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Complete Solution


Intuitive app design let users order and book easily on the go.


Aerial view for the admin to keep track of users and agents.


Agent can receive on-demand orders for delivery and booking requests.


Giving partner merchants access to all their previous orders and ability to assign tasks.


Business owners can mark Chauffeur’s profile as verified.


Customers will be able to see the estimates before requesting a Chauffeur.


Two way SOS ensures safety for both rider and Chauffeur.


Ability to book a Chauffeur in advance for a scheduled trip or request instantaneously.


Schedule rides on behalf of customers easily from dispatch panel.

Driver scheduling

Manage schedule of your drivers and define their work hours.


Keep track of earnings over a period of time and generate reports accordingly.

Trip history

History of all the trips made by all the drivers along with customer and pricing details.

Comparison Table

Values We Provide that Others Don’t

Four way solution

Pack of four platforms consists of intuitive apps for Customers, Agents/Drivers and web panel with analytics and reports for Merchants/Vendors and an Administrator thus keeping our clients a step ahead of their competition.


A branded business solution will help small to medium size businesses save as much as 10 times money on IT solution as compared to getting a custom app developed.


We understand your requirements for exponential growth, ranging from Security to IP rights. Unlike our competitors, we are willing to share the source code for you and your sister companies.


We have our on-ground representatives in: USA- New York, Houston, Chicago, Boston Canada- Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary United Kingdom- London Europe- Rome, Copenhagen Asia- Chandigarh, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Shanghai Africa- Johannesburg, Lagos, Abuja, Addis Ababa Oceania- Sydney, Melbourne, Tauranga


“To Change, To Enhance, To Grow is what we live with, so do our products.” We regularly roll out updates to give pace to your business growth.


Chatbots are here! Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Line are your new sales counters. Taking orders, Giving suggestions, Booking appointments, Answering customer queries there is nothing bots can’t be trained for.


Admin can keep a bird’s eye view of operations and keep track of all the events occurring in his business ecosystem. It’s been said no one can predict future, well as far as the business forecast is concerned why don’t you give a shot to our powerful Analytics system.


Techies focus on technology, Business owners take a holistic approach towards business. We not only provide you the scalable product but also to take the product to the market and building the user base.


If you have an idea that’s never been thought of before, there is no freaking way you can buy the pre-existing product. Unlike our competitors, we have the resources to do additional customizations if and when required.