10 Must-Have Hard Skills For Every Node js Developer

Updated On: February 9, 2023

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According to Balancy, Node js became the third most project-popular language on GitHub five years after its launch. Node js experiences 2 million downloads per month. The following companies are utilizing Node js in different fields.

  1. Media Industry: Sony, New York Times, etc. 
  2. E-Commerce and sales: Amazon, Target, eBay, etc.
  3. Financial Purposes: Citigroup, PayPal, etc. 
  4. Engineering and Technology: Intel, Apple, etc. 

Node js Developers use this language for Mobile Apps and Website Development.  

The usefulness of Node js has been increasing daily. Many companies have been switching their programming language to Node js and gaining success rates. 

If you are looking for Node js Developers for your next project, you have reached the right place. 

Let's look at the need and benefits of hiring Node js Developers for your company. Moreover, know about the 10 Must-Have Skills for Node js Development!

Why hire Node js Developers?

Why hire Node js Developers

According to Netguru, companies experienced a 58% decrease in development costs after using Node js as their programming language. 

There are numerous reasons to hire Node js Developers. The reach of Node js as a back-end programming language has been growing daily. 

Node js is the back-end version of JavaScript, a front-end coding language for website and Application Development.

Therefore, you should understand why its popularity is at its peak. Moreover, let's know why hiring Node js Developers will prove an asset for your company!

Node js Developers for Real-Time App Development

People know Node js as a programming language that can help Developers write codes from the client and server sides. 

Node js Developers for hire can handle client requests and answer them per requirement and time. They can work under specific time frames and perform Real-Time computing.

Therefore, Node js is the ideal language for Real-Time App Development. 

Hiring Node js Developers as a start on fast Development

Netguru commented on Node js being "increasingly faster" than other languages. Moreover, Node js Developers for hire have claimed this programming language improved their productivity by 68%!

Developers created Node js using the V8 Engine. The performance of any Application will improve by 50% with the use of Node js. Node js is capable of handling traffic and will not cause problems or reduce efficiency for task completion!

Savings in Cost

Another reason for hiring Node js Developers is cost savings. 

Firstly, Node js provides a free platform for Application and web development for the client or server end. 

Moreover, Node js is new compared to other programming languages. If you are looking to hire Node js Developers for your upcoming project, you should start recruiting now!

10 Must-Have skills for Node js Developers for Hire

You want to hire Node js Developers for your next project. Firstly, you should know what you want to create. 

Are you willing to build an Application or a website? Do you want client-side or server-side Development? What is your Node js Development plan, and how many Node js Developers for hire are on your list?

After you complete your planning and budget section of project Development, you should start recruiting. 

According to webtribunal, you can find Node js Developers with multiple native language backgrounds in more than 85+ countries. You want your company to hire Node js Developers having the best Technical and Soft Skills. 

Here is a list of the 10 Hard Skills essential for every Node js Developer for hire!

Node js Understanding in depth

Before you hire a Node js Developer, you should evaluate their in-depth knowledge of Node js and its API platform. They should understand the working, numerous versions, and features of Node js.

You can ask them random questions about Node js based on their recruiting level and resume. Hiring experts can assess their projects and check their experience building Applications and websites.

Moreover, taking brief assignments and quizzes after selecting the Application of Node js Developer for hire is a good plan.

Front-End Development

Are you familiar with all the languages essential for Front-End Development? The extension of JavaScript led to the creation of Node js for creating server-side platforms.

Every Node js Developer for hire will deal with Front-End Developers for user interfaces and other familiar concerns. 

Moreover, your project might require switching from Back-end to Front-end. Therefore, before hiring Node js Developers, you should confirm the candidates are familiar with languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

You may ask candidates if they are comfortable dealing with client-side languages and encourage them to brush up their skills frequently. 

Problem-Solving Skills

Programmers may face issues while writing codes for App and Web Development. Node js Developers should know when to start, stop and execute the coded program. 

Moreover, they should be able to understand the issue in the code and form creative ideas to rectify it. 

Every project includes the integration of multiple concepts and teams. Your Node js Developer for hire should involve meetings with other groups and co-workers to devise efficient solutions for problems at every end.

Understanding the Importance of Security

Online threats and unethical hacking culture have been growing with technology use. 

Before hiring Node js Developers, you should check if the candidates can handle Security breaches on the computer and internet. 

You don't want your project information to leak to the world before its completion. Moreover, your App/Website Development may involve data about your company, employees, other projects, etc. 

For hire, node js developers should know about data encryption, authentication, and privacy. 

Asynchronous Programming

The world believes in fast and efficient programming. Node js Developers may have to perform several tasks simultaneously. 

Although hiring Node js Developers get benefits from using Node js, a highly swift and smooth language, some jobs may require multitasking!

You may not want to wait for a particular function to execute before starting the next command. Asynchronous Programming helps in the same. 

Cloud and Cloud Computing

Today, everyone has switched to Cloud platforms for storing their data. Moreover, Cloud can allow Node js Developers to store, edit, replace, and perform other necessary functions!

Your company might be using a private, public, or hybrid Cloud. Node js Developers for hire should be familiar with such deployment models for better functioning.

Additionally, employees won't operate on their personal computers and require Cloud for serving web applications.

AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft are some of the best Cloud Computing platforms that provide multiple services and are based on pay as you go payment model!

Database Management

There has been a confirmation from Experts that Database Management is one of the essential Hard Skills for Node js Developers. 

While hiring Node js Developers, ask your candidates if they can manage multiple databases simultaneously. Moreover, they should be able to merge numerous databases into one. 

Node js Developers should know about Structured Query Languages and related SQLs like MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc. 

Ask them questions from SQL and Database Management Systems to assess their practical knowledge. 

Designing and UX/UI Knowledge

Designing and UX-UI Knowledge

A Node js Developer should understand what users like and how to gain their response. 

Even if Node js Developers don't have a direct relation to the designing field, they require this knowledge for App and web development. 

Users and Customers attract to what they see. Node js Developers for hire should know the difference between using dull and bright colors. They should understand how different figures and pictures change a website's outlook. 

You aim to gain maximum customers and reach a large audience. Moreover, Hiring Node js Developers will work with UX/UI specialists in the company.

Communication API 

The concept of Application Programming Interface (API) and its communication is related to Database Management. In uncomplicated terms, API refers to a code that allows the connection of two or more software in the Cloud for data and information exchange. 

Simply, the connection and talk between two machines are Communication API. There are four API Types. 

  1. Private
  2. Public
  3. Partner
  4. Composite

When you hire Node js Developers, ask them about numerous API Communication examples and work.

Git and Source Control

While programming, code cleanliness, and management play a crucial role. For most Node js Developers for hire, Source Code is a priority and essential addition. 

GitHub recently made access to private repositories free! You can learn new functions in Git daily to keep your Node js program management-friendly!


When hiring Node js Developers, Hard-Skills play a crucial role, and you should make your candidates check all the essential boxes. 

You can take interviews and ask numerous evaluation questions to Node js Developers for hire. Moreover, Interviews help you examine pick-up and Problem-Solving skills. 

Another factor should be kept in mind while judging Node js Developers for hire. Soft-Skills play a vital role for every employee in a team or company. 

A Node js Developer with Soft-Skills can effectively communicate their thoughts and feedback to co-workers, present ideas via technical conversations, and deal with conflict management.

Additionally, Node js Developers should have Creativity and Logical Thinking Skills to become a part of growing the company's values and profits. 

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