10 Must Have Hard Skills For Every Java Developer

Updated On: March 2, 2023

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Are you looking for a proficient Java developer?

Of course, you are! Who isn't? 

Around 45% of hiring managers prioritize Java skills when they hire a developer. This global figure speaks volumes about the demand for java developers.

Java has been here for over 25 years. It is a popular choice among many developers working on android apps, AI, Big data, etc. 

Java has retained its charm, despite the introduction of many new programming languages, which is why the demand for java developers is not going down.

Finding the best fit for your organization can be challenging since more demand means more supply. There were a whopping 7.6 million java developers in the world in 2019 (Reports SlashData)

So how would you find the best from the lot? 

Simple! First, you must know the essential skills your ideal developer should have. Second, you must know where to get your candidate from.

Read on to get your answers!


Java Developers: Take a peek

Java Developers: Take a peek

Let's start with the basic definition. Java Developers are programmers who create websites and mobile apps using java. Their work does not end anytime during the entire lifecycle of the product. They plan, design, manage and then test their product, assuring the client gets a bug-free, smooth end-product. 

Considering the market demand and popularity of java software developers, we can say it's one of the most sought-after jobs in today's market.

To substantiate our claim, here is a quick fact: 

According to Statista, Java is among the top 5 development languages worldwide!

Now, let's take your quest to hire java developers to the next step. 

10 Must-have hard skills for java developers

We did a bit of research to understand what hiring managers look for when hiring java developers. We learned that the roles and responsibilities of java developers for hire vary per requirement. It is entirely up to the nature of your project to decide what you would want your java software developers to do.

However, there are some essential skills that your Java developers for hire must have in order to do justice to your project.

Here is a list for you:

1. System Design and Architecture

System Design and Architecture

System design and architecture are the most critical aspects of the software development process. To design software, your Java developers for hire must be able to select the appropriate architecture and technology stack.

Here is how the clear thinking of your java software developers benefits :

  1. A well-designed system keeps the project modular. It also makes it simple to make changes in the future. If your client's needs change, your java developers can always redesign a module rather than the entire project. It detects errors in modules rather than the complete ordered and intricate code.

  2. A well-designed system improves the readability of the project. If your project is moved from one developer to another, the new developer should be able to understand it just by reading the program design. This would make the entire process simpler.

2. Web Technologies

Web technology makes it simple and fast to create dynamic web content. Understanding the concept of communicating between several computer systems using markup languages necessitates a deeper understanding of Web technologies. Your java developers for hire must be familiar with some of the actively used languages.

It enables users to communicate with the host for information in the same way that web pages do. HTML, JQuery, and CSS are all often employed in projects.

3. Application Containers

A Java Application Container is a software building unit that runs an application program.

Application containers are intended to handle a wide range of functions, including user authentication, logging, and database connection establishment. 

Since application containers can do so much so fast, your java developers for hire must have experience working with them. JBoss and Jetty are both fantastic Java Application Containers.

4. DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools

DevOps is the actual "must-have" for all java software developers. A professional developer must understand continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), and Jenkins' participation in both processes.

A good understanding of essential DevOps tools such as Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, Maven, and Jenkins is especially crucial for senior-level java developers. Their responsibilities often include applying coding best practices and producing manuals and scripts, for which they will need the DevOps tools.

5. Big Data

Big Data has become a trillion-dollar industry, and traditional data processing methods can no longer handle such vast amounts of data. Your java developers for hire must have some experience with big data or at least an understanding of it.

Understanding Big Data technologies can help java software developers analyze and extract data from massive datasets. Some examples of the most powerful Big Data technologies are Hadoop and Spark.

6. SOLID Principles

The acronym SOLID stands for the following:

S: It stands for the notion of sole responsibility. Its fundamental premise is that a class should only be responsible for one thing. When a class is in charge of solving many problems, the subsystems that implement the solutions become intertwined.

O: It stands for the Open-Closed Principle. Class, module, and function entities must be expandable but not modified.

L: It stands for the Liskov Substitution Principle, which states that subclasses should be able to take over the functions of their superclasses.

I: It stands for Interface Segregation Principle, which makes unique user interfaces for each client. Clients should not rely on interfaces with which they are unfamiliar.

D: It stands for the Dependency Inversion Principle. Instead of an actual object, the dependent object should be an abstraction. Higher-level modules should not rely on lower-level modules. 

These five guidelines are meant to increase app quality and maintainability. Your ideal java developers for hire should be able to apply these ideas as needed.

7. Java EE components

Java developers use Java EE Components to create server-side applications. One of the most common challenges corporate developers face is managing requests from web-based consumers.

To address this issue, Java EE offers the Servlet and JavaServer Pages APIs, which provide methods for logging actions on a user's browser using cookies. Using it, your java software developers could produce even better solutions.

These APIs simplify and offer the greatest solution to these types of challenges. Some essential Java EE components are servlets, Java Beans, and Java Server Pages.

8. Unit Testing

Maintaining the application and writing automated tests, such as unit and integration tests that entail running an application, becomes more challenging as it grows. The deployment and assembly of a Java program are time-consuming.

At this point, unit testing tools such as JUnit and TestNg come into play. These frameworks will enable your java developers for hire to develop automated tests more quickly, with a simple syntax and immediate feedback on passed tests.

JUnit stresses the notion of "testing first," which increases programmer productivity and codebase stability, reducing strain on the programmer and time spent troubleshooting.

Your ideal java software developers must be well-versed in at least one of these tools. 

9. JVM Internals

Your ideal Java Developers for hire must know JVM internals, such as the various JVM pieces and how they work, JIT, JVM settings, trash collections and collectors, and so on.

They would be able to design robust and high-performance Java applications if they were familiar with the JVM. 

Java software developers should also know how to profile a Java application and detect performance bottlenecks, such as which objects use the most memory and CPUs.

10. Code Version Control

Code Version Control

Version control, often known as source control, is a way of storing and regulating changes to software code. Version control systems (VCS) are software tools that help software development teams manage changes to source code over time.

As development environments have become more prominent, version control technologies have helped software teams work faster and smarter. Hence, while hiring java developers, you must make sure the candidate knows at least one of them.

There are numerous version control platforms available. Github, BitBucket, GitLab, and BeanStalk are a few examples. 

Hire java developers today with AppsRhino!

Hiring Java developers is difficult, but being informed on the necessary Java abilities is a step in the right path.

The easiest strategy to locate and hire Java developers for your company is to keep the necessary Java skills in mind and ask candidates to complete a Java exam.

However, you can save time and effort by handing the hiring task to an outsourcing company. AppsRhino has a team of proficient developers ready to work on a part-time, full-time, and even per-project basis. You can hire java developers according to your needs.

You can even interview them to see if they suit you and your company's vision well. Hiring java developers has never been easier!

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