10 Key Features that every Medicine Delivery App should have

Posted On: May 11, 2022

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Today, we have on-demand delivery apps for every item of luxury and necessity. If you want food at an odd hour of the day, you can get it delivered to your doorsteps. Suppose you want to consult a skilled doctor who does not share the exact geographic location as you. In that case, you can get a consultation with him, thanks to Telemedicine Apps. 

The wonders of the on-demand economy do not end here. You can bring an entire salon to your home with just a few taps on the screen. You can even get your laundry done with a few clicks.

Similarly, you can order your medicines using a medicine delivery app. People prefer using a medicine delivery app to physically going to a pharmacist shop. This change in consumer behavior came into existence due to the global pandemic. The pandemic made people stay confined to their homes and maintain social distancing. So, now, when people need to buy medicines, they turn to a medicine delivery app. 

However, medicine business owners are in a fix. It is so because numerous medicine delivery apps are on the market, making it challenging to make their app stand out from the crowd. Though every medicine delivery app does the same task, its feature set sets them apart. Here we discuss the top 10 key features that every medicine delivery app should have.


A medicine delivery app bridges the gap between pharmacists and customers. A pharmacy store can build a medicine delivery app to boost sales. Also, an aggregator can gather several pharmacy stores to earn a commission on every medicine sold via his medicine delivery app.
  1. People love to use a medicine delivery app because using a medicine delivery app means you enjoy a contactless delivery.
  2. Every medicine delivery app comes with the option to pay online or via a card.
  3. The medicines delivered by a medicine delivery app have high quality.
  4. Presently, prescription medications possess a 50% market share and fluctuate simultaneously. 
  5. A Redseer estimate says that the e-health industry will grow tenfold in the coming years, bringing revenue up from $11 billion to $15 billion.
  6. There are four actors in every medicine delivery app: patients/ customers, admins, pharmacists, and delivery boys.
  7. The features of a medicine delivery app depend on these four actors.
  8. Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Patients/Customers:

User Registration

  1. Medicine search
  2. Add to cart
  3. Upload prescriptions
  4. Ask an expert
  5. Product comparison
  6. Order tracking
  7. Return policy
  8. High-quality medicines
  9. Guaranteed refunds
  10. Push notifications
  11. Payments

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Pharmacists:

  1. Log in as a pharmacist.
  2. Order management
  3. Product management
  4. Business information
  5. Help services
  6. Dashboard
  7. Inventory control
  8. Digital bills
  9. Customer information

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Delivery guys:

  1. Drivers Profile
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Tracking system
  4. Updates on delivery

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Admins:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Marketing tools
  3. Monetization
  4. Manage payments
  5. User management tools
  6. Manage alerts
  7. Analytics

How Did Covid-19 Boost The Popularity Of Medicine Delivery App?

Indeed, Covid-19 has a role in encouraging people to use a medicine delivery app. As a result, its usage has reached an unparalleled level. Using a medicine delivery app means you enjoy a contactless delivery since every medicine delivery app comes with the option to pay online or via a card. During the widespread of a deadly virus, a person would want to use this means of buying medicines. 

Also, users know that every medicine delivery app knows how important it is to deliver only authentic medicines to patients. If they fail to do so, they know strict actions will be in store.

Furthermore, everyone knows that a medicine delivery app owner generates revenue in three ways: Subscriptions, Advertisements, and Commissions. With a drastic increase in the number of medicine delivery app users, these methods' revenue generation will skyrocket. 

Thus, it is very much true that the pandemic played a role in boosting the popularity of a medicine delivery app! These are good enough reasons to lure anyone into this business.

How Popular Is A Medicine Delivery App?

Here are a few statistics and observations below to show how popular medicine delivery apps are. It is necessary to include the essential medicine delivery app features for a seamless user experience. 

  1. Experts predict that the pharmacy delivery market will reach a 6.4% CAGR, up to 1,694.7 billion dollars, in 2023.
  2. Also, the worldwide medication pharmacy app might reach $177.8 billion by 2026, with an annual growth rate of 17.3 percent.
  3. The following are essential to online medical players:
    • Walgreens Co.
    • CVS Health Corporation
    • Doc Morris
    • Express Scripts Holding Company
    • Walmart shops and others 
  4. Presently, prescription medications possess a 50% market share and fluctuate simultaneously. 
  5. It is a common belief that diabetes control medicare will cost US$77.1 million by 2030.
  6. A Redseer estimate says that the e-health industry will grow tenfold in the coming years, bringing revenue up from $11 billion to $15 billion.
  7.  In recent years, the United States, China, and India have been at the forefront of prescription market adoption purely out of the suspicion of infections.
  8.  The e-Pharma and e-Diagnostics industries have taken a 40% hit. It shows that they are present in more than 1 million homes and 1.5 thousand cities.

Top 10 Medicine Delivery App Features

Top 10 Medicine Delivery App Features.png

People generally want instant solutions to their problems. While developing a medicine delivery app, they look for the top 10 medicine delivery app features. It is necessary to know that a medicine delivery app has more than just ten essential features. We can categorize these delivery apps into four categories, namely:

  1. Medicine Delivery Apps For Patients/Customers
  2. Medicine Delivery Apps For Pharmacy Stores
  3. Medicine Delivery Apps For Delivery Staff
  4. Medicine Delivery Apps For Admins

Here we will list essential features for all four of these domains.

