Uber For X

On demand Alcohol delivery, Massage, Helicopters, you name it, we have done it! Take your business online with our Uber for X platform

Complete Solution


Intuitive app design let users order and book easily on the go.


Aerial view for the admin to keep track of users and agents.


Agent can receive on-demand orders for delivery and booking requests.


Giving partner merchants access to all their previous orders and ability to assign tasks.


Business owners can mark Chauffeur’s profile as verified.


Customers will be able to see the estimates before requesting a Chauffeur.


Two way SOS ensures safety for both rider and Chauffeur.


​Ability to book a Chauffeur in advance for a scheduled trip or request instantaneously.


Customers can see various checks vehicle has undergone before booking the vehicle.


Before placing the order, customer can get an estimate by entering expected distance and timeline.


Enhanced protections and secured payments via credit card or mobile wallets.


Customers can rate and review the service, making it easier for future customers to make their decision.

Uber for X: Alcohol Delivery

“Our Uber for X platform provide your customers go-to destination for alcohol online that consumers turn to when they need wine, whisky or Beer.”

It will not only help you operate in a better way but also manage your multiple wine/beer shops together.

AppsRhino supports hot trends of Alcohol industry such as “ Concept of Bar Exchange”, Greater the demand for a particular drink, higher will be it’s price.

Launch Your Own Branded Alcohol Delivery App Now.

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Uber for X: On-Demand Massage Services

AppsRhino is your perfect Technology partner if you have your own chain of spas and a bunch of trained therapists to cater to clients at their doorstep.

The app lets user choose the kind of massage they need at the most convenient time and place and booking management system helps you to manage the operations and resources.

Launch your branded booking app with our Uber for X platform.

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Uber for X: Medicine Delivery

Launch your own branded on-demand Pharmacy app with our Uber for X platform to provide convenient access to your customers for OTC medicines, Prescription drugs, healthcare products and much more on the tap.

AppRhino’s Pharmacy suite is Convenient and Affordable for you to start or expand on demand medicine delivery business.

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Uber for X: Car Wash Services

Get your own branded Uber for X app with for your business that allows users to book a car wash or any other car cleaning service on the tap of a button.

Customers can track the status of car wash agent and will be updated when ETA changes.

Business Owners can receive payment online with secure payment gateway, also can get review and ratings to improve the services enabling you to make changes accordingly.

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Uber for X: Tutor Services

Parents can see various listed teachers and their reviews, choose the most suitable one on the basis of their qualifications, expertise & certifications and book a lecture with them.

AppsRhino offers the flexibility of booking the whole course or a particular subject of a tutor for a given period instead of taking the entire course.

AppsRhino helps Educational Institutes/Business Owners to develop an on-demand app for Parents/Students and Teachers. Also a booking software for managing teachers and operations to enhance your services.

Launch your own app with out Uber for X platform.

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Road Assistance

Uber for X: Road Assistance

Most of your customers are stranded, lonely strangers seeking help and mobile phone is their last resort. Let your customers book a verified agent from the app.

There are not many players in the market who have a scalable technology or even technology so here’s your chance to be the shark in the pond. Take your road assistance business online with Uber for X platform.

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Uber for X: Fitness Services

Increase Member Engagement with Your Own Mobile App.

“Fitness App Usage Is Growing 87% Faster Than the Overall App Market.”

According to the 2017 research, 56% of users claimed using e-health apps because these apps allow taking great care of their bodies.

AppsRhino offers a 3-way solution including a customer app to book a trainer online, an app for trainers to manage their bookings and a web dashboard for business owners to manage operations efficiently.

Get an app for your fitness school with our Uber for X platform.

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Uber for X: On Demand Parking Services

Parking in the busiest hours of the day in the metropolitan areas, Not a problem anymore with on demand parking app.

Provide your customers with the comfort of booking parking slots on the tap of a button even before they leave their homes.

Business owners can manage multiple parking slots across various cities with the help of analytical web dashboard — also, managing field force and collecting payments securely.

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Uber For X: Boat Services

Launch your own branded app with our Uber for X platform and let customers book or rent a boat on-demand. Users can track their ride and its ETA in transit and continue to do so in-ride as well.

Business owners can track their fleet and manage their workforce using web dashboard.

Seamless technological services to take your business online, establish your presence and amplify its reach.

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Why Go With AppsRhino

Dynamic Pricing

Flexible pricing plans offer you the ideal balance between innovation and investment. You can choose between SaaS and Custom Solution.

Diverse Market Expertise

Our experience has taken us across the globe, empowering diverse business models and markets. We have contributed to the growth of various startups as well as the stability of Enterprises.

Unmatched Support

AppsRhino provides all the support and guidance you require, both pre and post-launch.


From an early stage of being a startup to the establishing point of an Enterprise we provide an ideal solution, ranging from SaaS to a total custom solution.

Unique Benefits


Customizable & Whitelabel

A whitelabel solution is a ready-to-use software suite that with little, over-the-top customizations and branding becomes a part of your business identity.


Deploy on a Server of Choice

We help you deploy the solution on the server of your choice whether shared, hosted or cloud. In case you don’t have access to a server, we can deploy on ours for a nominal fee.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Whether you want to integrate our recommended Stripe, Uber’s Braintree, the very popular PayPal, or a payment gateway of choice, the integration is uncomplicated


Scalable and Robust

What started with a handful of drivers and few hundred users will soon grow to include hundreds of drivers and thousands of users in many cities. Our solution is scalable.


Various Support Options

At all times, you must support your drivers and customers or you risk losing them. Likewise, as a client, we are at you back all the times, dusk to dawn.


Fastest Time to Market

As the base solution is ready to use, we can with minimum modifications, almost zero coding, over-the-top customizations can deliver the solution to you.

How Appsrhino can help you grow


With efficient ordering, scheduling, assignment, automation and tracking, your business will work far more efficiently than ever before. Weeding inefficiencies and automating routes cut costs by upto 40%.


The last-mile is the most expensive for logistics businesses. Rhino’s technical infrastructure and location-based features will crack the last-mile for your business and save you valuable time and money.


AppsRhino is prepared for the future when Big Data is king! We are already generating far more data than we can analyze. Data Analytics leverages this data to make informed business decisions for growth.



Fixed Price

You pay a one-time cost for a solution specific to your needs.


Monthly Subscription

You pay a timely nominal fee with a SaaS-based solution.

Uber For X Industry Overview

Endless possibilities, exponential growth, unquenching demand, and a supplier’s dream – that’s how one can describe the On-Demand transportation market. From taxi hailing to fleet logistics, ride sharing to car rentals, solutions of countless types fall under this umbrella.



55 million Americans freelance(35% of the US workforce).



On demand companies serve 7% of their potential market.


Technological Innovation

On demand economy is nearing $57 billion annually.


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