10 Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring a PHP Developers team

Updated On: January 4, 2023

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What is the Full Form of PHP? Let's see its Personal Home Page!

Yes, it is, but what is it recognized as now? Oh, It's Hypertext Preprocessor! Yes, let's get to hiring PHP Developers now!

According to Geeks of Geeks, more than 244 million sites use PHP for creating their websites. Therefore, it is the most popular programming language in the world. 

Front-end Developers who use HTML and CSS proficiently don't take long to learn PHP for Website Development. The PHP Developer fees depend on the project and PHP Developers' experience and knowledge. 

PHP Developers can add an enhancement to Webpages and help in customer attraction and profits for your company. 

If you are looking for the perfect PHP Developers, you have come to the right place! Here's everything you need to know about hiring PHP Developers! 

10 Things to keep in mind while hiring PHP Developers

When planning to make your upcoming project a reality, you set up budgets and create a strategy to recruit your employees and Developers. You look at numerous aspects of job requirements to find the ideal PHP Developers for your team. 

Make sure your PHP Developers can prove themselves to be a part of the team and help to build your project. 

Here is a list of the ten things you should keep in mind while hiring PHP Developers. 

PHP Knowledge and Programming Experience


PHP Knowledge and Programming Experience

When hiring PHP Developers, your priority should be to know their expertise in PHP Development and programming. 

You can analyze their knowledge domains through their resumes and ask questions about the same in the interview rounds. 

Ask about their practical knowledge and experience in PHP Development. 

You shall hire experienced employees for the efficient functioning of your website. Moreover, PHP Developers with an adept understanding of this programming knowledge have lower chances of mistakes and errors. 

However, new PHP Developers will come with the zeal of enthusiasm and enjoy learning the procedure. You can mold the employees per your requirements and their growth. Moreover, they'll have lower PHP Developers' Fees!

Understanding of PHP Frameworks

Frameworks are equivalent to the backbone of the Development World. They help provide ideal tools and accessories for required App and Website Development. 

While hiring PHP Developers, ensure they understand the latest and most used Frameworks. Here is a list of the famous PHP Frameworks and objects Developers love using with their popular features. 

  1. Symfony: Has flexible URI recruiting and Error logging
  2. Laravel: Authentication and Intact Security Feature
  3. CodeIgniter: Query Builder Database Support and Email sending Class
  4. Faker: Generates dummy or fake data for testing

Education and Qualifications

Imagine you are going through resumes to find excellent PHP Developers. You come across one candidate who completed their graduate degrees and others with Postgraduates or specialization courses. 

Which candidate will you find better? Even though programming Skills and practical knowledge plays a crucial role in displaying one's identity, education and qualifications are as significant. 

Moreover, freshers frame their education to showcase their skillset and dedication to that subject. PHP Developers can display their academic achievements and experiences for the team. 

Hiring Cost of PHP Developers

According to Alpha.net, PHP Developers' Hiring Fees are around 50 to 60 US Dollars per hour. 

The hiring Cost of PHP Developers varies with the country. When you are starting your hiring process, make sure to set a budget you want to spend on recruiting and paying PHP Developers. 

Decide if you want Full-time, Part-Time, contract-based, or freelance PHP Developers. PHP Development Fees change according to the following factors. 

  1. Working hours
  2. Type of work
  3. Duration of the project
  4. Project status and importance

You should specify what you want with the candidates and conclude the PHP Developers Hiring Fee. Sometimes, the candidate's demand may not match your budget and requirements. In such cases, you should make decisions based on the project preference and the candidate's role after recruitment. 

Soft Skills and Communication


Soft Skills and Communication

You know how much Soft Skills matter, right? Candidates with relevant Technical Skills but a negative work attitude won't be able to develop your team. 

The PHP work environment should be open and honest. Employees should be able to talk to one another freely and express ideas. 

They should understand the concept of conflict management and the importance of group discussions. 

