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Here are 7 hacks every Entrepreneur should know to succeed in the On-Demand Industry.

Do you desire to have a successful service provider in the “On-Demand” economy? But think deeply with facts why uber-like apps have made a significant place in our lives. From where they started? What was the concept which takes them so far?

All is they understand the need for time and analysis the customer behavior. Come, and let’s know what you need to understand before jumping in the business of “On-Demand” service app business.

The present scenario states that the mobile users spend a reasonable amount of time, doing daily routine chores with the use of the mobile app and we not talking about youngsters who cannot go five minutes without updating their social status or posting a photo, video or story to Instagram. But here we are talking about quality time, business people, students, office workers, doctors, homemakers, sales managers, aircraft pilots, cooks, users like you and me who use their smartphones for dozens of tasks of everyday life.

People using on-demand service apps positively. They love binge-watching movies over Netflix. They call beautician, the therapist at home and take their services in their comfort zone.

Before zero down your idea of on-demand service app, below are the particular points with facts about what an entrepreneur knows about this economy before hiring the development team.

How does On-Demand Apps work?

Their essential effort is finding a service provider close to your location within the shortest time. They charge based on pay-as-you-go without any subscriptions or plans.

Presently if we consider the ROI in business, then creating an on-demand service app is a great startup idea. However, even if it seems quite easy and straightforward, but the development phase of an on-demand service app requires thoughtful preparation, thorough analysis, and smooth performance. The development phase has two sides – organizing the actual service and creating the application, and one cannot compromise any of these. You have to deliver the best and quality service is the key. You will have exactly one chance to get launched and win the trust of your customers-to-be.

Come with us, and we will tell you the hacks which provides you with in-depth knowledge about the on-demand service app and how to get successful in this business.

1) Analyze the market and select what kind of service your app will offer

Consumer segmentation and demographic industry are different according to every business. Entrepreneurs/Investors have a massive list of industries to provide on-demand services; on-demand services is an extensive area with many options. Market analysis gives you an idea of the industry along with customer preference, their needs, and what are your competitors offering in the market. Below are a few concept bases on the market demands one can think for it to provide on-demand services on them Delivery services, like meals/food, liquors, flowers, personal packages, self-grooming, therapist, etc.

Health services, such as handling doctor appointments, remote/online consultations, home visit arrangements. Household services, for example, dry cleaning, house cleaning, laundry, and decoration.

On-demand all type of wedding services.


Sport and fitness, searching available groups and coaches according to choices.

Dog walking

Beauty services

Car parking


The already existing on-demand services are majorly offering services in one industry, but one can think to provide several functions in one app like urbanclap. But, it all depends upon finding reliable providers and create smart service packages, then why not to go for such ideas? Example, offer medical consultation or doctors’ appointments as your primary service and also provide taxi transport to and from a hospital.

2) Make sure your app is fulfilling the purpose

Your app should be meaningful. If you do this step correctly, you have won the half battle. Sometimes the service your app offer may be something people don’t want. Like, offering to dog’s walk-in green premises of your nearby area where the majority of locals are retired people is probably not the right idea. Your potential customers will prefer to walk their dogs themselves because for them it is like an exercise, not a chore. For them, it could be a possibility to socialize with other people, a time well-spent. Whereas busy office workers living in apartment buildings will acknowledge if someone else took their pets out in the nearest park on weekdays when they come late from work.

3) Build your customer before building the product

Services on Demand aren’t novel today and drawing a lot of customers by offering discounted deals. The best customer experience from your service app can be the best hack to grow the on-demand business. As per Forester research, every dollar invested in user experience brings 100 dollars in return to business. Margins in “on-demand” businesses are thin, so volume is the main factor. And you have to get this volume up, rapidly. Therefore buy customer lists, acquire potential competitors and do what you need to do to get that customer base up and fast. If you don’t form the step by step, you’ll lose money and go under. Simple as that.

4) Engage Reliable Service Providers

Your entire business depends upon service providers. It does not matter what kind of service you offer; you will be only as good as people who do the work. Engage enough providers to cover the demand area and to be able to serve the entire geographic area which you plan to provide your services in. Offer attractive package deals to your users, but don’t forget about the rating. Your service users should be able to rate the service level they have experienced simultaneously banging the best service providers that the top of the list ,which enhance their possibilities to come back to use your services next time. Add more features like customer feedback section for people to describe their impression of the service they’ve received. Take the criticism positively to serve better in the future.

5) Begin with Minimum Viable Product

The analysis of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will show whether you are going in the right direction. With the use of the MVP concept, you will be able to estimate your proposed business opportunities at minimum investment. Do an engaged and impressive landing page with a link to your price list and keep an eye on how many clicks and sign-ups you are getting.

6) Build an easy registration process

Keep the registration process hassle-free and less time-consuming. Figure an and straightforward registration process, with an option of, supporting registration and login with social media accounts. Always make the registration page hassle-free and very user-friendly, as it the first-page user see while using the app. It has seen many times; users exit the app in between if the registration process takes a long time.

7) Practice location-based marketing.

Accurate geolocation is an essential feature of an on-demand service app. The accurate geolocation is necessary to save the time of your keep your customers, so service provider has to be geographically close to the location of the user — the customers required to look into where their provider is and how long it will take him to reach. In the transportation and delivery services, geolocation is an essential feature to allow specifying pickup locations and destinations. Users love watching their taxi approach on the map in real-time. So, make sure your app include geolocation in your on-demand service app development plan.

8) Add futuristic technology

A standardized mobile application must have a solid technological foundation. Choose sufficient tools and environments both for your frontend and backend to ensure proper performance of your request, scalability, and security. The server should manage the heavy load, in case the app has been used widely. There are several cloud-based technology solutions which can serve this purpose while keeping your on-demand app cost at a reasonable level.


Above stating facts conclude that developing an on-demand application is a great startup idea. On-demand services are emerging now, reaching new heights, providing new services, and this is the reason, the market offers enormous business opportunities. One can start a small local business and, if you have done your homework properly and developed your product with attention and care in-depth, you will soon be able to expand further. The widely used Uber has started the concept of mobile on-demand service applications begun with offering premium class cars in only a few areas of the US. Presently, it is a worldwide company present in 632 cities and worth $70 billion. On-Demand offers consumers what they’ve craved for many centuries: instant fulfillment of every requirement, at the tap of a button. Presently, your target customer is empowered by smartphones and feel entitled, to get what they want faster, easier and cheaper. Hence, businesses need to push hard to improve and optimize value chains, simplify features and make the UI and UX of their apps friction-less.

The On-Demand business model is changing the way people think, buy and spend worldwide. The technologies that make it feasible are still very new and rapidly developing with time and requirement. Hi-end technology users around the world have already figured out how advantageous the On-Demand economy is. With time, they are going to be used widely with more technological features, only. One thing we can say for sure now, there will be no looking back, instead, startups come with novel ideas to explore this industry more.

You are free and prepared enough to offer them your services.