The Four Factors In Every Medicine Delivery App

First, it would be helpful to understand all the four factors in a Medicine Delivery App usage. One of these four factors is Patients/ Customers who use the medicine delivery app to buy medicines, review or rate the service, consult a doctor and request unavailable medication. 

The second player is the pharmacist store that uses the app to sell its medicines.

The third factor is the admin, who coordinates and controls all the activities on the medicine delivery app. 

The fourth factor in a medicine delivery app is the delivery guy who delivers medicines to patients/customers' homes.

Thus, it is necessary to chalk out features based on these four actors who use the medicine delivery app.

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Patients/Customers

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Patients_Customers.png

User registration

Your medicine delivery app has this feature to let users log in using their email address or other social media account credentials. The latter option saves time for people, making the login process quicker.

Medicine search

This medicine delivery feature helps customers quickly search for the medicines they require.

Add to cart

 It is a must-have feature for a medicine delivery app as it lets people add medicines to the cart and purchase them.

Upload prescriptions

 It is tiring to type all the medicine you require in the search bar. To make the search process easy, you can add a feature where users can conveniently upload prescriptions and order medications.

Ask an Expert

 Sometimes, the drug that a user wants might be unavailable; you can include the feature where patients can talk and discuss medicines with doctors in real-time. 

Product Comparison

This feature allows patients to compare two drugs based on their costs, usage, etc.

Order Tracking

 This feature lets patients keep tabs on their order status. Moreover, it allows them to see whether their order is processed, still pending, or on the way.

Return policy

 This feature allows users to return their ordered medicines for any reason and get a refund on the medications.  

Guaranteed quality items

 This feature assures customers that their medicines have high quality and lets them examine all relevant hallmarks, barcodes, and other information. All these things show the quality of the medication.

Loyalty Points

 This feature helps them earn loyalty points, leading to incentives and discounts. Users can make these only when using the app for a long time.

Push Notifications

 Push notifications to help users by giving them updates on payments, purchase confirmation, trending fitness products, and discounts.


This medicine delivery app feature allows users to pay via integrated payment models such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, etc.

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Pharmacy Stores

Log in as a pharmacist

 It allows numerous pharmacy stores to start their online pharmaceutical company—all they need to do is register their pharmacy and get going. It is for those medicine delivery apps that accumulate several pharmacies and let them sell medicines online.

Order management

This feature lets pharmacists accept or reject the orders based on medicine availability. It even keeps a record of delivered medications.

Product management

 This medicine delivery app feature helps pharmacists arrange healthcare items for customers to find them easily.

Business information

This feature lets pharmacists keep their company's profile up to date and modify it by updating and changing it timely.

Help services

Admins use this feature to help and support medicine delivery app users.


The dashboard allows chemist stores to keep track of their activity.

Inventory control

This medicine delivery app feature helps pharmacists manage their healthcare items and supplies to maintain availability.

Digital bills

This feature of a medicine delivery app lets pharmacists use the internet to send their customers their electronic bills.

Customer information

This feature saves customer data in the database for future use. 

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Delivery Guys

Drivers Profile

This feature helps admins store the delivery boy's personal information and a history of their deliveries.

Push Notifications

 Drivers come to know of new orders placed through push notifications using this medicine delivery app feature. 

Tracking system

 This feature allows delivery guys to locate the customer quickly. It equips drivers with a GPS tracking device.

 Updates on delivery

This medicine delivery feature lets drivers change the order status at every delivery stage.

Top Features for A Medicine Delivery App- Admins


It lets admins check the complete incoming medicine requests on the dashboard.

Marketing tools

The feature lets admins manage all the promotional email templates, advertisements, and campaigning activities.


 This medicine delivery feature puts the admin the in-charge of in-app purchases, subscription packages, and other money transactions carried out via the app.

Manage payments

 It lets admins verify payments made by customers via in-app payment models or COD. The admin subtracts its portion and sends the remaining amount to the respective pharmacy.

User management tools

This medicine delivery app feature lets admins manage all the users who avail themselves of the app.

Manage alerts

The medicine delivery app feature helps admins redirect all messages concerning the changes, goods in the basket, and their availability information to consumers.


 This feature helps admins gather information about the number of orders, the areas with the most deliveries, retention rates, etc. The app represents this information in charts, which helps admins make better business decisions.

App Development Requirements For Medicine Ordering and Delivery App:

App Development Requirements For Medicine Ordering and Delivery App.png

App Platform

For this aspect of the medicine delivery app, you require Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Web Application.

Front End Developers

You might require languages like Java, Swift, HTML, React, Angular, and CSS for front-end development.

Back-end Developers

For back end development, you will need Python, Node.js


For storing information in databases, you require MongoDB


AWS and Google Cloud


To give users a variety of payment methods, you can go for Paypal API, Braintree SDK, and Stripe API.

Location Tracking

To track location quickly and accurately, incorporate Google Maps (Android), MapKit (iOS)


Ideally, a flawless medicine delivery app would take approximately six months of development time. Based on the different functionalities and features, it will take about USD 30,000 – to USD 40,000. 

All the latest trends hint at a quick increase in demand and popularity of medicine delivery apps. To build a medicine delivery app that will only lead to an increase in business, you will need a professional team with on-hand experience. 

You don't need to take a deep dive on the internet. AppsRhino can create the perfect app for you and much more. Why don't you decide for yourself? Take a look at the portfolio here!

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