10 Amazing Facts you didn't know about Grubhub

Updated On: February 8, 2023

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## **Introduction** Do you remember collecting menu cards of all the good restaurants around you in your drawer? You would then choose one while comparing the price and your previous experiences with them. Then you would dial their number using your landline or keypad phone and narrate your order to them. We are sure you remember those golden days! However, now we have food delivery apps that have a long list of restaurants and dishes for us to choose from. People download them on their phones and place an order. The app drivers then deliver it to their doorstep. Since these mobile apps have stepped into the market, life has become easier, so people have started relying on them for everything. Grubhub, one of the best food delivery apps, is winning people's hearts like no other. Grubhub is a distinct and well-liked online marketplace that caters to hungry diners searching for a nice takeout restaurant to pick up a quick and simple meal. It's a food ordering and delivery service that not everyone has used yet, but those who have like how much ease it brings to their lives. Dedicating this blog to Grubhub, here we mention the 10 Amazing Facts you didn't know about Grubhub!


What is Grubhub?

Grubhub was launched in 2004 in Chicago. It was intended to be a digital replacement for paper menus that restaurants would mail to people's homes. Another startup, Seamless, was created in New York in 1999 as a means for businesses to order food from restaurants and caterers. Seamless and Grubhub combined in 2013. A year later, the Grubhub we know today began offering delivery from restaurants that did not previously provide the service. The company's network includes over 300,000 restaurants in over 3,200 cities across the United States. The company has just expanded internationally and is establishing itself in London. Over 22 million individuals use Grubhub, and the company processes approximately 500,000 orders per day. 

10 Amazing Facts you didn't know about Grubhub 

An app as loved as Grubhub would undoubtedly have some amazing facts and features associated with it, right? Here are those: ### How does Grubhub work? Grubhub has three categories: Grubhub app for Customers, Grubhub for restaurants, and Grubhub app for Drivers. The customer places an order, which the restaurant accepts and prepares. Once it is ready, the driver picks it up and delivers it to the customer's location. 

Grubhub app for Customers Customers are at the heart of the Grubhub business strategy; they place orders and make payments via a mobile app (iOS or Android) or the Grubhub website. Customers can search for restaurants in their neighborhood after creating an account, entering payment information on the app or website, and then placing an order by picking products and putting them in a cart. They then check out, choose a payment option, and monitor the item's status until it reaches them. Grubhub typically charges a delivery fee in addition to the restaurant's price. 

 Grubhub for Restaurants Grubhub expands the reach of restaurants by allowing them to provide delivery even if they previously exclusively offered dine-in service. By partnering, restaurants can use Grubhub as a delivery service instead of recruiting and managing their fleet of delivery employees. Restaurants can begin working with Grubhub by submitting an application on the Grubhub for Restaurants page of the Grubhub website. When a consumer puts an order, it displays on the restaurant's Grubhub app's dashboard. After the restaurant confirms the order, the food is prepared for delivery. The food is handed over to the driver when he arrives, and the restaurant's portion of the operation is complete. 

Grubhub app for drivers and delivery agents Drivers can begin by filling out an application on the Grubhub for Drivers portion of the Grubhub website. To get hired as a driver, you must have a car (or, in certain areas, a bike), a driver's license and auto insurance (or, if riding a motorcycle, a state ID), and a smartphone. Grubhub provides drivers with the training and the freedom to choose their hours. Once on the job, drivers are notified via the app when an order from a local restaurant is available. The driver accepts the delivery, goes to the restaurant, waits for the meal if necessary, and then follows the driving directions in the app to bring it to the consumer. 

Over 20 million diners use Grubhub. According to Grubhub statistics, around 22 million diners use the service. It is excellent news not only for Grubhub but also for the local restaurants that partnered with them. With restaurant sales increasing, local economies benefit. The service they give is beneficial not only to end users who enjoy a convenient meal of their choice but also to local restaurants selling more food. Hence, restaurants are bringing in more income. Grubhub benefits everyone involved. 

