 6% growth is anticipated only in 2018.

No warehouse, no problem. Sell alcohol to the whole city.

The U.S.A. is the second-largest producer of beer amounting to $224 million and fourth-largest exporter of wine. This trend showcases the United State’s capacity to encourage many on-demand Alcohol startups to join the board.

To run a successful digital booze venture, one doesn’t need to burn pockets for an extra payment of inventory/warehouse rent. Rather, the Aggregation Business Model is the solution. Aggregation Business Model involves aggregation of many liquor vendors and management of the fleet. Plus, low setup costs involved. Therefore, on-demand alcohol platform is a big yay for all the budding entrepreneurs. The customer base will increase i.e. expansion to multiple cities.

Increase in customer’s base i.e. Expansion to multiple cities.

According to a survey, Around 52% of people are influenced by word-of-mouth brand publicity. If a brand is successful in gratifying one sect of its consumers by offering reliable and quality services, then the happy consumers spread brand awareness like wildfire.

Also, the role of social media is very crucial to establish a strong brand image for consumers. Neglecting promotion of brand or promotion of inadequate content on different social media channels could be a blunder for any organization.

Thus, the right marketing strategies, good quality services, and a happy customer base- a conglomeration of all is a win-win formula for a star venture.

Create brand value through Social Media:

Social Media has been a frontrunner in the establishment or destruction of brand value. Social Media is becoming more important for every leading organization to use it for external promotions and customer management. According to a survey, the total population using social media is more than the total population of the most populated country, China. Around 90% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. Several billion users are connected on social media. Take the scenario of Qatar Airways, 12 million people have liked the quality services of Qatar Airways. Brand Equity is also important aspect carved in a consumer’s mind which differentiates and predominates it from the rest.

Formulating adequate strategies for your venture is important. Selection of appropriate social media platforms needs to be chosen for brand promotions in order to reap all the benefits in the coming future.

Sell-side dishes/snacks

The human tendency for not being able to satisfy one thing. The desire to get more is a part of everyone’s persona. Like the demand to avail all the services at once, from one app is rising, the option to deliver sides along with booze is complete perfection. It is set to attract loyal consumers and thus hikes in booze sales and profits.

To Conclude:

Alcohol on-demand is an emerging platform which seems to hold many exciting opportunities for the entrepreneurs and much of the convenience at the consumer’s end. So, there’s a no-brainer that in the coming years ahead, ordering alcohol on demand will be equally as easy as ordering a Taxi or a Pizza. Thus, the future lies in the lap of On-demand Economy.

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