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How do on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates generate revenue?

food delivery apps like Postmates

Today people look for hassle-free services and considering their demands many companies have come up with such services that have made it possible for the customers to relax at their homes and get served at the same time. One such on-demand service that got both loved and accepted by the customers is food delivery services. The doorstep services have been a huge success and many companies have evolved in the food industry making the food delivery app architecture highly sought after.

Market Size

· A survey showed that 51% of people preferred buying using delivery apps rather than dining out in the restaurants.

· 67% of the users are looking to order food in minutes and 22% of the people buy much when ordering food online.

· 29% of the people consider online reviews before ordering from a food delivery app.

§ It is much more convenient to order food online and get the food delivered at home rather than going out and dine.

§ People tend to try many more varieties of cuisines from online food delivery apps as they can easily scroll through the app and find out restaurants and trending delicacies.

Why choose online food delivery?

§ As payment is digitized people find it easier to pay online for their order through multiple payment options accepted by the food delivery app

§ Due to the high rise in competition, food delivery apps keep on offering discounts to the customers which make them stick to particular apps, hence customers get rewarded for their loyalty by these food delivery app companies.

§ Last but not the least people get doorstep deliveries which make these food delivery services a much better option as compared to dine-out services.

Postmates App: Creating Demand and Services

Postmates app is an American-based start-up that aimed at delivering services to people including meals, groceries, and other basic products. The app has helped customers to connect with local stores that did not have delivery services.

With its growing popularity, Postmates has become one of the toughest competitors for existing delivery companies like Amazon.

How do apps like Postmates work?

Apps like Postmates make users register in the Postmates app to acquire basic details of the user like Name, Contact details, email address. After the registration the user is eligible to order products from the Postmates app. The user can select the required products and add to the cart. After that he has to make the payment in the Postmates app after which his order is accepted and further processed. A postmate (delivery man hired by apps like Postmates) receives a notification after which he collects the products to deliver from the given outlet. Postmates app guarantees to deliver the products within one-hour duration. The user can track the order to know the location and time it will take to reach at his doorstep.

How Does Food Delivery App Like Postmates Earn Revenue?

Food delivery apps like Postmates have three modes of earning which are mentioned below:

1. Commission: Postmates app charges commission from the partnered restaurants for each order made through the Postmates app.

2. Advertisements: Since there are a huge number of restaurant and menu options, the food delivery apps like Postmates consist of a feature for suggested restaurants, or cuisines. For this type of marketing, the Postmates app charges a fee from the restaurants.

3. Delivery men: Food delivery applications like Postmates hire delivery men who provide orders at the customer’s doorstep. For each delivery, a postmate gets some part of the order amount and they also get tips from the satisfied customers.

Why Postmates Is a Successful Experiment?

Being expensive and in high demand proves that Postmates has something unique that distinguishes its architecture from other delivery apps.

The following features involved are discussed below:

Food delivery apps like Postmates offer heavy discounts on the products to be delivered which attracts the customers towards its services.

Postmates app provides subscription plans by charging a flat fee for one-month free delivery service on orders over $20.

Apart from delivering food, Postmates app provides other product delivery options as well 24/7.

Food delivery apps like Postmates cover most of the local restaurants and stores to provide the customers with real online stores.

Other Players in the Food Delivery Market

UberEats: UberEats is a global brand that originated after the huge success of its parent Uber. UberEats creates a delivery app service that is known for its user-friendly and customer-oriented approach. The user can simply download the app and can enjoy Ubereats services. UberEats provides a tough competition for food delivery apps like Postmates.

DoorDash: DoorDash is known for its quality services in the U.S. and Canada. DoorDash has created a food delivery app that concentrates on customer satisfaction by partnering with the to-quality restaurants that deliver fine meal options which makes it difficult for food delivery apps like Postmates to flourish easily.

GrubHub: GrubHub is a company that has created a delivery app known not for one but two food delivery apps which are: GurbHub and Seamless. One of the unique features offered by this app is the user can save multiple addresses for getting their food delivered. This makes it easier for the people who often order from different locations.

Food delivery apps such as GrubHub and Seamless give apps like Postmates a tough time to stand out in the food industry.

In a Nutshell

Food delivery companies such as Postmates have already established their base, but anyone offering both quality and advanced services will thrive in the market which has tremendous growth potential.

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