6 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring MERN Stack Developers

Updated On: November 26, 2022

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Most readers and companies ask one common question. Are MERN Stack Developers the same as Full-Stack Developers? 

MERN Stack Developers have efficient knowledge of MongoDB, Express, React, and Node js! A MERN Stack Developer can go into Full-Stack Development and create scalable applications and websites for the companies. 

MERN Stack Development includes Front-end Development platforms like React and Back-end services like Node js. Whereas, Full-Stack Developers have 100% knowledge of all coding aspects in the computer world. 

Are you on your way to hiring MERN Stack Developers for your upcoming project? Do you understand the four components of the MERN Stack? What are the Technical and Non-Technical Skills you look for while hiring MERN Stack Developers? 

Moreover, what mistakes should you avoid while hiring MERN Stack Developers? Sometimes, recruiters focus on the primary aspects and make minor mistakes while hiring programmers. 

Read this blog to get answers to all questions related to MERN Stack Developers!

Understanding the four MERN Stack Technologies

As a recruiter and MERN Stack Developer, you understand the four technologies in MERN Stack. Here is a brief introduction and explanation of the technologies for MERN Stack. 

1. The first component: MongoDB

The first component: MongoDB

In one sentence, MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. This database consists of key-value pairs same as the JavaScript Object Notation. 

Why do users prefer using MongoDB? 

Users love this MERN Stack-associated component due to numerous reasons. One of these reasons is effortless data storage. MERN Stack Developers have claimed that MongoDB is one of the most popular databases. They can use JSON to store complex data for required programs and systems. 

MERN Stack Developers and programmers can work with MongoDB using multiple coding languages like C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, etc. 

2. The second component: Express

This component is a back-end Framework Developers use for MERN Stack Development. When the Node js web Developers want to uncomplicate their APIs, they use the Express Framework. 

We arrive at the same question again. Why is Express one of the MERN Stack components? MERN Stack Developers use this Framework to organize an application's functionality and add better features.

Express is a perfect JavaScript solution. Moreover, it helps build new applications with swift, unique, and dynamic characteristics. 

3. The third component: React

 The third component: React

If MERN Stack Developers wish to engage in Front-end Development, they for the open-source platform called React. 

Programmers use React for advanced features like Advance performance, Stable output, Swiftness, effortless coding, flexible Development space, and unmatched results. 

React is the perfect Dynamic Development platform for new and experienced MERN Stack Developers. React is not a Framework like Express. Facebook developed this library to solve problems the website faced while interacting with users, like the Document Object Model (DOM). 

4. The fourth component: Node js

Like MERN Stack Developers use React for Front-end Development, Node js is for Back-end. Programmers can run their code on the server outside the browser with Node js. 

Developers can download multiple packages and libraries for the Front-end Development work. 

Here is a list of Node js Development uses. 

  • Chatbots
  • Complex SPAs
  • Apps to enable Data Streaming
  • Rest APIs
  • Server-side Development Apps and Clones, And more. 

MERN Stack Developers prefer using Node js for its scalability, Fast Development, streaming, and numerous other helpful characteristics. 

If programmers understand HTML and CSS, they can perform in-line and external coding with Node js to perform Back-end Development. 

6 Mistakes you should avoid while hiring a MERN Stack Developer

You know about the components of the MERN Stack Development. All MERN Stack Developers are proficient in using these components. 

They use these libraries, Frameworks, and platforms to create Applications and websites. 

While hiring Developers for your upcoming project, you focus on technical and soft skills. Moreover, you check their educational background, Problem-Solving ability, and communication style. 

While hiring MERN Stack Developers, here is a list of 6 Mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Hiring MERN Stack Developers to hire companies based on reviews

Hiring MERN Stack Developers to hire companies based on reviews

Imagine you want to recruit MERN Stack Developers for your company's upcoming project. What is the process you'll follow? If you want to hire individual Developers, you will go for job posting websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. 

Moreover, you may go to numerous other websites offering Freelance MERN Stack Developers claiming experience and necessary skills. Additionally, these websites and applications rate Developers and provide reviews from former jobs. 

Can you trust these reviews? 

This process is similar to buying a product from any shopping website. While shopping for an item, you scroll through the page and find the reviews. You convince yourself to buy the products based on the ratings. 

However, you can't always trust the reviews. The ratings may be incorrect. Therefore, you should evaluate the MERN Stack Developers through assignments, personal interviews, and probation tasks. 

