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Instacart vs Amazon Fresh vs Walmart Grocery – Best grocery delivery services in 2022


The best grocery delivery services deliver freshest veggies, meat, dairies, and packaged items. They don’t compromise on quality, delivery and are available at the cheapest bargain. On-demand grocery delivery had been a luxury a few years back. But as the pandemic changed the course of human lives, on-demand grocery delivery has become a norm and has swiftly entered our lives.

It now helps the elderly to get monthly kitchen refills, working couples who do not have grocery shopping time, or some last-minute requirements. 

Even after the pandemic subsides, it’s believed that most of us would stick to online grocery delivery. Because of the ease and convenience that these grocery delivery services provide. Remember the last time you visited a grocery store how much time it required to navigate through aisles? Or may have forgotten some of the items too!

The grocery delivery services make everything easier. But each of them has pros and cons. Some of them provide free delivery to premium users, while others require a minimum order. So which is the best service?  Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or Walmart Grocery. Let’s find out in this blog.


After the pandemic hit the grocery delivery services became very prominent in our lives. Now most Americans use this service. But the top grocery delivery services converge to only a few. So we do a quick comparison of which is the best service among Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart grocery.

Instacart is an online marketplace where personal shoppers shop our groceries. It has a monthly plan of $9.99 and a yearly $99. This subscription entitles users to avail free deliveries on orders above $35. And its services are available all over the US.

Amazon Fresh is a must-use for Amazon Prime members, though some products are unlisted and you have to be a required demographic.

Walmart Grocery is an online Walmart supermarket. It has a familiar feel to Walmart customers. However, it has the widest variety of products and it self-pick-ups with no extra charges, grabbing the deal.

But there are worthy alternatives that come with unique benefits. Some of them include  Costco Grocery, FreshDirect, Vons, Thrive Market, and so on.

Instacart vs Amazon Fresh vs Walmart Grocery



Instacart has a massive participating market. It operates in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Plus, it can deliver items within an hour.

Unlike other services (Amazon Fresh and Walmart Groceries), Instacart is an online marketplace. It uses personal shoppers to shop on our behalf, from the local store and supermarkets like Whole Foods, Costco and Petco. If you shop through Instacart regularly, you can subscribe to Instacart Express for $99 annually or $9.99 monthly. Instacart Express entitles you to free deliveries on orders above $35.moreover; you get 5% off on service charges.

How much does it cost?

For Instacart, the minimum order value is $10. And the delivery fees range from $3.99 to $7.99 according to the delivery time. 

Who should go for Instacart?

If you find groceries cheaper somewhere else or don’t want same-day delivery. You can opt out of Instacart.

Amazon Fresh


Amazon Fresh is an online grocery store. It is the same as its parent website Just pick items, add to cart, and checkout. Amazon Fresh sells fresh produce, meat, and seafood, dairy, cheese, prepared food, snacks, beverages. Moreover, it has a section of baby supplies, household supplies, healthcare, beauty, pet supplies, and alcoholic beverages.   

Amazon Fresh offers free delivery for its Amazon Prime members and all eligible orders over $35. However, it offers services in selected areas, and you have to check location eligibility.

How much does it cost?

Amazon Fresh tends to be the most pricey among this list. The prime membership costs $119 annually. The order eligible for delivery should be above $35 or sometimes $50. However, the listed products are competitively priced and offer good bargains.

Who should go for Amazon Fresh?

The premium subscribers often don’t find their favorite products in it. Moreover, you must be available in the select market. But if the two criteria don’t apply to you, you can go for it.

Walmart Grocery


Walmart has operated in the US since the 1960s, so it has a natural customer inclination. While in the delivery segment, it delivers groceries to most US states. Further, they have a wider variety of products compared to the above. They sell clothing and electronics parallel to groceries and food, just as in a Walmart store. 

You can set delivery windows and get home supplies delivered to your doorstep. Or you can schedule time slots for self-delivery with no additional costs.

How much does it cost?

Walmart grocery offers unlimited free deliveries at $98 annually or $12.95 per month. And also no charges for self-pick-up.

Who should go for Walmart Grocery?

Walmart’s $98 yearly subscription plan is worth paying, as it provides free deliveries with a wide range of products. Moreover, self-pick is an attractive option for those who mind shopping themselves without paying a single dollar. And customers can combine groceries with other products.

The best grocery delivery service is…

It is an intimate question. The value for money service is either Walmart Grocery or Instacart. Walmart Grocery shopping with self-pickup is the best-combined online and drive-in purchase. Instacart’s home delivery for a monthly price of $9.99 becomes the first choice. But for yearly subscriptions again, Walmart grocery is preferable (It’s a whole dollar less than Instacart).

Every delivery service sells similar products. So the comparison boils down to best money saver, quick and widely available delivery services. So, Amazon Fresh comes at a pricey end, though it is the first choice for Prime members. 

Other notable players

Some notable newcomers are worth mentioning. 

Costco Grocery

Costco customers are familiar with it. In addition to groceries, it offers insurance, mortgages, loans, and customers.



FreshDirect is the best for regular grocery shopping. But it should be avoided if you stick to three days a week or weekly shopping. Plus, it is of best value to those who live in NYC, Washington DC, and metropolitan areas.


Vons is derived from Albertson’s company. It is the best value for bulk orders. It also has loyalty programs(like digital coupons, personalized special deals, and reward points).

Thrive Market


It is a socially conscious service and ensures that customers save on groceries.

After mentioning the top grocery delivery services, it seems worth pondering on the following subheading.

Is a grocery delivery service worth using? 


Grocery delivery services are undoubtedly time savers, especially a necessity for those who always run out of time. Or for those who can’t figure out what to buy and how much to buy. Moreover, it’s so useful that in February 2020, three-fourths of Americans used on-demand delivery services.

As you begin to use these services, the new customer discounts let you try various products with little commitment. For instance, Walmart Grocery offers a 15-day free trial, but you need to select a payment plan to be eligible. So it becomes worth trying them and figuring out the best value of money service.