Additionally, Soft Skills become necessary when PHP Developers interact socially with their team and work together on projects, Apps, and Websites. 

The cover letter or interviews will give you an idea about the candidate's Soft Skills. 

Projects and Assignments

How much do projects contribute to the hiring process? To understand the same, think about a situation. You short-list two candidates after the first interview. Both PHP Developers have the required qualification and experience. 

They have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, communication is effortless with these candidates.

How will you decide which one is better for your team? 

PHP Developers create projects to help recruiters know about their Technical knowledge visually. 

A candidate's assignments are proof of being a successful PHP Developer. 

Employers can ask PHP Developers for a project after their logical reasoning or interview rounds. You can ask candidates questions about the concepts in the projects they submit. 

Latest Technology Updates

Every individual in the Computer world should know about the trending Technology. 

They should know what new devices are entering the market, revived software, and most popular frameworks in different Front-end and Back-end languages. 

Additionally, you can notice daily Developments in the PHP galaxy. New security features, cloud integration platforms, Information and Technology, latest User interfaces are part of the evolving Technology, and PHP Developers should be aware of them. 

As recruiters, you can bring up any Computational trend and ask PHP Developers about their opinion. 

Software Quality Assurance Testing


Software Quality Assurance Testing

You might be thinking, why would I want my PHP Developer to know about Software Assurance Quality Testing?

QA Testing ensures your program is error-free and positive customer feedback after project release. 

Every Developer should understand the basics of QA Testing. They should know how to detect mistakes in their program and correct them timely.

You may ask PHP Developers about their experience in QA Testing if any. 

Problem-Solving and Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving are two of the many abilities PHP Developers require for recruitment, training, and jobs. 

You want candidates who can solve problems without fretting about them and taking too long. 

Try giving situations to your candidates in the interviews and application forms. Ask them open-ended questions and allow them to find solutions. 

You shall look for PHP Developers that show their creative skills when crises arise and step up to locate answers logically. 

Readiness to learn new things

Employers love Developers and workers that want to learn new things daily. You want PHP Developers that are curious and filled with enthusiasm. 

If an employer wants a PHP Developer to learn about software, they should readily learn. They should see their job as an opportunity to grow and prosper as a better Developer. 

As a recruiter, you should ask employees questions about their future goals and expectations with your company to learn about their perspectives. Further, you shall make sure their goals match yours. 

Interview questions for PHP Developers.


Interview questions for PHP Developers.

Here are some questions you can ask PHP Developers in the interview. These questions will help you examine the Skills of PHP Developers, their communication Skills, and their compatibility with the team. Moreover, you can decide the Hiring cost of PHP Developers with the interview. 

  1. What do you mean by PEAR in PHP?
  2. Name three PHP variables. 
  3. Explain the use of the break and continue statement. 
  4. What is single inheritance in PHP? 
  5. What is the GD library?
  6. Explain the meaning of NULL in PHP. 
  7. What happens when you use the crypt function in PHP?
  8. What is a parser?
  9. Explain overloading in PHP. 
  10. Explain the steps to open a file in PHP.


Where to find PHP Developers?

When recruiting PHP Developers, you ensure you get the best from the lot with appropriate PHP Developers fees. 

How to ensure finding Developers that will suit your company well and work amazingly with the team and environment? 

According to The Codest, more than 6.1 million PHP developers worldwide. You have to ensure that you find someone for your company that understands responsibility and are efficient at Development and communication. 

There are multiple ways to hire PHP Developers. You can post job requirements on LinkedIn, Indeed, and others. Or, you can opt for Outsourcing. 

One of the critical benefits of Outsourcing includes the saved time and effort you'll otherwise have to spend on finding suitable candidates. 

Moreover, if you select an outstanding Outsourcing company like AppsRhino, you'll never regret it. 

We have a Skillful team of Developers, QA Testers, and Designers. If you want to hire PHP Developers for your next project, go for AppsRhino! 

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