2. MERN Stack Developers local recruitment drive

According to Noble Desktop, MERN is one of the most popular Stacks Developers use for Website Development. There are millions of Programmers and Developers around the world. 

Why go for local employees, then?

You can find and select from MERN Stack Developers globally. 

One of the most common mistakes that recruiters perform is searching for employees on a local scale.

However, your hiring team doesn't have to stick to the talent in your city or country!

Companies post their job requirements on global sites, announce their recruitment drive, and choose from the most talented MERN Developers.

There are multiple benefits to hiring globally. You can find better talent, and skills, without paying lower salaries. Moreover, you can choose between online and offline employees for your company based on the MERN Stack Developers' requirements. 

3. Slow Recruiting procedure

Companies spend weeks, even months, on the hiring process. They go through the resumes and CVs, send assignments, evaluate them, arrange personal interviews, and finally take the employees through the training. 

This approach is lengthy and lacks Swiftness. What do you want to initiate your project early? What if your deadline is short? You have to ensure hiring the best MERN Stack Developers from the lot. 

Moreover, you shall take care of the costs and other crucial requirements. How will you manage everything on short notice?

Spending extended time on hiring employees can affect your project adversely. Therefore, you should take the required measures to ease your MERN Stack Developers recruitment length. 

You may go for Automated Resume Scanning Systems, MCQ-based assignments, and interview screened candidates. 

Moreover, you can opt for Outsourcing to hire employees. You will get the perfect MERN Stack Development team any moment with Outsourcing. 

Do you know what the perfect Outsourcing company is for you? AppsRhino! Contact them today and start recruiting!

4. Not taking platforms' life cycle into consideration

A website created using MERN Stack Development requires numerous building aspects. Moreover, it needs updation frequently, bug fixing, and design changes for customer attraction. 

When companies hire MERN Stack Developers, they go for employees on a project contract basis. These candidates work on the project till the Development and QA Testing process is complete. 

One of the mistakes you should avoid while hiring MERN Stacks Developers is not considering your Websites' lifetime before hiring programmers. 

You should check all aspects of the platform before planning, designing, and building it. 

Additionally, you shall hire Developers who fulfill your website criteria and are ready to work for as long as the website requires. 

5. Not being open to varying expectations

Most companies want to hire candidates who are perfect in everything. If a company is hiring Front-end Developers, they also want candidates proficient in Back-end. 

As a recruiter, you will come across MERN Stack Developers who may not be adept with some skills. They may not have 100% knowledge in every field. 

The hiring committee may reject such candidates at first glance! However, you should remain open to meeting every programmer kind. Some MERN Stack Developers may be efficient at React, Node js, and Express, but may not answer all questions on MongoDB. 

You should consider these candidates and allow them to show their skillset. Moreover, you should find the learning spirit in your future employees. 

Focus on the details and understand if your MERN Stack Developers wish to learn in the future. 

If you find candidates open to new opportunities, you shall not hesitate to hire them!

6. Posting a General Job Description

Posting a General Job Description

Companies post Job Descriptions and requirements on multiple Job hunting sites to recruit candidates. Imagine two companies that want to hire MERN Stack Developers for their upcoming project. 

One of the companies posts a generic job description displaying their opening for the MERN Stack Developers. This company doesn't mean the skills and experience required from the candidates. Moreover, the candidates cannot find any information regarding their roles and responsibilities in the company. 

On the other hand, another company posts its job requirements with the necessary details. They mention the employee's position, working hours, roles and responsibilities, required skills and experiences, and the company's brief description. Moreover, they post an estimated salary range for interested candidates. 

Which company will the candidates prefer?

Final Words

What is the best way to hire MERN Stack Developers? Keeping in mind the mistakes one makes while hiring programmers from this blog, you should search for global candidates.

How do I reach MERN Stack Candidates worldwide? You have job posting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor on your fingers. Make sure to post detailed descriptions. So viewers and interested candidates don't get confused. 

Additionally, you shall understand the numerous employee types. This characterization includes Part-time, Full-time, and Freelancer employees. 

You shall select the employee type that suits your platform and company requirements. 

Moreover, you can hire Outsourcing companies to recruit MERN Stack Developers. 

Why is Outsourcing best for you? Outsourcing allows you to find MERN Stack Developers at any moment. You don't have to spend weeks on recruitment drives, screening, and training. 

Instead, you'll have an experienced team ready for your MERN Stack development work!

AppsRhino is the ideal place for you to hire MERN Stack Developers! We are proud of our Development team. They are hardworking and dedicated to their job! 

Connect with us today to start initiating your MERN Stack Development process!


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