Case Study

About App


Our client Marvin Foong came to us with the requirement of developing a unique dating app that let users find travel partners to travel across the globe. Being a seasoned entrepreneur, he assisted us in best way to provide business and operational insights and our developers who we proudly refer as magicians developed one of the best and the most unique dating app.

Key Features


Business Requirement


This was the first app on app store that helps you find on demand companions, we have heard about on demand grocery, taxi but companions to travel around the world was never thought before, This is a perfect platform for extroverts and also enable to you offer yourself as a tour guide for people travelling to your country.


An app that let you find a travel companion on basis of your preferences. Unique feature in this app includes the financial status; if you don’t have the funds, you can find someone to finance your trip and if you have the finances and you are in search of a companion, you will not go empty handed from the app. Subscription module is there to ensure only genuine people use the app.



We developed the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. iOS app was developed in Swift and Android was developed in Java. The backend panel was coded in node.js and jquery.