6 Cool Features Of Bigbasket Worth Trying Out!

Updated On: March 16, 2023

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India launched one of its best grocery delivery platforms, Bigbasket in 2011. With a presence in more than 25 cities, it is one of the biggest internet grocery platforms in the nation. Customers can order fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and other household items with the Bigbasket app! 

This business established its cold storage and warehouses in multiple regions to ensure the fresh delivery of products. At Bigbasket, their main goal is to make their customers happy.

Clients and customers get their orders on time without delays! Do you want to know all the reasons why users love Bigbasket? Well, let's read this blog and dive into the secrets of Bigbasket’s features!

6 Cool Bigbasket features

Let's know about the best Bigbasket features drawing maximum customers daily and retaining content users with each step!

1. Express Delivery

Customers can order groceries now and get them at their doorstep within 90 minutes! The users can choose the express delivery option for their urgent grocery needs, and Bigbasket will take care of the rest!

Express delivery Bigbasket feature is one of the reasons why customers can rely on this platform!

2. Effortless order returns

You can order groceries from Bigbasket. If you are still looking for the order or if delivery is unsatisfactory, you can initiate the return process with the website or smartphone app from Bigbasket. The platform will help you exchange or return your order with valid reasons. Moreover, you will get cashback also!

3. Scheduled delivery

Customers can schedule their delivery with this Bigbasket feature. They can pick a time that suits them and effortlessly plan for deliveries at convenient times. Imagine a customer willing to order fruits for the upcoming party on Sunday. They want to keep the fruits fresh for the weekend and want to remember to order. Therefore, they can use the Scheduled delivery feature from Bigbasket!

4. Smart Basket

The innovative basket feature selects relevant products for the customers. These grocery items may be based on their buying history or preferences. Customers love the innovative basket feature as they can spend little time or thought while ordering.

This Bigbasket feature started with the thought that buyers purchase the same items regularly for their households and have specific preferences. 

5. Personalized deals for every customer

You may go to the Bigbasket application and order once. If you return to Bigbasket, you will find a list of items matching your order. You will get what you want on the Bigbasket app without much hassle, and the customers love this Bigbasket feature.

The platform tailors the deals and product listing per customer preferences and history. Shopping gets affordable, faster, and better!

6. Multiple Payment Methods

A customer can use any viable payment method to shop with Bigbasket. You can use your credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, or mobile wallets or opt for cash-on-delivery for the orders. 

Customers want to avoid visiting an application where multiple delivery options are unavailable. They may leave that app and move to another if they get unhappy. 

A buyer wants to use the application they find perfect for their convenience. Without a doubt, Bigbasket is their answer!

There are numerous other Bigbasket features customers love. If you are starting grocery delivery app development, add these cool Bigbasket features and others with your creativity!

A list of Bigbasket alternatives

Bigbasket is one of the best go-to grocery delivery applications for most customers. However, here is a list of Bigbasket alternatives for our readers here! You will find platforms competing with Bigbasket and drawing customers!

  1. Amazon Fresh
  2. Instacart
  3. Walmart Grocery
  4. Spenser's Online
  5. ZopNow
  6. Nature's basket
  7. Flipkart Supermart
  8. Grofers
  9. Fresh Direct
  10. Peapod
  11. Shipt
  12. Boxed

And others. 


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