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How App development will boost your Laundry business?

The practical conveniences of mobile apps keep influencing new businesses to enter the world of smart mobility. On-demand Laundry service is also one of them. The on-demand laundry business is the perfect solution to the busy humans running around. Owing to high-pressure jobs and the growing pace of life, there arises a “business segment” that takes care of smaller but important needs of people. And people are ready to pay a little extra for a service that saves their time. It offers them a great deal of convenience and is available in just a few taps via phone.It has been discerned that, there is always one or the other on-demand app is available for every type of service to make it easy for the users to access it. As per Rockbridge stats, the total consumers of on-demand products and services in the U.S. were about 42M in 2017, which is elevated to reach to 93M by 2022. Therefore, it can be assumed that this trend is not going to fade away; instead, it will escalate more after 2025 at a fast pace.Before going deep into working and advantages of on-demand laundry app, first, get to know about the few successful online laundry businesses.CleanlyIn 2015 Cleanly competed in Y Combinator and raised $2.3 million in seed funding, and following to this, $5 million more in the series A. Cleanly, declared in 2016, their annual revenue in NYC alone reached $2.5 million.RinseRinse is US-based laundry startup venture, which provides dry cleaning, ironing, and laundry services. Rinse was founded in 2013 and raised $23.5 million in total.LaundrappAs per Crunchbase, Laundrapp has $2 million in revenue and has raised totally 14.5 million in 4 funding rounds.Source: Statista.comWhat are the benefits of on-demand laundry app?Saves time: On-demand laundry service saves the user’s major bunch of time. There is no need for customers to waste a couple of hours by washing dirty clothes or taking clothes to a laundry shop. Such apps also offer dry cleaning and ironing services. All it requires a few taps and all dirty clothes will be clean in a couple of days. Schedule pick up as per user’s availability: Customers can schedule pickups and deliveries. They can customize their orders. Like, a customer can ask for washing with specific detergents or softener. After placing an order, users can check their status in the mobile application. They can watch over whether the order is in a queue or is already done.On-Demand laundry app can be a good way to upgrade your manual laundry business. The laundry management software, helps you to get better customer loyalty and add new customers who don’t want to waste their time in search of laundry shop, all manually. You can add more automated features in the future.Laundry mobile app can also be a platform that connects customers and laundry provider. Therefore, you can start a business from starting, and in this case, the app work as a marketplace, where customers can find the nearest laundry shop. You need not invest in equipment but will profit on the basis of the interest rate. All you required to find a laundryman who can pick up and deliver clothes.How on-demand laundry business model works?Customer PanelRegister with the phone number or emailLogin via social accounts or email account credentials for availing the laundry services in a very convenient and a seamless way.View nearby Laundry Service (It facilitates the user to recognize the laundry service providers that are nearby to their current location, thus enabling them to fetch the services within a minimized time).Select laundry type and view pricesSelect the suitable laundry options such as washing, ironing or dry-cleaning along with the price list so as to set the suitable laundry budget.Select the pickup date and delivery dateUsers can choose the suitable pickup date for the clothes and can set the delivery date as well, as per there availability.Send laundry RequestOnce the price list and services are seen by the users, they can place the orders for the type of services they are interested in.Track laundryman on Google mapUsers can watch the location of the laundryman in real-timeView Order status (Picked, washed, En-route, Drop)On the order confirmation notification, a user can verify the status of the orders he made.Pay via COD or In-app (Card, Net banking)View Order history, current and previous orders.View Offers and DiscountsRefer your friend and earn rewardsWrite your reviews and rate the serviceLaundry Service ProviderLog in/Sign upSame as user panel, the laundry man can log in/Signup into the account using email or social networking account.View and Manage ProfileManage laundry chargesView Order RequestManage Orders and their statusView Order historyManage Offers and discountView Reviews and RatingsSuper Admin PanelEffective Management of Laundry ManUser ManagementLaundry Category ManagerManage CommissionPayment ManagementContent ManagementAnalytics ( App usage, total users)More advance futures can be added:Push NotificationIn-app MessagingSplit PaymentVarious payment options.One-Tap Pickup Request ButtonChallenges in on-demand laundry industry:1) Finding Professional labourThe sector is majorly dependent on skilled labours. There may be machinery and software involved, but at the end of the day, dependency on the manual work cannot be removed. The industry is trying to overcome this issue by offering fair wages to the labourers as most of the work is done by them.2) Lower marginsMaximum times the customers want to get their laundry delivered at home. And no one wants to pay extra at the same time. Therefore, the main challenge for the sector is to find out the customers who can pay some increased price. These days, due to high competition in the market, the margin in the business is not too much, and these little increments are required for the survival of the sector.3) Experiences of the customersHumans are involved in this whole process. As due to high expectations of customers, labour has to take care very minutely as there is zero space for human error due to the non-automated process. Therefore, it is a great challenge to personalize the experience of the customer and make to excellent every time.4) Customer Retention RateThere are various options for the customer; he can go for both online as well as offline options for them. Therefore, with all these options, it is quite challenging to intact the customer and low customer loyalty sum up to lower customer retention.5) Establishment in the marketThere must be some luring policies to engage the skilled labours towards the on-demand laundry platform as attracting these skilled labours will be the biggest milestone for the establishment of the on-demand platform in the market. Add on to this; the customers need to be also attracted. This can be achieved by several discount policies which will certainly attract the customers.Conclusion: Grab the opportunityOn-demand services will be future, and many technologies can be added for more better user experience. A mobile app can bring many new opportunities for your on-demand laundry business. In this cutting-edge competition, it is essential to ensure the easy availability of your products or services across a wide variety of platforms. Ordering product using mobile phones is more prevalent than ever in present times. You only need to place an effective marketing strategy to it and let your on-demand laundry mobile app earn money for you.If you think that your business also needs an on-demand app to take your online business to a new level presence, then contact our “on-demand analysis team”. Our best on-demand app developers will try their level best to construct a unique and feature-rich cross-platform app that will align with your business goals.