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How to start a laundry pickup and delivery service business

how to start a laundry pickup and delivery service business

According to Digital Journal Report, At 34% CAGR, Online On-Demand Laundry Service Market Projected to Reach USD 96,155 million by 2024

The on-demand industry has been creating magical, revolutionary ripples all around the world, and there is no denying the fact. To the masses, it is offering tons and tons of convenience. And to the businesses, it is offering more and more ideas and opportunities to expand and win. Laundry is one such area, where the on-demand model has worked extremely well for people since it takes away their cumbersome task of washing dirty clothes. Well, doing your own laundry can definitely be a headache at times! So, as the consumer was looking for a solution, the on-demand model emerged to hit the nail right!

An on-demand laundry app allows users to request a pick-up of their dirty clothes at a specified time, and get the washed and cleaned clothes delivered at their doorstep, again at the desired time. Needless to say, it takes away another hassle of the consumer of dropping and picking up clothes at the laundry store. Witnessing these rising consumer interest levels and considering the huge potential of growth, a lot of traditional laundry set-ups have re-invented their business models to move the on-demand way, and many newcomers have taken a deep dive into technology to join the bandwagon. In both cases, it is important to establish a business model that clearly defines your goals and objectives.

So exactly how to start a laundry pickup and delivery service business

Easy and Convenient App for a start

The term ‘convenience’ has become very special over the period of time and needs to be the primary offering of each business. An on-demand dry cleaning/laundry app definitely needs to be user-friendly and yes, convenient. Don’t make the user juggle with too many features or too much information, which could drive him away. Rather, the interface should be kept very simple so that the user could easily make his way through the app.

Key Features of an On-Demand Mobile App for Laundry Business

Schedule pick-up and drop off

Understand that pick-up and drop off of laundry should work around the schedule of your customers, even if that means a lot of effort on your part. Allow the user to schedule the pickup and delivery date and time according to his convenience, and then plan your services accordingly. Moreover, in the end, make sure that you follow the timings mentioned by the customer and don’t make them wait, something that could drive them furious.


Send prompt notifications on the user’s phone as soon as their clothes are ready. With such notifications, the customers feel updated and do not panic. And, this would also help you avoid the huge rush of phone calls or queries through apps to check the garment status.

Tracking of the order status

The app should clearly have the feature that allows users to virtually track the status of their order whenever they want to. The customer should be able to find out whether their garments are in processing or are out for delivery. By knowing the exact status, they are assured that their garments are safe, which would further strengthen their confidence in your services. Moreover, the app should also consist of an option, where the user could review the entire history of his orders, in case he wants to make note of any previous service.

Add some unique features

Try to be creative and make your app more interesting by adding certain unique features that could earn you an extra point. For example, you could add a feature where the user could specify whether any particular cleaning method needs to be adopted for a particular garment or where the customer could highlight certain stains by sharing pictures.

Exciting offers and discounts

Discounts and offers always work well with all kinds of businesses. Make sure that you introduce these from time to time and highlight the same in the app so that the customer can instantly avail the benefit. This works especially well if you have recently launched your on-demand laundry service. For example, 25% off on the services at the time of launch could help you catch hold of more customers and ensure a great start. Over time, once the trust of the users is earned, the business would continue to grow.

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Make sure follow a transparent approach and hire the best developers to design an exclusive on-demand laundry app.