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On Demand Laundry App features and its Cost of Development.

laundry app features
Today, we are surrounded by many on-demand apps and on demand laundry app is leading among all. In today’s fast pacing scenario, on-demand laundry is a necessity. As people don’t want to indulge in washing laundry by figuring out precious time out of their busy schedules which consume a lot of their time.

Ever since the disruption of on-demand mobile applications, on demand laundry app services has successfully met the customer’s need for washing laundry within a fixed time and cost. Laundry on-demand seems to be a bonus for the consumers.

Thus, it is a perfect time to tap the consumer’s need and emerge as a leader in on-demand laundry marketplace.

According to statistics, Laundry and dry cleaning services in the USA from 2010-2022 will hit 7,660 million U.S. Dollars by 2020. A lot of effort is put into the development of a highly reliable and optimized on-demand laundry services app.

In this article, uncover the basic features required to make an on-demand mobile app a total hit in its niche.

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Major components of the Laundry App


Customer Panel

Customer panel is a page where customers interact with various service providers and get their laundry washed by availing of the services offered. These features are vital for any on demand laundry app.

Customer Log in:

Log in with social accounts or email account to avail all the laundry services on one tap.

Locate nearby laundry service providers:

With the help of the geo-location, it helps to identify all the local laundry service providers in the vicinity of the customer. The user can fetch the services in no time.

Selecting laundry services:

The Customer can select any laundry depending upon his need such as washing, ironing or dry cleaning so that an invoice can be generated for all the services availed.

Select pickup and delivery date:

Customers can choose an appropriate date and time for pickup and delivery as per their convenience.

Request for Laundry:

Once all the services such as washing, dry cleaning, and ironing are viewed by the customers, next, customers can send a request for the service he/she seeks to the admin panel.

Track Laundryman:

With the help of the geo-location feature, users can easily track the laundryman and interact with him.

View Order status:

Once the service request is approved by the admin, the user can view the status of the process undergoing.

View order history:

Users can view the history of all the orders that he/she has availed.

View Offers and discounts:

Users can view the latest offers or discount on any particular service type.

Write the review and share experience:

Here, users can write the review for any service provider and also for the services offered by them.

Staff Panel


Log in/Signup:

A service provider can log in/sign up with his/her credential of the email address or social media accounts.

View and manage profile:

The app a laundryman to view his profile, the request that is assigned to him and the list of his pending requests.

Manage Laundry Charge:

A laundry service provider can easily manage the charges as per the number of clothes received and type of service selected by the customer.

View Order Request:

The laundry service provider can manage all of the customer’s requests. A laundry service provider can accept/decline the request of the customers.

Manage Order and its Status:

All the active orders are managed by its own. A service provider can easily view the status of orders processed.

View Order History:

A laundry service provider can view the entire history of the order processed, the request came so as to keep a check on the progress of the business and to keep track of the fulfillment of pending orders.

View Reviews and ratings:

All the reviews and ratings are viewed by the service provider so that necessary steps can be taken in order to improve the quality of services.

Manage Offers and Discount:

All the offers and discounts that are availed the customers and ones that are pending are easily accessed by the service provider.

Admin Panel


Effective management of laundryman

The activities of laundrymen that are assigned for a particular service are tracked here.

User Management:

Requests of all the users that made service request such as washing, dry cleaning and ironing are tracked under this category.

Managing Category Manager:

For every department or services, a category manager is assigned on each request for taking the process further.

Manage Commission:

The commissions paid by the laundry service provider that aggregates with the laundry service provider are tracked or managed under this category.

Manage Payment:

All the payment methods undertaken either by card or by cash are tracked by admin.


Admin can analyze the reports with the app usage, the total number of users using the app and a type of service being availed the most can be tracked.

Technologies involved


Cloud Computing

The advancement of cloud computing has changed the way to utilize computing resources which includes computers, network, data storage, and application services. So, the integration of cloud computing with mobile applications has become a competitive advantage in this cut-throat competition. In the domain of on demand laundry app services, cloud computing services are no exception.Cloud Computing is the primary technology when it comes to the storage of data. Every information related to the users, number of orders, payment history, laundry service providers are stored on the server and can be accessed when required. A mobile application integrated with cloud computing ensures data and business integrity and foster a more reliable, optimized and faster flow of business operations.

GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the prime technology used in on-demand mobile applications. Using the GPS, laundryman is assisted with the relevant destinations and also suggestions of miles to be covered can be covered. Further, the information can be updated in the real-time to the user and the admin in order to keep them updated on the upcoming deliveries.

Analytics Dashboards

It is imperative for the business to clearly visualize and keep a regular check on the competitors, and it is important to identify the major services areas that are leading the race and the ones that are behind. With the help of the analytics, on demand laundry app, businesses can view all the statistics related to sales, user base, the services mostly used, current price standards and much more. Analytics becomes a great advantage in making the business process more efficient and at the same time, figuring out a clear idea about the improvisations required. Many analytic tools such as Open Source Analytics Tools, Apache Spark, etc can be integrated into the app for delivering a streamlined growth to the laundry businesses.

App store optimization

You need not to worry for publicizing your on demand laundry app, as it already integrated with the App optimization and intelligence program that manages the keyword optimization, ratings, and reviews for making your app a big hit on the App Store or Play Store.

AppsRhino’s team of Developers and Designers



iOS App designers, Android App Designers, Back-end App developers.


Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic designers.


The team tests apply a set of tests along with the load test before the app goes live.

The Cost to Develop an On demand Laundry App

First of all, it makes no sense of building such an app in-house due to the presence of multiple tech partners that specialize in the on-demand taxi business. Secondly, the cost of getting an on demand laundry app varies greatly based on the feature set that you need and the quality sought. You can undoubtedly get your work done through a freelancer which would cost you around $2000K per project. But After Launch services and a cheap quality product is one of the issues you might face.

So, opting for premium services from good companies can cost you around $10~25,000 but it will be a viable option. These give you a feature set platform including customer app, laundry or staff app, and a central management platform. Plus, round-the-clock maintenance policy will keep your app updated and it will work butter smooth for a longer period of time.

Further, according to the development phases and the time consumption is disclosed below:

-Time taken for the design of Apps, iOS and Android is around 150-200 hours.

The development hours of iOS can exceed up to 800 hours while the development of Android App can incline up to 750 hours.

Development of Backend can take up to 200 hours.

Development of Admin can take up to 60 hours.

Depending on the time taken for the development of an app, and the location of our developers the cost app can be $200 to $250 per hour.

So, after calculating the overhead cost, average packers a mobile app can cost around $20,000 to $25,000 for iOS and Android platforms.

AppsRhino is a mobile app development company that develops an app for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises. In the 5 years of existence, we have been able to help companies realize their goals on the mobile platform. Contact us to know how we can help your business to reach the next level.

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