Around 324,000 restaurants have partnered with the Grubhub app. One of the essential factors contributing to Grubhub's success is that over 324000 restaurants have chosen to work with them. It solves an issue for both parties to the agreement. Restaurants must offer online and mobile ordering to meet customer demand. Grubhub provides that option while handling all of the legwork for them. It's a win-win situation since, without participating businesses, Grubhub would no longer exist. It would be pretty disappointing for many individuals, particularly repeat grubbers who have come to rely on them for their needs. 

How much do Grubhub drivers make? Several factors need to be considered to know how much Grubhub drivers make. If you have a day job and can only work slower shifts during peak meal-delivery periods, you won't make as much as other Grubhub drivers. You may potentially reside in a location where Grubhub is not widely used. You can earn between $25 and $29 per hour in a densely populated location. Some shifts will be pretty busy, while others will have no orders. You may earn more money by driving simultaneously for many food delivery apps. Grubhub drivers make an average of $12 per hour, according to 73 salaries on Glassdoor. The average hourly wage for Grubhub drivers, according to 92 reported earnings on Indeed, was $11.05. It equates to between $22,894 and $24,960 a year if working 40-hour per week. 

How the Grubhub app makes money? (GrubHub Revenue Model) Grubhub does not operate any restaurants. It offers a complete ordering and delivery platform for restaurant owners and their clients. As a result, the service contributes most of Grubhub's annual revenue. Also, remember that Grubhub only makes money when the restaurant receives the order. 

Restaurant Commission Rate: 20%: Restaurants can choose a more significant or lower commission rate per order based on their needs. More commission restaurants have increased visibility. Delivery Platform Commission 10%: Grubhub charges this fee to restaurants for using its delivery service. 3.05% plus $0.30 in processing fees Grubhub+: It also makes money through its (GB+) membership program. It offers unlimited free delivery on orders of at least $12 for $9.99 per month. It also provides additional benefits to subscribers. 

You can easily track your order status. Grubhub provides an easy method to track the status of your order. Sign in to your Grubhub account to see the status of your order on the Grubhub homepage. You can find it in the Your Orders section. All you have to do is click on the track the order link issued to you in the confirmation email. You can get it via the Contact Us page if you don't have it. 

How to cancel a Grubhub order? You can cancel Grubhub orders using the app for any reason. Remember that there is a time limit, and canceling your transaction will not automatically result in a refund. When you place an order on Grubhub, it will appear in the app's "Orders" menu. That's where you'll go to cancel it with a Grubhub agent. 

1. Open the Grubhub app and select Orders from the bottom-right toolbar. 

2. Your most recent order should be at the top of this page. Tap it. 

3. Tap Help in the upper-right corner, then choose 'Cancel order' from the menu that appears. 

4. Select/enter a reason for the cancellation, then click Chat With Us. 

5. You'll be connected to a Grubhub customer service team member via a chat window. Allow them to review your order and tell you whether or not you can cancel it. The Grubhub customer service staff will do their utmost to assist you in canceling. Still, it is likely too late if the restaurant has already prepared and dispatched your order. Who doesn't love a bonus? So, here is a bonus fact for you! 

You can place orders ahead of time. If you have a hectic schedule and wish to place an advance order, Grubhub can gladly accommodate your request. You can place an advance order up to four days ahead of time. You can specify whether you want your order delivered or picked up. It also allows you enough time to adjust the order if necessary. 


 Grubhub's market share has been at the top of the US meal delivery market for the past 16 years due to its sustainable business plan. During this time, Grubhub has also purchased several large companies, including LevelUp, OrderUp, and Seamless. Weren't these facts amazing? It is good to know about this app, from the GrubHub app's working to the excellent Grubhub customer service. After reading this Grubhub app fact guide, food lovers must be waiting for the clock to tick to their snack time. We know the feeling! So, what are you waiting for, folks? Go, and order from your favorite restaurant. If in case, you own a business and want an app similar to the GrubHub app, we are here for you! Contact AppsRhino today!